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FDD Candidate hospitalised after brutal attack from alleged UPND cadres

General News FDD Candidate hospitalised after brutal attack from alleged UPND cadres

Antonio Mwanza
Antonio Mwanza

The Forum for Democracy and Development (FDD) Namwala parliamentary candidate Charity Kabongomana is nursing serious injuries in Namwala Hospital including a broken leg and arm after being ambushed Friday.

In a statement released yesterday morning, FDD Spokesperson Antonio Mwanza said the act was perpetrated by the immediate past Member of parliament and her party cadres.

“Yesterday in Namwala, UPND cadres led by their Namwala aspiring candidate and immediate past Namwala MP, Madam Moono Lubezhi ambushed and brutally attacked our aspiring Namwala candidate, Madam Charity Kabongomana and her team breaking her arm and leg. She is agonizingly laying in pain at Namwala hospital.They further extensively damaged her vehicle and attempted to set it ablaze,” Mr. Mwanza said.

On Friday, the Electoral Commission of Zambia (ECZ) threatened to invoke its powers under Section 28 of the Electoral Process Act No 35 of 2016 which empowers the Commission to suspend campaigns if it considers it necessary for a credible election. The commission also cited Section 110 of the same Act that empowers the Commission to disqualify a political party or candidate in breach of the Electoral Code of Conduct.

Commission Public Relations Manager Cris Akufuna said It is unacceptable that at this stage of Zambia’s democracy political players should have blatant disregard for the Code of Conduct as has been exhibited by some political party supporters.

“The Commission therefore wishes to reiterate that it is the responsibility of all political parties participating in elections to restrain their members and cadres from provoking their opponents and inciting violence. It is also the responsibility of the Zambia Police Service to ensure that perpetrators of violence and anyone caught abrogating the Electoral Code of Conduct is dealt with firmly without fear or favour,” Mr. Akufuna said.

There has been no official reaction from the UPND in response to the incident or the allegations so far.


  1. Zambians hate marauders. Its unprecedented for an opposition to be this violent and expect to win the confidence of citizens except its operating under demonic forces of self deception. Marauders don’t know this African wisdom that, “Never provoke a crocodile while your buttocks are still in the river”

    • ECZ should suspend political campaigns through out the country for the rest of the remaining period because it is not helping anyone continuing with these campaigns. Zambians don’t need these bloody campaigns, after all the have already made up their minds as who they will vote for.

  2. This must be PF carders. I seriously doubt UPND people can do such to a woman. This type of violence is typical of PF under the evil pastor Frank Bwalya.

    • Remember that the woman abuser beater and wife batterer GBM is in upnd and not Pf. How can this be Pf?

    • HH should lead this by example. Go to Namwala tomorrow, transport the patient Charity to Mwanawasa hospital or somewhere close to Edgar also to visit.
      Then FIRE that Ms.Moono. Beacuse Nawakwi tamileke… mwailetelela fye.

  3. The first test for ECZ they must disqualify this moono and upnd in this constituency period. She has no heart for any life. Let me also hear what ngocc says

    • @makandanyama,

      ONE HUNDRED PERCENT AGREE WITH YOU! Here is clear evidence of a candidate breaking the oath of abiding by the electoral conditions.

      If ECZ does not do this it will be clear their independence is just a joke, and they are just puppets being controlled by the Government.

  4. This is appalling and condemnation of the highest degree is in order! LT please get an official statement from the police ASAP before we dwell on an unverified report of who the perpetrators were. A similar allegation was made of minister Kampyongo in Shiwang’andu but he denied sponsoring the PF thugs that attempted bringing down the UPND chopper. If the Namwala attack is confirmed, the law must take it’s full course, no holy cows when it comes to crime!!

  5. This is real. UPND Aspirin candidate Moono is avery violent Bitch . Am a Namwala Resident it was even nearly happened during the primary election with her Party . UPND supporter don’t just support blindly.

  6. I call anyone violent because of elections an animal. People that you are fighting for will think very little about you after the elections. I look forward to a president who will one day cage all animals like these. I also look forward to a time when becoming an president or MP will become professional!

  7. It is clear that HH has shamelessly taken the low road of violence. There is no mathematical scenario where HH will get more votes than Edgar Lungu.

  8. FDD can also be a nuisance. They like provoking the UPND starting with their president Edith Nawakwi. FDD,concentrate on selling yor candidates and not making the UPND look like PF

  9. It’s true our president HH has lost track by embracing violence GBM… he has truly no direction… now it’s VIVA ECL VIVA PF for life….


  11. HH has ruined UPND by bringing these violent Bemba from Satas Family Forest ! This is yet another election we have lost !

  12. ECZ, time to do your job.

    We are waiting!

    Or was all the talk two days ago just that.


  13. Sad news…All they are doing heap cursing on themselves…lets punish them through casting a vote on 11/08/2016

  14. I cannot fathom in my mind why anyone on God’s green earth would benefit from violence against FDD they pose no threat to anyone not even to a harmless ant ( no offence). I can imagine though that painting UPND as perpetrators of violence particularly in the wake of the indisputable violence so openly perpetrated by PF seems to me to work perfectly…. for PF and all this while I must not be the only person wondering how it is that after a hugely successful campaign launch by PF … they seem to have just inexplicably stopped campaigning … just thinking

  15. The UPND is a bloody-thirsty political party that is using thuggery and murderous behaviour to win the elections.

    EDITH Nawakwi has branded Hakainde Hichilema a thug and blood-thirsty politician who should never be allowed to win the August 11th general election because the country risked being thrown into the abyss of economic, social and political decay.

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