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Canisius Banda joins HH and GBM for campaigns in Eastern Province

Headlines Canisius Banda joins HH and GBM for campaigns in Eastern Province

A happy looking Dr Banda sharing a light moment with Maureen Mwanawasa before embarking on a campaign trail
A happy looking Dr Banda sharing a light moment with Maureen Mwanawasa before embarking on a campaign trail

UPND Vice President Dr Canisius Banda is part of a high powered delegation of UPND senior officials that has arrived in Eastern Province for a four-day campaign tour.

This is the first official campaign trip that Dr Banda is embarking upon since he was picked as presidential running mate to party leader Hakainde Hichilema in the August 11 polls.

Speculations heighted a few days ago when Dr Banda announced that he was taking leave from party activities to reflect on his political future.

Some observers predicted that Dr Banda will soon join the PF and some reports circulated that he had been offered a job in the PF administration if it retains power after August 11th elections.

But UPND leader Hakainde Hichilema announced that Dr Banda will be part of the UPND team that will be campaigning in Eastern Province alongside Mr Mwamba.

“Departing for Eastern Province tour with our Vice-Presidents Geoffrey Bwalya Mwamba and Dr. Canisius Banda. We are greatly looking forward to continuing the campaign trail and sharing more details about our 10 Point Plan for Zambia across the region,” Mr Hichilema said.

He added, “In particular, we will be stressing our commitments on agriculture, as many of our farmers in the region have been struggling as a result of the rising cost of inputs such as fertiliser and seed, limited support from government and delayed payments from FRA.”

Mr Hichilema said as UPND, they will do things differently by guaranteeing the timely delivery of inputs.

“No excuses; opening up access to finance for farmers so they can invest in productivity saving areas; establishing farmer training centres, and opening up access to market. We also have a strong message on value-addition, for which there are lots of ripe opportunities in Eastern Province.”

He said, “If we look at the groundnuts that are grown, we will see them made into peanut butter. Why do Shoprite and Pick N Pay need to import peanut butter from outside? Soon they won’t. They will be able to sell Zambian peanut butter. Today teams head into different directions addressing meetings in Lumezi, Lundazi, and Vubwi and before heading on to Chipata for our mass rally tomorrow.”

GBM, HH and Dr Banda about to embark on a campaign trail in the Eastern Province
GBM, HH and Dr Banda about to embark on a campaign trail in the Eastern Province

HH and Dr Banda upon landing at Mfuwe airport
HH and Dr Banda upon landing at Mfuwe airport


  1. My home town lets teach this Edgar Chakolwa Hangover Kaloba Wrungu that we don’t tolerate nonsense.

    • @Nostradamus
      awe! am shocked again, how did you handle Canisius Banda, i thought he wanted to join our ex friend Lungu, ,, your 10 points plan in 10 mins works kanshi mwe!!! I will also get copy mailo to use on my wife so that doesn’t leave me, when we meet for tequila

    • Weldone guys…that’s maturity…the suffering Zambian need redemption, not these PF id!iots like Kudos afraid of living a skillless life,other than a embassy supported midiocrity…Get a skill on how to survive when you are no longer a thieving cadre or poitician…atleast your drunken Giraffe Lungu is now strategic, he is not spending on campaigns, as he needs that money when to open another Chibuku Bar in Misisi we flush him out at statehouse like a fox

    • HH is talking about things that PF are already doing! Can we please have a different message from the Up and Down!

    • @Ndobo, yayayayayangu tata lesa eeeeee… you want us to use the 10 POINTS theory on our women? Wait a second… it may work weee, I think so.
      I am admiring MAYOR Maureen, and I think she will help our women handle the 10 points.
      I am already a quarter on Cabo- Tequila. In which pub are you with Edgar, Ba Ester, Luo and Dora? See you soon.

    • That’s the way to go. No need to hide from campaigns while sulking. There will be another day, another opportunity.

    • Dr. C.B is mourning. He is in black whereas his friends are in the UPND colours. Ameno mafupa…so he can laugh all he wants.

  2. I hope Edgar Chakolwa Hangover Kaloba Wrungu’s soul rots in hell when Aids take charge of his body because he has subjected us to the harsh life. Uwangala nolupanga afwila Ku lupanga we all know how this tea car ra in state house became a president by using pangas and his chief pangarian Willie nsanda whose soul still rots in hell.

    • Lutuku Presido #

      Don’t wait for the government to improve your life. You will wait forever.

      Governments dont improve people’s lives. They collect taxes and create a small percentage of jobs in the civil service. They set regulations, build infrastructures and police the nation.

      It’s not what the government can do for you. It’s what you can do for your country.

