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Chikwanda calls Zambians to re-elect Lungu, PF

Headlines Chikwanda calls Zambians to re-elect Lungu, PF

Finance Minister Alexander Chikwanda at Inyambo Community Development Trust where he gave them a loan of K3, 3 million to boost fish production
Finance Minister Alexander Chikwanda at Inyambo Community Development Trust where he gave them a loan of
K3, 3 million to boost fish production

Finance Minister, Alexander Chikwanda, has called on Zambians to give President Edgar Lungu another mandate in the forthcoming general elections, saying he has a robust transformative development agenda formulated by the late President Michael Sata.

And Mr Chikwanda has implored PF members countrywide to support candidates nominated by the party in various parts of the country to maintain unity and win this year’s general elections at all levels.

Mr Chikwanda said President Lungu was following the PF founder, Michael Sata’s agenda for the nation, which was dedicated to uplifting the lives of all Zambians through economic development.

Speaking in Luanshya when he met PF functionaries in the district, Mr Chikwanda, who is also PF member of the central committee, said President Lungu was a humble, loving leader dedicated to serving the people of Zambia.

He indicated that the PF government was determined to improving the lives of all Zambians as evidenced by the various development projects being undertaken in all districts of the country.

And Mr Chikwanda has called on PF members to support nominated candidates so as to show solidarity to President Edgar Lungu.

He implored nominated candidates to emulate President Lungu’s conduct of humility and moral standing, which stood as a benchmark for conduct for all nominated party candidates.

Mr Chikwanda advised nominated candidates not to feel larger than the party but to strive to pursue the interest of the nation which was composite and embraced the concern of all Zambians.

He further appealed to Zambians not to fear that they have misplaced their trust and confidence in the leadership of the PF, but to judge from the development projects undertaken.

Mr Chikwanda also emphasised the need for respect, love and unity among party members if the PF was to win this year’s elections.

He further stated that the PF was ready for the August 11 elections with a robust development agenda and was reared to continue fostering development.

And speaking at the same occasion, Copperbelt province PF chairperson, Stephen Kainga, lifted all party suspensions in the province that occurred in various districts during the selection process of party election candidates.

Mr Kainga, however, said the PF would not allow its members to support independent candidates that have decided to contest elections after they were not nominated by the party.

He said in accordance with the party’s regulations and constitution, those who choose to stand against the party automatically expelled themselves from the party.

He has since warned that the PF would not hesitate to expel any member that will be seen to associate with independent candidates.

And Luanshya aspiring mayoral candidate, Nathan Chanda, called on all party leaders to work together and usher President Edgar Lungu into office.

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  1. Chikwanda is the most use-l-e-ss Finance minister Zambia have ever known. and Zambians are being deceived by this thief who has again put Zambia into more debt with his friend Lungu

    • Chikwanda goes down in history as the Finance Minister who bankrupted Zambia twice. He is the most useless FM ever and will put the Zambian Kwacha in the same graveyard as the Zim dollar. Anybody who talks about Sata’s legacy must be smoking too much matokwani or is too high on kachipembe. Chikwanda, Sata and Chakolwa are the architects of Zambia’s demise.
      #PF Zwaa!

    • For sure this old fossil has gone senile!

      “President Lungu was a humble, loving leader dedicated to serving the people of Zambia.”

      Open your EYES! You were dreaming!

      The only thing this drunkard Lungu is dedicated to is the Jamesoni and adding another K23 BILLION to his bank account!

      Take your lies elsewhere you old fool!

    • Sontapo wasangile Zambian economy:
      ~ inflation up 300%
      ~ Kwacha depreciated 250%
      ~ zero to $8bn national debt
      ~5,000 jobs lost in the mines
      ~more jobs to be lost in retail and manufacturing sectors
      ~fertilisers from K150 to K450 per 50kg bag
      Sonta epo watwalile Zambian economy?

  2. He is the most incompetent and corrupt Finance Minister Zambia has ever had! He has bankrupted our economy and brought back the IMF. Zambians should not listen to him. Zambians will feel it after August 2016 when the IMF program will be implemented!

  3. Chikwanda is retiring. Lets not forget that UPND have Situmbeko Musokotwane from MMD, which also failed

  4. HH will cry like a baby again.The only difference is that he’s crying for the last time.ElC will win.

  5. An old African verb states that ”AN OLD FOOL IS A REAL FO.OL” and Alexander Chikwanda is an old fo.ol.

  6. Mr Chikwanda is far older than Ba Chagwa E LUNGU and has respect for him. Respect is earned and NO matter how educated, rich, fat or thin, it shall never come your way until you earn it.
    For our friends who think the money they have shall earn them respect, I can only advise them that PRIDE IS NEVER A GOOD COMPANION. It can not earn you respect.

  7. Let us be patient for that and see who will be the Next President. Edgar Lungu is elligible but been controlled by Mr Chikwanda, Things will never work. but H.H ababemba bakadabwa sana

  8. Opposition, you can only mock the Sontapo slogan at your own peril. Same as underrating Edgar, he is the peoples president that one, he connects with Zambiam people the way no.other politician does, forget the HHs of this world and their artificial smiles of false brotherhood.

  9. So you and your fellow PF continue eating and stealing. WE gladly pass! Why are we following a deceased person’s agenda? That was his vision during his time and this is our’s during this time. Does this just not show what many say that the president is clueless and vision-less? It shows he cannot come up with strategies of his own and frankly speaking quite pathetic for a president. And this Chikwanda to be repeating the same nonsense about following Sat’s legacy is insane and shows us it’s all about the money in his case! When someone lacks leadership skills and keeps going by someone else’s vision is failed leadership right there. Lungu you and your PF please just disappear into oblivion!

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