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I have a burning desire to plough back into the community-Elias Mpondela

General News I have a burning desire to plough back into the community-Elias Mpondela

NHA Chief Executive Officer Elias Mpondela
Elias Mpondela

Independent Lusaka Executive Mayor Aspirant Elias Mpondela says his decision to contest the mayoral position is motivated by his burning desire to plough back into the community following their goodwill and investment in his education and life, reports Pan African radio journalist Hermit Hachilonde.

Speaking when he graced the enrolment of the Boys’ Brigade at the Anglican Church, St Francis congregation in Lusaka’s Chawama Township yesterday, Mr. Mpondela who mainly spoke off the cuff stated his Christianity background inspires him to serve the people in the community.

The renowned Lusaka Business Executive who is also Zambia Amateur Athletics Association (ZAAA) president said God has blessed him abundantly in life with an inventory of gifts and hence the need to harness his endowments for the benefit of the people he wishes to serve as a way of appreciating God whose design is to transform lives at any given time.

Mr. Mpondela a devout catholic noted that the fear of God is the beginning of wisdom which has helped him succeed in life.

The mayoral hopeful has since urged the parents in the church to ensure that their children are trained at a tender age in accordance with the biblical teachings.

Credited for his acumen to fundraise for institutions he has led, the Enterprising ZAAA Chief however assured congregants at the venue that he will consider helping the church with the musical instruments for the brass band which is needed like yesterday.

In his usual and legendary philanthropic acts, Mr. Mpondela also donated an undisclosed sum of money to help the church buy the same musical instruments as part of commitment.

Mr. Mpondela, who is also currently Radio Maria and Yatsani President, further stressed the need for Zambians to seek God’s guidance when choosing leaders especially in the forthcoming general elections.

“I want to work with the community as part of my appreciation to God’s abundant blessings to me’ he said


  1. You are a lying crook Mpondela. What can you plough back into the community after serving for years on many boards with nothing to show for it.

    Cheap crook you are.

    • @Mr Kudos you are right. This chap just wants to make more money. Why can’t he plough back even as an ordinary citizen? Total nonsense.

    • He wants to take more illegal deals from ZAAA to Lusaka Civic Centre. I hope he gets one vote – His only

    • This is one thing we can all agree on: Mpondela is a pathetic pompous jerk who only thinks about lining his pockets. I am surprised Chakolwa Chagwa missed him on his campaign team of laughing hyenas. Mpondela is a prototypical pathetic crook who thrives on govt and social resources

    • Fundraising what, when he couldn’t raise funds for a single air ticket for one athlete…always begging from the taxpayer.

  2. Pray for Zambia. Sometimes you wanna ask God where we went wrong.Same crooks popping up in different forms.

  3. Really laughable…this clown is crook who is another one who used ZAAA as his gravy train and opportunity to take his girlfriends on holidays abroad…ZAAA was Elias Mpondela …you LAMENTABLY FAILED ZAAA to deliver anything tangible, nothing to show for…the crook was also at NHA where workers were not being paid…

  4. This pathetic adulterous thief actually thinks people can vote for him? He is a deluded lunatic whose only source of income is the Inter Company Relay were he pockets most of the money

  5. Mpondela is the type of arsehole a parent raising a young man should use as an example of what a man should not grow up into.

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