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Judge sends a 21 year old to Jail for trespassing in a protected mine area

General News Judge sends a 21 year old to Jail for trespassing in a...

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A 21-YEAR-OLD man of Kalulushi has been sentenced to three months imprisonment for trespassing in a protected mine area.

Before magistrate Eusibio Kaoma was Elisha Masebo of Chibuluma Township of Kalulushi.

Masebo was sentenced yesterday in the Kalulushi magistrate court after being convicted of criminal trespassing contrary to section 306 of Chapter 87 of the Penal code of the laws of Zambia.

Particulars of the offense were that on May 6, this year the accused did trespass in Kagem Mine of Lufwanyama District without authority of the owner.

Masebo was apprehended by company securities who were on duty on the material day as he was suspected to be an illegal miner.

“You Elisha Masebo, on May 6 2016, you did trespass in the protected area of Kagem mine of Lufwanyama district with intent to steal.

“Therefore you committed a case of criminal trespassing as you were not allowed by the owner to pass in that premises,” Magistrate Kaoma said.

In mitigation Masebo said he was a Grade 12 pupil at a named school in Luanshya,so he pleaded for leniency, adding that he had even missed a lot since his case started.

But Mr Kaoma said the problem of criminal trespassing in the mine areas was too big, and instead of fine the would be offenders, he decided to start sending them to jail to deter others committing the same offense.

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  1. What’s happened to the “strokes of the cane” Law? This is a boy, a school boy for that matter.

  2. God Lord. Only way to describe his name. Kashinde namasoyobe. Sound like Elisha Masebo. F001 of a Judge

  3. NGOS please appeal for that boy and these people in charge of Zambian courts should know that prisoner should not be an option. Let the boy go back to school.

  4. School boy sent to Zambia’s TB-ridden prisons for trespassing meanwhile real criminals are roaming around scot free. We all know what happens to vulnerable young men in prisions he’ll come out bitter especially after being sexually abused.

  5. Truly, the Zambian law is very unfair. The young man may be was just passing through the area probably without the intention to steal and he’ s jailed. Yet some hooligans with barbaric and criminal intentions like this week’ s Shiwang’andu issue where PF criminals wanted to bring down the chopper which was carrying UPND campaign team officials are left freely walking the streets.

  6. These foolish judges of Zambia. While a kid is merely trespassing and President Edgar Changwa Lungu, GBM, Kambwili, Mulenga Sata, RB and his son and many who steal millions through white collar crime and never even touched yet you unleash your st*upi*dity on a young and naive child. Judge you need to be sentenced to prison for 3 months for coming up with such a sentence. And your d*ull president id pardoning convicted criminals who will kill and rape our women of Zambia and no charges will be laid. What a goofy judge indeed!

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