      So be Creative, Innovative and Enterprising.

      The bedrock for developed nations such the USA, UK is Small Scale Businesses

    • @IO, you suffer whitewash head dialysis…from my analysis, you are the one on something of government handout, either directly from PF or through some brainwashing scholarship handout…Get a life!

  3. Where this tea car ra called Kudo he is supposed to comment first or somebody as offered him a job as a dog handler. Via ashamed to comment first before Kudos who got nothing for a living.

  4. We shall come to watch you but we know we are voting for PF that’s what our Tonga brothers have taught us. There are no principles to follow in Zambian politics as exhibited by Guy cott and company even southern way of voting.
    ECL 11August.

  5. A team of frustrated human beings in a fool’s paradise before disintegration
    Eastern Province ‘Don’t Kubeba’

  6. I dint accept insults of the president as much as you may not agree with him.I don’t agree with PF and their violent behaviour but insulting the president is wrong…please please please

  7. Fred Mmembe writes:
    If you look at the business people who enter our politics, it is often NOT the most honest, ethical and professional of them. It is often the most dishonest, the most crooked and selfish of them who enter our politics. It is often those who have made a fortune at our own expense by crooking government and other state agencies in all sorts of business deals, tenders or contracts, privatisations, sale of government fiscal policies and so on and so forth. With the money they have amassed at our expense, they enter politics and make it very difficult for those without money to compete with them.

  8. Fred Mmembe writes:

    Don’t be deceived or allow yourselves to be deceived. There is no BUSINESSMAN in Zambia too rich not to want to make any more money. We don’t have billionaires or even multi-millionaires in Zambia. We don’t have the Dangotes in Zambia. What we have is a comprador bourgeoisie, that is small capitalists fronting for big international capital, and sometimes even for foreign crooks. They still want to enrich themselves at your expense. But to do so, they need state power to enable them control government business. And these are the people controlling your politics. Are these your best business people? Are these the people in whose hands you should entrust the governance and future of this country?

    • You are right Mr. 1MBECILE. We can only entrust governance, future and treasury of this Country to the bunch of crooks and criminals under leadership of CONVICTED EMBEZZLER!!!

    • I sense increased desperation kudos–try leaving your posh office and telling this hogwash to people dealing with the harsh reality of life under pf!

  9. Kudos you are spot on, we don’t have billionaires in Zambia as purpoted by these self made rich people who are not on forbes list and want to cajole every empty and poor Zambians like Ka lutuku above to vote for them. Ka Lutuku must be an empty can of lutuku going by his name.

    • We only gt rich people like Edgar chakolwa Hangover Kaloba Wrungu Who belongs to Sondumu and Gomura

    • You will die with envy. Edgar is gonna win and rule another 5 to 10 years. By then HH will be political history.

  10. Thank you UPND team for visiting my home town. We look forward to a peaceful rally tomorrow filled with excitement and anticipation of the government in waiting, if the Lord permits it thus. Long live all Zambians irregardless of political affiliation.

  11. This is the first official campaign trip that Dr Banda is embarking upon since he was picked as presidential running mate to party leader Hakainde Hichilema in the August 11 polls.
    Does the journalism profession exist any longer in Zed? Every story you read has blunders

  12. Well done Dr Banda! That is the way to go. It is paramount for Team HH/GBM/CB to remain united and defeat the emerging ECL dictatorship. Lungu thinks that he has completed probation. Yes he has but he has failed the probation and cannot be given another chance to further ruin the suffering Zambians. Lungu thought that after completing probation he would be confirmed as a permanent public employee. This will not happen. Zambians we do not want a dictator like Mugabe or Mu7 in Zambia. Lungu and his visionless and thuggish PF party. Forward with Team HH/GBM/CB and UPND.

  13. Kikikikikikikikikikikikikikikikikikikikikiki…..awe mwe kuti walepuka kunseko…..kikikikikikikikiki

  14. Yayi imwe bantu how can the fat man overtake our wise man from the East after arriving in the Gwembe party so late?the fat man who thinks insults is politics! The fat man who couldn’t finish grade 12! Zambians you really want to be ruled by vindictive empty heads?. Banda just join RInbow party. Both rainbow and UpND will be opposition in September but you will have a better chance of being President with rainbow

  15. Are these guys really serious about ruling Zambia? Ati presidential candidate HH and bis running mate GBM. Kwena yachipa Zambia!
    Do you remember what GBV said when he assaulted his wife? Instead of being remorseful, he publicly said that his wife’s family was broke and they depended on him for their mealie meal. GBVs words: Mwenchushi imwe.

