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Kalusha, Nwankwo Kanu, Dutch football stars to champion development, peace at UN HQ

General News Kalusha, Nwankwo Kanu, Dutch football stars to champion development, peace at UN...

Football icon Kalusha Bwalya will participate in a special High-Level football tournament for Permanent Representatives to the United Nations in New York on 16 June, to promote the role of sports in achieving sustainable development and peace.

According to a statement released to the media by Zambia’s First Secretary for Press and Public Relations at the United Nations,Mr Chibaula D. Silwamba, Kalusha, alongside other renowned international football players Nwankwo Kanu (Nigeria), Frank Rijkaard and Aron Winter (both of The Netherlands) will be star players/coaches of Permanent Representatives accredited to the United Nations from various countries across the world, who will participate in the tournament.

Permanent Missions of Zambia and The Netherlands to the United Nations in conjunction with KNVB and Cruyff Foundation are organisers of the first-ever tournament on the terrace of the UN Delegates Dining Room facing the East River. Cruyff Foundation will set up an artificial football pitch.

At least three female Permanent Representatives, including the US’ Samantha Power, have signed up to play alongside their male counterparts in the few-minutes competition.

The game will draw the attention of the international community to the role that football, and its celebrities, could play to promote the implementation of Sustainable Development Goals and achieving peace and security in the world.

Kalusha and his colleagues will also feature on the UN Secretary General’s Spokesperson Noon Media Briefing where they will engage the international media about sports, development and peace.

The stars will also hold a football clinic for children, and several other engagements organized by The Netherlands Mission to the UN.

Kalusha is African Footballer of the Year 1988, Confederation of African Football (CAF) Executive Committee member, FIFA Football Committee Member, board member of Champions of the Environment and Africa10.

Kalusha is highly respected across the world for his football prowess, and has participated in Zambian football for over three decades in various capacities.


  1. One Nwankwo Kanu from Nigeria has an academy called Greensprings/ Kanu Football camp; a sports training program – conceived out of desire to expose young Nigerian participates to rudiments of football, a need to develop a child’s extraordinary skills and potential beyond academic.
    And our Galu has a fee paying academy in RSA called K-Stars promoting SA football.

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  2. Imwe bakwindi Gr and HHD JJ is right. Galu is so inferior that he does not want to identify himself with anything Zambian. He is rarely in Zambia and has always taken white prostitutes as his wives. Galu is just a selfish and lost soul.

    • It’s your smelly mother who is a prostitute no wonder it took years for you to know who your real father was

    • People are afraid of real talk and change. Kalu is our brother and we love him, but he has to come back home. Any man who marries a white woman is either ignorant of the world he lives in or he is is just a down right f00l. Imagine if all the white woman marrying zambians could take a zambian woman for a wife, they would have single handedly reduced the poverty levels in zambia a family at a time. Nomba if we get educated and have good jobs and marry white women, who is going to marry our poor sisters wallowing in poverty? You cant say it is love with kalu. kwaliba coincidenc of a black man just falling in love with white women? Or maybe he has just told himself because of inferiority complex that he will marry a white woman so that his children look lighter in complexion. The destruction…

  3. The begining of the End of this DOG! he has been such a good for nothing.Yes he was Footballer of the year and and Zambia made him to one of the greatest players in the world,but what has this Imbwa yamuntu done for mother Zambia?apart from getting paid by FAZ and using the faz salary to buy himself houses and prostitutes in SA. FIFA has commenced its investigations in Zambia with private auditors,when the audit is completed in abt a month from now-This dog will be in courts day in day out,and eventually he will fall,just like blatter.Tiye nayo Ba FIFA.

  4. You are too preoccupied with hero worshiping kalusha, you are now failing to find stars of tomorrow.

    Even when he was at FAZ for 10 years he was more concerned with his image than showing us stars of the future.

    Ok we won the Africa cup but went straight to the bottom after that.

    • Close to a million dollars AFCON winnings disappeared like a fart in the wind in allowances and unknown inflated expenditure; even half of those winnings could have been invested in constructing a start of the art FAZ training complex for the national team and league clubs but all no not Galu…absolutely nothing to show for but his mobile phone contacts. I’m even surprised Kamanga has refereed wrong doings to the authorities as it will come to bite him.

  5. You will always hate Great Kalu here in Zambia but he is always recognized outside the country. Shame on you haters.

  6. Kalu has great love for Zambia, but majority of Zambians have not been appreciative of that fact including those ZNBC football analysts. If you are not appreciated in your own home take help or investment where you are respected and appreciated. Umwana Ushenda atasha nyina ukunaya. For us who travel abroad Kalu is well respected outside Zambia whilst here you pull him down. God Bless you Kalu my bro I wish you all the best in your career.

  7. Jealousy Jealousy pushi, I am sure you wanted to feature in this tournament but they don’t know your name! If you want you can use your money too to start an academy! I thought it was FREE country?

  8. The hate is in the blood, and is not just for Kalu but for ….! That is why you cannot win an election! The heart is polluted and highly contaminated!

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