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Skimpy and Seductive outfits not official PF regalia-Chama

Headlines Skimpy and Seductive outfits not official PF regalia-Chama

President Edgar Lungu chat with PF Secretary General Davies Chama at the lunch of PF Campaign in the Heroes Stadium
President Edgar Lungu chat with PF Secretary General Davies Chama at the lunch of PF Campaign in the Heroes Stadium

THE Patriotic Front (PF) has clarified that the controversial skimpy and seductive outfits being worn by female party members is not the official attire.

PF secretary general Davies Chama said the official regalia were chitenge material and T-shirts for President Edgar Lungu.

Mr Chama said most of the party attires springing up were initiatives of party cadres and sympathisers and not necessarily made by the ruling party.

“You know, regalia are made by different people not necessarily by the party, maybe some of the regalia are being initiated by individuals and they just print ‘PF’ if they are supporters of our party.

“So, it’s difficult to comment unless I look at the regalia, otherwise our regalia are chitenge and T-shirts for the President, those are official party materials, but there are a lot of initiatives like you have seen a lot of caps around, that’s the initiative of party cadres and sympathisers,” he said.

PF has come under fire in some sections of the media for allegedly parading its female supporters clad in skimpy and seductive outfits branded with party messages to woo voters ahead of the August 11, 2016 general elections.

Meanwhile, Mr Chama said he would instruct the party national youth chairperson Stephen Kampyongo to ensure that the youths who had continued wearing military regalia were stopped from doing so.

Mr Chama reiterated that the PF had banned its members from wearing military regalia such as berets and that if it was true that some cadres had continued doing so then they were doing it without the party leadership’s knowledge.


  1. Pf mbwekes aint cute they cant even attract voters because they look like men . My question is why in pf women look like men? Eg mumbi phiri jean kapata anyway its called kambwillic logic

    • If it is not acceptable by the party and doesn’t reflect the party’s moral campaign, then condemn and stop it.
      Also coordinate your public statement on such issues. The Deputy SG ( a mother) was saying people were free to wear seductive PF regalia as they please and saw nothing wrong with it.

    • Mr Chama please, your Jean Kapata, only last week issued a statement on how people using PF regalia without Party authorisation will be prosecuted, and the other day, an always horny woman Mumbi Phiri told us to go to the women are free to wear anything as there is no dress code in Zambia..hahahaha…Talk of something else as not all Zambians are as dull as PF thugs who support anything that walks.

    • It is disgusting to show Davies Chama & Edgar, when story it about seductive outfits.
      Show us what you are calling seductive, we will tell you if indeed the PF matakos are sexxxy or not, and I am sure NOT.

  2. In other words PF has no muscle to instil discipline amongst its ranks and file. What kind of individual initiative is it if it is embarrassing your PF Mr Chama!?

  3. There is nothing wrong with party cadres tailoring their ligalia to their fashion sense. I think the women look stylish & sexy in this outfit (specifically going by the pictures shown). These girls r showing off their rare bokos. Its normal nowdays. Those who complain its bcoz they ve no bokos to show, especially upnd women. Ma straight lines kunuma. Go PF cadres, go! Show what yo mama gave! As a man I think that’s how a woman shld shape out – PF girls mulifye bwino!!!!

  4. Show us yo bokos Pf girls, that’s encouraging to fill up stadiums. Tuleya Pf girls! This is the new Z. Not efyaku ng’ombe!

  5. They are doing out of excitment. I do not as political advisor what has excited people. I need to research because alot of people in combonis have changed camps from ***** to PF.

  6. waiting to see Dora Bbokos Siliya exposing her Bwindis in the newly designed PF regalia for the PF prostitutes. Anyway they look appetizing. Well, its so skimpy and seductive.

  7. A friend from within PF recently remarked: ” Boi, there is more free booty on the campaign trail than any man can afford to say no to….nafiboboka!!!” I couldn’t help but just laugh. lol I wish these “women” had a real idea of how they are actually perceived even within the ranks of the PF. By the way, just in case any of these girls happens to know a thing or two about the economy, I would like to engage in an intelligent conversation with them……any takers at all???lolest. Well, I guess not….

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