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Lamentable Zambia eliminated from Cosafa Cup

Sports Lamentable Zambia eliminated from Cosafa Cup

For a second successive year, Zambia has been eliminated from 2016 Cosafa Cup.

Zambia, who sent an uninspiring team to the ongoing tournament in Namibia this week after enjoying a preliminary round bye, lost 4-2 on post-match penalties following a scoreless draw to Swaziland on Sunday in Windhoek.

Paul Katema and Spencer Sautu failed to converted their spot kicks after captain Buchizya Mfune nd Patson Daka successfully converted for Zambia.

Zambia have now been relegated to the meaningless Plate stage of the competition where they lost 1-0 to Malawi in last years final in South Africa.


  1. Where is Kamanja?and what is he still waiting for-Fire the whole lot of Kalusha Bwalya people.Fire,just fire,fire!We cant carry on like this,just because Kalusha wants to expose FAZ as having failed thru people that he is instructing to select layman players for tournaments,Chiyangi is now useless too just like his counterpart Lwandamina.What team is that he took there?Kamanga-Fire!

    • @Redbull I agree with you. This is the time for Kamanga to show leadership. He needs to act. We shall now start blaming him for all these failures. Being eliminated by Swaziland is actually a scandal. Choose players on merit and not because they buy you a lot of Chibuku.

    • You are useless bloggers, you wrongly thought that Kamanga was better than Kalusha. The guy is a novice in football. All he did was to be used by Teddy Mulonga to work against Kalusha Bwalya when he knows nothing about global football administration and you still believe in him. Continue believing in him and the worst is till to come.

    • Ba Redbull leave Kalusha out of this. You though great Kalu was doing nothing mwa? The worst is yet to come.

    • I think Chipolopolo are protesting against either PF government, Kamanga or both. But they forget that Zambians eat and dream football and politics. But if both are so LAMENTABLE, I see no reason why so many traffic accident on Zambian roads this year.
      You can’t come from watching such Kamanga team from Chawama bar, and guarantee that you drive safely. I am so pissed off. I can’t wait to fire both Edgar & ka Kamanga on 11th August.

    • I remember when Kamanga won the FAZ elections, UPND cadres were celebrating saying the same change is coming to Zambia and HH was the first person to congulatulate Kamanga. I believe they meant Zambia will go down just like our National team if HH was to take over. Zambians be warned that change does not quarantee good things to come esp when you expect corrupt HH and GBM to take over power. Viva Lungu

    • Kamanga is to blame here and no one else, we are going nowhere with kamanga the best for him is to resign for embarrassing Zambian by stupid defeat by a tinny nation

    • Guys, firing is a knee-jerk reaction that won’t yield anything…how many times has Zambia fired coaches and still end up with the same results?
      What the game needs is a serious audit (scientific research and not media speculation) of what has gone wrong, why standards have fallen as compared to some decades ago….this shall then lead to a long term plan to revive soccer. There is a problem with the system and not just coaches. Let us not blame the economy because there are countries poorer than us who are improving

    • Kalusha should have hired a real coach a long time ago. The mess that he left will take long for Kamanga to clean up. Why did we continue with coaches that were committed to their clubs? Kalusha is to blame here

  2. Pathetic play. Even a coach is a headless chicken. Lastly, as Zedians why do we like going 100 years backwards?

  3. Why not just accept that you are no longer the top dog you used to be? For zambia to improve you have to start from the under twenty team and nature it until it’s ready to take on the world, there are no short cuts in football.

  4. Kamanga fire the seemingly ineffective coach, all those people not working or we ll fire you instead! Period

  5. This should save as a warning to all Zambians who thinks by changing leadership things can be better. Kamanga was vocal on kalu. But he has lamentebly failed just like upnd can prove bcoz it’s a group croocks. &. Sadists

  6. The performance of the team was crap. They played worse than a secondary school team, I was wondering where they got these players from. The passes were pathetic , the shooting was trash. The guys that missed penalties were just like passing the ball to the goalkeeper. It’s unbelievable

  7. This is what corruption and nepotism can do to our country. Imagine leaving pipo liked MPs and being with this kind of MPs for another 5 years. I wish it was a dream. Zambia needs kambwili in 2021

  8. Amalabishi indeed!!!
    I thought a penalty was the easiest to score that even a hybrid chicken can!!! Kikikikikikikikiki! The mighty chipolopolo are now minors firing blanks all the time. No wonder Chisamba has chosen to stay away.

  9. Tulamyeba tamufwAya ukum.fwa. even if you wanted to replace kalusha you should have looked for people who have been successful managers not ba Kamanga. What football has he managed? Anif would have been better MWe Bantu. When you start losing to Swaziland you are in a grave crisis

  10. Kamanga has only been in office for three months! Cannot be blamed for years of neglect and corruption under the outsted FAZ regime! Time to cook your own broth Andrew!

    • And just to add on, the current Zambia team is useless. The future is bleak. After the Katongo led generation retires, we shall be in deep trouble. The buck over recent performances stop with Honour Janza, Not Kamanga. I remember Janza saying the team needed to transform at the time he was being sacked as national team coach. Kalusha is gone. Not wanted ever again.

  11. Zambia, politics, football, education, economy kuwayayafye!

    In short Zambia is full of maafiii!