  16. After some poorly attended earlier rallies in the Eastern, the UPND think enlisting the help of CB will improve matters. That’s a terribly wrong strategy. And CB foolishly agrees despite being unfairly dribbled over running mate position!!! Desperate UPND going nowhere. Viva ECL, Viva PF.

  17. Finally Someone must have paid this pilgrim’s rent ! Meanwhile behold the WRATH OF GOD COMETH !

  18. And whats this PF claiming their economic team has Dr Fundanga and Chileshe Kapwepwe? Did you consult them because these two have clearly indicated they are not aware and even if they did, they have important things to do. I even doubt about the others on the list; am yet to call them. Desperate PF looking for every opportunity to have a bit of steak on its compromised team. You cannot lead Zambia with such people on your side. Well done Dr Banda. You know best whats coming for Zambia. The nation is resolved to kick out PF; a party that will go in history to be the most efficient in distributing election materials across all provinces in seven days but takes seven months to distribute scaled down agricultural inputs to only a quarter of the deserving recipients. Shame.

  19. By the way has Post paid his taxes now? What are you waiting for ZRA? Shut them if they dont pay, who cares apart from HH and Mmembe?

  20. Zambia is full of politics when we should be full of ideas,we’re full of football +EPL when we should be full of work ethic,we’re full of tribal politics when in fact we should be full of politics of issues.

    With that said, lets try HH and see if we can halt the worrying slide in our economic indicators- like kwacha slide,rising debt,falling GDP growth,falling export earnings and Fitch downgrades.

    • Sorry we are not ready to commit suicide by substituting a working team in PF with untrusted and proven crooks who don’t embrace Christian values at all.

  21. Bwahahahaha! to all the PF doomsayers.Look at how happy Dr Banda is.Its like he is telling you in your face that “mwaguna”muliye nansoni,atase,who is joining failure PF?Me i ll die UPND.hahahahhahahahaha-happy family-UPND.

    • Good move mr banda,these pfools thought u will join them but to their chagrin u have joined the winning team in eastern province.people of zambia lets usher in a new government that has a heart for the people of zambia and that government is UPND under the able leadership of MR HH.vote for upnd on 11 august and kick out these pathetic failures.

  22. @25, that political nonsense is the very reason why you lost the elections even before you started your campaigns. The people of Zambia know why the economy is in that state and the reason is NOT what you or hh or gbm or scot m.o. claim it is. Guys isn’t your underfive an economist? Now we ordinary Zambians seem to understand both the world economy and the Zambian economy better than UPND leaders including hh. Didnt you notice the sikence of HH when real economists were meeting in lusaka recently under AFDB?

    • Very right Terrible. We know why we are in this state and we also appreciate the Government’s efforts in resolving the problems that are not their own making. We are resolved we won’t listen to lies. Viva ECL, Viva PF.

    • What is the point in insulting 1mbecile?
      Your comments are sufficient evidence of genetically inbred generational 1mbecility.

  23. that is the spirit Dr Banda. You have nothing to lose but to gain for mother Zambia. This is the year to kick PF out and in the words of pastor Mumba Zambia shall be saved from Lungu’s violence poverty and economic mismanagement

  24. Dreaming is free,but dream come true may be costly because some people will end up KILLING themselves if SATANA loses 11/08.your losing is seen from the way you are insulting.you don’t have manners you tribal party.

  25. Dr. Banda and Maureen should just tie knots. They were widower and Widow. A good combination to start contemplating such an arrangement.


  27. Hi UPND, just a tip when you come to address us in rallies. First question you ask us; Do you have more money in your pockets? Then us as a crowd, we will answer in unison; Nooooooooo!

  28. Banda is an inconsequential bootliker who accepts anything just because someone has paid him lental arrears. Let him join campaigns of fellow political crippled carders who are perpetual losers. I used to respect medical doctors but this Dr banda puts the respect Drs has at stake. Banda fails to pay rentals, honestly. Am Banda but keep doubting the credibility of his clan as a banda.


  30. Dr Banda is a fine and good example. Shame to those who thought Dr. Banda would distance himself from UPND and HH!!!! Shame on you. This is time for all to know that these gentlemen led by HH are NOT simple as you think. The choice of GBM to some fools meant that UPND and HH have sidelined Dr C Bnada, NOT AT ALL. There is when it matters to choose between two if you have to, and for this Running Mate position, UPND including Dr Banda himself had to think, discuss and resolve to put GBM, if it would not be GBM, it would have been Dr C Banda. Yet the same fools would have said GBM bamukana ba UPND. They just have something evil to comment about. But do you know what I love about UPND and HH? It is serious principle on issues that matter to the country and not themselves. That is why…

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