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HH and his running mate GBM are not ready to lead Zambia-Lungu

General News HH and his running mate GBM are not ready to lead...

PRESIDENT LUNGU addresses a rally in Chongwe
PRESIDENT LUNGU addresses a rally in Chongwe

President Edgar Lungu has asked Zambians to scrutinise those seeking public office in the August 11 general election.

And President Lungu has taken a swipe at UPND presidential candidate Hakainde Hichilema and his running mate Geoffrey Mwamba saying the two are not ready to lead the country.

The President said unlike him and his running mate Inonge Wina who speak the same language, Mr. Hichilema and Mr. Mwamba who are issuing conflicting statements on how they would reduce the price of maize.

The head of state was speaking in Chongwe when addressed a public rally at which he presented PF Chongwe parliamentary candidate Japhen Mwakalombe and Candidate for the council chairmanship Geoffrey Chumbwe.

Meanwhile, President Lungu has asked some opposition parties to stop abusing the name of late President Michael Sata.

He also reiterated his call on PF members to remain peaceful and not react to acts of provocation.

President Lungu said he will continue to preach non violence in the runup to the August 11 poll.

At the same event a consortium of 16 political parties endorsed the candidature of President Lungu.

Speaking on behalf of the parties Zambia Direct Democracy Movement leader Edwin Sakala said they were supporting President Lungu because he has taken development to all parts of the country.

And former Kabwe Member of Parliament Captain Austin Chewe said President Lungu has a clear road map to develop the country as outlined in the PF manifesto.

President Lungu is also expected to hold rallies in Luangwa, Rufunsa and Kafue this week.

PRESIDENT LUNGU addresses a rally in Chongwe
PRESIDENT LUNGU addresses a rally in Chongwe

Earlier, President Edgar Lungu commended traditional leaders for playing a critical role in fostering development in their chiefdoms.

President Lungu says chiefs are an important interface between government and the people as they help to explain government programmes to their subjects.

Speaking when he called on Chieftainess Nkomeshya Mukamambo the second at her palace in Chongwe today, President Lungu said he will continue to consult chiefs on issues of national development.

And Chieftainess Nkomeshya Mukamambo the second praised government for completing various projects which the PF administration pledged to deliver since coming to power in 2011.

Chieftainess Nkomeshya cited the construction of the Leopards Hill Road and Palabana road.

This was shortly before the Head of State addressed a public rally in Chongwe.

PRESIDENT LUNGU addresses a rally in Chongwe
PRESIDENT LUNGU addresses a rally in Chongwe

PRESIDENT LUNGU addresses a rally in Chongwe
PRESIDENT LUNGU addresses a rally in Chongwe



    Go PF! We have won this election

    What a massive crowd!

    True charisma at work! Go Eddy!

      You cannot say that if I lose I will not accept the results.
      But you say that if you win you will accept the results – in the same environment, same elections, same rules, same atmosphere.
      Who then can trust you HH? Under normal circumstances a person will not trust a person who says if this same thing is given to me then it is a good thing, but if the same thing is given to someone else it is poisonous – same thing??? Is that not an act of selfishness??
      I had little respect for HH but his conduct is becoming a big trial for my trust in him.
      Doesn’t HH have advisors? If he does, is that what HH’s advisors advise him?

    • “If I lose I will not accept the results, if I win I will accept the results of this same election, held under the same environment”, Please, Please, Please!!!
      I think that for me I see dishonesty, selfishness, greedy and not allowance for democracy in HH’s conduct.
      “If I pass No.1, then our teacher is good and knows how to teach; if someone else passes No.1, then our teacher is bad and does not know how to teach”, says a pupil. Do you believe this pupil?
      “If I win, the process is good elections are free and fair, if I lose, the same exact process is bad and the elections are free and fair”, SURE!!!!
      And you still manage to get people to trust you???

    • Chongwe is in Lusaka all those buses and trucks brought cadres from compounds in Lusaka. You can go ahead cheating yourselves until you CRY/faint on 13 August like Bwezani did in 2011

    • @Advice, Kaponya (HH) has low calibre advisors like William Tekere Banda who only know violence. It’s their only message. The UPND are very dishonest people.

    • Every word and behaviour of opponents speaks preludes of ballot humiliation. It’s impossible to fight Divine purpose. The chosen ones are also sanctified, ushered in and sustained by divine powers against all prencipalities.