  12. The selection of players leaves much to be desired. Are those players the best Zambia can parade even leaving out the professionals? Zesco United can do better than those chaps. We should not be carrying out experiments
    when National pride is at stake. We are too good to exhibit such standards. We have the right personnel to carry out the task but wrong selection. Next time FAZ allow three experienced coaches like Patrick Phiri, Gearge Lwandamina and Chikwanda to select players independently without consulting each other and then harmonize the final list. This will eliminate bias and favoritism just to select those players i want. Let players show case in the local league.

  13. Every positon comes with challenges.How Kamanga handles this is what is going to define him.I love Kalu and I give him the respect he deserves.I am happy though that he is not at the helm of FAZ so that others can also contribute.

  14. It’s a pity some people want to blame Andrew Kamanga on the poor performance of our National Teams.Please be mindful that Kamanga has only been in Office for two months from the time he was elected on 31st March 2016, Zambian Soccer has been messed up and there’s need for a complete overhaul of the entire Football administration system.

  15. This is a shame of its kind. Shambolic performance! I don’t think even a secondary school team can perform like that. Go to Matero or Munali secondary school and look at there football its far from what I saw yesterday. Sheer waste of government resources. I mentioned earlier that, “can you equate Isaac Chansa or Rodrick Kabwe with Katema?” Experiments!!!!!!

  16. Sometimes I am drawn into comparison to help coaches select players that have shown tenacity on a higher level. The boys failed at CHAN why bring them into the picture again. Look at what will help us get what we want. Go out of your way to gain a mileage. You remain on the same way or spot nothing changes! Same failure-drawing board again. When will you go to a projector? Always drawing board we are in the 21 fs Century!

  17. Kalusha Bwalya is great. Andrew Kamanga is great. The game in southern Africa is improving, Swaziland, Namibia, Botswana have all improved meaning we need to do more. Our scoring challenge since 1964 is still with us. The team picked lacked coordination but I understand they have not played together for some time. Let’s be practical and rebuild, and remain positive

  18. Mbuzi ni kamanga. Let me remind you that when we lost our National Team, we regrouped in three months, during the funeral and ended in the finals of AFCON. Now, we are being clobbered by Swaziland, Shame. Fisoso

  19. All we need to do is just to swallow the pride and tell kalusha to come and help us assemble the team. Iam doubting those who are exempting kamanga from all this nonsense. Kamanga needs to fire all the baggars on the technical bench and look for credible one to run football. We needed players like Chris Katongo, Fwayo Tembo, Isaac Chansa, Aaron Katebe. Ngatulemyeba ati the so called new blood players has failed mulakana bafikala. Aleni wineni nama new players naba kamanga benu. Wwasting tax payers money

  20. Team selection at the National Team is Pathetic its like they don’t watch performing and deserving players and only interested in getting small kick backs from the small boys who don’t feature or under perform even at their teams, this is what I would call malabishi,

  21. Lets wait and see, the worst is yet to come, Kamanga; its not easy, if you can’t employ a coach because there is no money how can you manage the proposed provincial leagues. Welcome to reality, Kalu was blamed for everything, even contract which expired with nick was blamed at him. Where is the campaign manager Simata Simata.

  22. The best thing do if I was supporting Kamanga is to tell him accept responsibility what is going on. Denial to accept failure & U start transferring failure onto others won’t help you to improve you management of the soccer suppose what is happening is success are going to say Kalusha left good foundation definitely understanding you from your posting will credit Kamanga so even failure goes to our current FAZ President period.

  23. This tells you the poor quality of the Zambian football league. It is no longer competitive. Good lesson. Well done Swaziland

  24. On the bright side of things, Swaziland deserved to win. It has saved broke FAZ some cash. Really all you soccer-crazy folks at home, what exactly do you as individuals gain from wasting so much money on 11 men kicking a spherical leather object inflated with 78% nitrogen? I repeat, what did you gain in 2012? Was it not Mayuka and Katongo who got houses and land and cattle. For an average Joe all he got was some intangible emotion which dissipated within three days as life’s realities set in. I say soccer is a lie sold to us to take away the common sorrows of life requiring critical thinking. I say thank you boys for losing to save Kamanga some financial heartaches.

  25. How can they be eliminated for the second time in the same 2016 competition ba LT?:
    For a second successive year, Zambia has been eliminated from 2016 Cosafa Cup.

  26. @docc2M
    True my friend you got it right. Soccer is simply a drug to opiate us and when the team loses the drug has not worked and the pain continues. kikikikiki indeed.

  27. I was so disappointed by the Coach and his entire bench. They are pathetic to say the least, how on earth can you allow Zambia to be reduced to underdogs. Zambia has been the football powerhouse and today you are struggling to beat teams like Swaziland, Namibia etc just because the selection of players is very corrupt. Its high time we bring in Chris Katongo to be the player coach. We did it with the late Alex Chola and it worked. The late Ucar Godfrey Chitalu? Chris Katongo should be given a chance whilst we are looking for the Coach because right now we don’t have. This mess has nothing to do with Great Kalu. He is the greatest of all times in Zambia! Kamanga and Mulonga should take the blame. Let me remind them that its Tax payers money that they are wasting and next loss we will…

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