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Musenge refutes allegations of ministers using public resources

Economy Musenge refutes allegations of ministers using public resources

Copperbelt Minister Mwenya Musenge
Copperbelt Minister Mwenya Musenge

Copperbelt Minister Mwenya Musenge, has refuted allegations that the Patriotic Front (PF) is using government resources for its campaigns as untrue and unfounded.

ZANIS reports that Mr Musenge says Cabinet Ministers are in offices because the amended Constitution stipulates that they remain in office.

He stated that President Edgar Lungu is strict when it comes to the use of public resources and that he would not allow any minister to misuse government resources.
“That is why when you look at our campaigns, we are not spending like we were spending during the last elections in 2011. This time around the money we are using is coming from different well-wishers who are helping us with the campaigns,” he said.

He said as leaders entrusted with the resources of the nation, ministers are God-fearing people who would not go to an extent of abusing the resources for their own benefit.

Mr Musenge, who is also Chimwemwe Constituency aspiring candidate for the PF, says the party has brought a lot of development in the country and it is for this reason that the party is pointing at what it has achieved from the time it took over power in 2011.

He has stated the PF achievements are the basis on which the people of Zambia should give President Lungu a second mandate to continue with the developmental projects that are on-going.

Mr Musenge further stated that on the Copperbelt province it is a known fact that President Lungu is popular as evidenced by the number of developmental projects that have been undertaken across in the region and the country at large.


  1. Musenge, developmental projects that used our very own money does not guarantee popularity for lungu nor does it guarantee voters for him.
    Afterall is our money used not PFs, as such our votes will go to who ever we like

    • Musenge is lying. PF hated Guy Scott because he refused to allow Chakolwa Chagwa to use govt resources while campaigning for himself in 2015. We remember very well the anger and hatred that Scarface Kalaba directed towards Scott. Now that the monkeys have taken over the maize field, there is no stopping them now.
      #PF Zwaa!

  2. Is this Baboon still employed by government?What happened to the maize he is selling in Congo together with Given Lubinda?he shd ve been in jail by now,the tracks,storage space and account number belong to him.This is more than any evidence required to arrest any criminal,like this Baboon.

  3. Ati God fearing honest people, who would’nt use public resources for campaigns. WHAT A LYING TOAD!!
    1. C.C, Chakolwa Chagwa NEVER had 2 cents to rub together few months ago, Chikwanda paid his nomination fee, & now he’s a Millionaire.
    Where did he get the cash from? This man always wore the same salaula gear, remember that ka bomber jacket, when he was snapped eating & drinking on duty, whilst hiding a Mosi bottle under a chair?
    2. This is a Man who embezzled a Widows money on Kachasu.
    3. Not all Zambians are as dull, & amnesic like the typical P.F. Cadre.
    JUST EAT & CONTINUE [email protected], YOU DISHONEST CADRE! We are too smart for your Belly politicking!

  4. But this guy is talking about the untrusted ECL, GBM will make these guys pay back the monies and most of the will be caged.

  5. Why is the Concourt taking its time in arriving at a judgment on these illegal Ministers? Is Concourt under a state house directive to reserve judgment until after the polling day? Is this matter not of national importance and urgent? Zambians need answers to these questions from Concourt as a matter urgency!

  6. If elections were won through social Media some parties would be in government today but it the ballot box bwana some people shud prepare tears again

  7. Man Boy! The Amended Constitution of Zambia no longer provides for Deputy Ministers so why are these Ministers being paid their salaries and benefits from Tax Payers’ money long after Parliment was dissolved? Why should these illegal Ministers continue to draw salaries add benefits from public funds? They are using govt offices and assets to campaign for ECL and for themselves. This Is wasteful expenditures and poor governance by Lungu. Concourt must protect the interests of Zambians rather than those of looters.

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