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Violence won’t take us anywhere

Headlines Violence won't take us anywhere

File picture:PF-militia...a-PF-youth-wielding a dangerous-weapon goes for UPND-cadres during the Kabwata violence
File picture:PF-militia…a-PF-youth-wielding a dangerous-weapon goes for UPND-cadres during the Kabwata violence

It is highly regrettable that despite the church’s attempt to stop the violence through the consultative meetings held, we have continued receiving reports of violence from selected parts of the country. Our politicians have continued using the young people as tools of violence with impunity; without shame.

It is disappointing that most political parties contesting in this years elections have failed to explain to the voters what they intend to do if voted into office. They have instead concentrated on name calling and hate speech. This has resulted in politicians denying the voters an opportunity to know the party manifestos, a situation that may cause voter apathy.

politicians have continued using the young people as tools of violence



It is the responsibility of every political party to ensure that peace and unity prevails before, during and after elections. The amount of hatred among politicians is worrying and must be a source of concern for every peace loving Zambian. We have for a long time enjoyed peace and stability as a country and it must be the interest of every political leader, especially presidents of the different political parties to ensure that they play a role in promoting peace and unity. Supporters of different political parties must also refrain from any form of political violence or electoral malpractice.

I urge the youth to resist from being used as tools of violence during the campaigns. It is very important for us to realise that we are one people despite being members and supporters of different political parties. The youth have the power to stop the violence if they worked together and refuse to be used in the manner they are currently being used by selfish politicians.

At this point in time our leaders must promote tolerance, peaceful coexistence, diversity and divergent opinions as we get closer to the elections. This is the surest way we will ensure that the 11th August elections are held in a free, fair and corrupt free environment.

Civil society organizations, the church and ordinary citizens must all remember that the biggest asset we have as a nation is the fact that Zambia is known world over as a peace loving nation. We must therefore strive to ensure that we keep this banner in the right place.

I finally wish to commend the police for being professional thus far during this official campaign period. The police command must continue providing its services in a professional manner without being intimidated by political players. we have ourselves to blame if we fail to control our tempers during this delicate time and violence wont take us anywhere.

God bless Zambia.

by David Kapoma


  1. Warning to all youths being used by PF to commit crime in the name of politics! Once UPND forms government which is clearly obvious as at now, unless tables are turned upside down within the last two months, it will constitute a commission of inquiry (some amnesty provided for whistle blowers) to investigate and identify all PF cadres who have been causing violence against opposition party members. This is no joke. Don’t be fooled around that Chagwa is not going to relinquish power as it is mentioned in PF corridors of power as this is just a PF ploy to ensure that PF cadres do not restrain themselves from committing crime with the guarantee that they will still in power under any circumstance. Things are changing very fast as evidenced from the massive rallies being held in Northern,…

    • Things are changing very fast as evidenced from the massive rallies being held in Northern, Muchinga and Luapula provinces; thanks to GBM power. The rest of the provinces have been already UPND friendly for some time and victory is almost guaranteed. Steven Kampyongo won’t be there to protect you. Chishimba Kambwili will run away back to England where he actually belongs (just came to make some quick backs); his wife and children live there. Edgar Lungu has immunity and the safe passage offer and will be enjoying his retirement on Jameson with RB. You will rot alone in prison for long time. Frank Bwalya, Mumbi Phiri and Davies Chama will not save you. Be reasonable and don’t put your life in jeopardy for life in order for Chagwa, the rich ruler to make himself richer. His so called…

    • Who is David Kapoma? Is he PF or … He sounds too good to be PF, even a priest in name of Frank Bwalya can’t write that. Not even PF’s queen Inonge.

    • All this nonsense will stop, as GBM is the right thug to offer a good rebuttal for this behavior

  2. the main problem is that successive governments have paid lip service to this vice that is daily deepening in its sophistication, daring and sheer stupidity. folks you may agree with me but the thing is if the ruling party reigned in on their cadres, no violence would be seen. the police fail to arrest ruling party cadres unless they are not connected for fear of their jobs and so their is a perceived bias in the way police enforce the law. what we need is impartiality and protection of the police when they do their job. look at what happened yesterday, the whole DC engineering this stupidity is belittling our collective intelligence to say the least. the police could arrest not even one PF supporter! now imagine that happening in the stronghold of the UPND, they would have sealed all the…

  3. UPND cadres were fetched in buses from Kasama to Shuwangandu in the early hours and they started mocking the PF cadres who had camped. If you are a cadre don’t agitate your opposite fellow or trouble ensues hence violence. Politicians should stop transporting cadres from other districts too. This is a recipe for violence too.

  4. The President can surely stop this violence. If he says or does nothing about it can be interpreted or misinterpreted that he is happy with the state of affairs. I would like see him take action and show leadership.

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