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PF has neglected judiciary workers- JAWUZ

Headlines PF has neglected judiciary workers- JAWUZ

High Court

The Judiciary and Allied Workers Union has charged that the PF government has failed to improve the working conditions for the vast majority of judiciary workers in the last five years it has been in power.

JAWUZ President Peter Mwale said in an interview that judiciary workers are some of the least paid government workers in Zambia.

Mr Mwale said even the much announced salary increment last year was a mere drop in the ocean as some judiciary workers got between K300 and K400 as salary increments.

He described the meagre increments which came after two years of a wage freeze as a mockery.90% of judiciary workers are unionised and are living in abject poverty

Mr Mwale accused President Edgar Lungu of concentrating all his efforts in making the lives of the Judges more comfortable and neglecting the bulk of the workers in the judiciary.

“Judiciary workers are suffering. The truth is that our members are not well paid. If you see the housing allowances they are subjected to, you would cry but these are men and women in the frontline of delivering justice. How do you expect them to carry out their duties?”

He added, “These High Court and Supreme Court Judges that President Lungu is focusing his attention on are already doing very well. They have hefty salaries and numerous allowances but this President is neglecting the majority of the workers in the judiciary. We have more than 90 percent of the workers in the judiciary who are not judges but they are now neglected.”

Mr Mwale warned that the workers will now show their dissatisfaction with the PF government in the ballot box on August 11th.

“We have pleaded enough and now our time to show them that we are not happy is coming and mind you, we are have tried to reason with government to no avail.”





      #chagwamustfall!! #PamaFikuyabebele!!!

      I thank you!!

    • Mr Mwale how do you know that HH if voted into gvt will increase your salaries? HH is a capitalist, If by accident he is elected, he will spend the first 5 years mourning that PF stole while him and GBM are stealing. The PF gvt is known for having increased salaries for all Civil Servants, even your salaries are not as bad as they used to be during RB/ Mwanawasa. Like someone has said you have no bargaining power, no wonder u have allowed your members to live in poverty. Dont be used by these cadres HH and GBM. You will leave to regret bcoz PF is bouncing back only will not vote for PF but your members who are more well informed than u will give Lungu a vote

    • Just vote Chakolwa Chagwa out. He is the most incompetent President that Zambia will ever have. Most times he is so drunk that he dances in every church be goes to. He is too busy lining his pockets when he is sober to even bother about civil servants’ pay and conditions of living. Remember that he has promised a 400% electricity tariff increase if he wins in August. There will be more suffering to come if Chakolwa wins.

  1. Typical of Lungu and his PF!

    In reality, this is tantamount to bribery, just the same tactic he has used with the Chiefs – increased salaries at the top and more useless promises for everyone else!

    For sure this is a pro-poor Government! They are determined and on track to make the majority of Zambians even poorer!

    But Lungu and co will make his K23 MILLION look like peanuts in five years!

    • Chakolwa Chagwa and his bunch of minions are pro-poverty, not pro-poor. That’s why they steal national resources to fatten their bank accounts and personal assets while the poor cheer and hack each other in the streets.

  2. Mr Mwale it simply shows that you have no bargaining skills… and since when did you start bargaining with the President of the country…Had you mentioned your head of the Judiciary who is the Chief Justice may be there could have been some sense in what you are saying, but you are not worthy being a unionist if you had to wait for an election to come by and speak for your followers…

  3. Lungu does not care about govt workers except those who keep him in power. Lungu gave himself 4 heft salary incements to enhance his pension benefits. To add salt to injury ,Lungu has made about K13 million in 15 months from misuse of public funds and corrupt deals. Lungu is more concerned about enriching himself,his family and friends. Govt workers have no choice but to vote Lungu and his party from power on 11th August 2016. Such a selfish and corrupt leader has no place in State House. We have no choice but to give Team HH a chance to govern and turnaround the Zambian economy.

    • I totally agree with you. That’s a very credible and logical conclusion. We need a new team of leaders to change the direction that Zambia is headed.

  4. You can take your little useless votes to the perpetual losers. One just wonders what made you create that union instead of remaining civil servants. You can now see how you have disadvantaged your useless selves.

  5. Not only the judiciary but Zambian workforce,people lets show this Edgar Chakolwa Hangover Kaloba Wrungu that we are tired his inhumanity.

  6. Ati leadership is from God do you think God can give us a president as idi0tic and incompetent as Edgar Chakolwa Hangover Kaloba Wrungu if so then that god who gave us Wrungu Chakolwa doesn’t care about his creatures

  7. Please God take this Father of Pangarians Edgar Vodka Chakolwa Jameson Hangover Kaloba Wrungu and his fellow members and bring back Levy Mwanawasa or Gives HH the visionary leader. Amen

  8. I’m still wondering whether it makes sense for any one to talk about PF. We need a new breath of air. It should not matter who wins except for PF. These guys do not deserve another term.

  9. Don’t speak for everyone, am a worker and my company pays me very well and even so I haven’t started misbehaving like womanising and drinking recklessly.
    By the way go find out how GBM and HH treat their workers. So don’t be f00led. Easier to promise moon that act. So iwe ka Mwale speak for yourself and not everyone. Also start working to earn your pay instead of just yapping.

    • Wait until your employer collapses because the Zambian economy is about to hit a brick wall. Check how many shops are closing down or are already boarded up. Zambia is shutting down because Chakolwa Chagwa has sucked out and stolen all the money to add to his personal wealth statement.

  10. Mr Mwale please leave politics of campaigning to politician and concentrate on politics of industrial relations. Don’t say that the workers will now show their dissatisfaction with the PF government in the ballot box on August 11th. Say the workers will now show their dissatisfaction with the government by going on stirke. Don’t think of being a PS now because crossing the river with a palm ‘CHANZA” that is swimming is difficult compared with peddling a boat “UBWATO.” You can be saying forward, forward but crocodiles will eat you before reaching the other side of a river like they did to Munkombwe. So keep quiet and probably apologise now not after election because jucial workers are a drop in a ocean to make HH win election.

  11. Mr. Mwale who told you that you are the only voter?????????? We will also vote the other way, thank you.

  12. Jawuz (or is it janjaweed militia?) leader Peter Phiri, if you arw suggesting to get the same salary as your bosses the judges, then get lost. Otherwise learn to negotiate properly, holding the government at ransom at election time does not bring results. Its a democracy, if you want to vote for GBV and Hechihechi, by all means do so and stop troubling us the majority whose vote is on Edgar Chagwa Lungu, the trusted and loved president.

  13. But of course we know tht your members do not think the same as you. They love ECL and know that only Edgar can be trusted to.make things better for everyone.
    Remember that noisy and insulting ZNBC union leader, what was his name? Where is he now? Probanly walking the streets with worn out tropicals, like you he thought that his members were behind him as he was insulting. No they were in front of him….if you know what I mean..

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