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Kamanga’s FAZ fires Under-17 bench

Sports Kamanga's FAZ fires Under-17 bench

FAZLogoThe Football Association of Zambia (FAZ) has purged Chris Kaunda’s Zambia Under 17 bench.

Kaunda, who led Zambia to their debut CAF Under-17 Cup outing last year, has been fired along with his entire bench.

“The technical department of the Football Association of Zambia has made the following changes to the technical staff of the U17 national team. Mr Oswald Mutapa replaces Mr Chris Kaunda,” FAZ stated.

“Mr Charles Bwale replaces Mr Joe Bwalya (as assistant coach).

“Mr Perry Mutapa replaces Mr Reuben Njavera (as second assistant coach).”


  1. Leave Kamanga and his team carry out their work. Changes are inevitable and they don’t need to explain to anyone. We should just hold them accountable for the results!

  2. Kamanga goes the Nevers Mumba way again of firing whoever was build up by the predecessor. Why not just fire Kalusha’s young brother Joel Bwalya alone instead of bringing in the two Mutapas in batches again? Why should Kaunda cry for others’ sins? Even Joel Bwalya he has equally served Zambia and I remember him scoring the only winning goal against Ghana at South Africa AFCON 1996 for Zambia to clinch third place. Mutapa Snr teams don’t go any where.

  3. Ba Kamanga you will fire everything everyone but nothing will come out of this. Let’s just support netball cos soccer has too many know it alls with nothing to show for it

  4. jealous bane yiibi,you just hate kalusha’s personality and family out of your bone marrow rooted JEALOUS.Whether mulefwaya nangu talefwaya your kamanga will never even reach half a quater of GREAT KALU’S achievements for zambia

  5. This Kamanga fellow is a hardcore hater of Kalu, instead of firing his fellow failure chicken Lwandamina,he goes for coaches who have not even played a single match all because one is related to Kalu and the other because he succeded under Kalu.

  6. Its not only Kamanga who hates Kalusha Bwalya,me too i hate the guy and am sure the entire Zambia is half and half on the guy.We can bet if you want to,Half of Zambia if not 3quaters,hate Kalusha to death at the moment.His name is now expired and sour.This change shd ve happened like in 2008 already,he stayed overstayed his visit and corrupted the whole football system in Zambia.Next,lets wait for corruption investigations from Fifa.

  7. Kamanga,fire the whole lot,we are behind you.We need change and fresh uncorrupted minds.Fire!even under 20,some FAZ officials-Fire!We dont care about them.They were eating alone.

  8. There has to be a reason for firing coaches like that. I guess I am not stepping on anyone’s toes by asking a simple and legitimate question. Is it not Zambia that suggested that transparency is the way to go? Stop behaving like a stressed chameleon. Stick to it. Transparence must reign .

  9. I hoped they will employ a foreign coach to help them groom a vibrant team as well as create competition among local coaches. The same Mutapa was the same coach when Zambia under 20 failed to win zone 6 games right here at home. Blend a little bit so that there is competition among coaches and help foreign coaches to groom boys for national team. Do not just change for the sake of changes. If these changes do not work well will haunt you for the rest of your lives, you know!

  10. Well done Kamanga and your team. Please solve all the mess which Kalusha has planted in the Zambian football

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