    • Indeed those two desperate demagogues HH and GBM are a far cry from the material we need in statehouse. They are a poor man`s Edgar Lungu. Lekeni Lungu ateke.

    • Can someone explain to me what’s the manifesto of this Chakolwa Kaloba Wrungu or HH and GMB are also part of the Pfools policy and manifesto that’s why he won the award of the 2016 most incompetent and idi0tic president of the millennium.

    • Look or listen to Edgar Chakolwa Lungu talking about inconsistency on the part of ‘HH and GBM. Was he drunk when he was making those attacks on the UPND leaders? Does he realize that the economy of Zambia has run down because of his and his octogenarian Finance Minister’s policy inconsistencies? Iwe skull (Mr Kudos), have you suddenly forgotten how your President kept changing SIs on mines? Today your President is blaming others like he is blaming them on violence and yet he is waging war on children in Kanyama?

    • Voting for Lungu will be like eating your own vomit, You can not expect a person who has messed up to clean up, uwainyelawila teti aipipe, we need others to sort out amafi yakwa EL, In short EL needs ukumupipa nanya amafi ayanuka sana kubena Zambia.


  2. President Edgar Lungu is a father of the nation and the despots GBM, Wynter, Kaponya (HH), Scott Mmembe Inc all of them are his children.

    Although some are prodigal sons, they will be back in August and we will allow them to join from the grass roots.


    • We do things openly in PF. We are transparent. We don’t hide things at night like Free Massons. We are not like UPND Free Massons

    • Skull, no substance comes from a skull. Which violence is perpetuated by the UPND. Just today your cadres attacked children in Kanyama and you shamelessly say UPND is violent! Shame on you skull (Mr Kudos).

    • Really @skull Mr Kudos, how on earth do you expect a drunkard President to uphold the tenets of running that office of President honourably? Nonsense on your part, isn’t ?

    • atleast lelo i can ask ba kudos, i know my brother will give me an answer. my questions are these. What is a freemason and where did it originate. Can you show us the evidence that HH is a freemason and lastly, what is wrong with being a freemason? what is it that freemasons do that you dont desire or hate.

    • Do you know how many buses it takes to ferry 19000 people? Lets say each bus can ferry 100 which way too much that is 190 buses. Use logic.

  3. This many people in Chongwe this man is a genius. A true leader by every measure. Unlike Canicius Banda who had a handful of supporters in Eastern Province

    • Kaponya (HH) has developed a Running Stomach after the few days of Eddy Lungu’s campaigns. Meanwhile GBM’s Zika virus has resurfaced!

  4. The very last thing President Sata did before he died was to give us the blessed chosen one. The anointed one. President Lungu,

    your Excellency, we are voting for you!

  5. Ok Ba Lungu, people may like you but if GBM and HH are contradicting themselves on strategies and policies, you don’t need to end just there. You needed to explain why the mealie meal is expensive and how or what you will do to reduce the price! Just attacking HH and GBM is tantamount to personal politics! You are already installing solar hammer mills. What is the reason for that? Most people in rural areas like Chongwe where you are grow there own maize and you have input support programme. How could the two help rural dwellers to have cheaper food? You can explain that!! I believe people in rural areas (typical rural may be not Chongwe) are not so much affected by the cost of mealie meal since they produce their own food! Talk about the infrastructure and how it will help them and the…

  6. Mulenga Sata and his Step mother should stop abusing the name of President Sata whom they killed. Kaponya (HH) don’t abuse the Sata family

  7. Kaponya (HH) and Gender Based Molester are simple tenderpreneurs who make money by crooking governments through PRIVATISATIONS, tenders and so on and so forth.

    They don’t know how a government works. Don’t be cheated

  8. True leaders by deception. Wake up this man has no vision. He is impressing people out of borrowed money. You have no food, no jobs but you have roads plus violence.

  9. Our President has told us the truth. GBM and Kaponya (HH) are not able to run the country, they’re not ready they are mad and full of greed. They are desperate to rule. This year we shall vote with 70% for Eddy Lungu and the PF!


  10. Why does ECL not deal with what he and his party are offering instead of dwelling on character assasination. The Zambian economy is in a mess and needs to be fixed. Lungu has no plan to do so. Unemployment is around 70%,inflation is 21% p.a, the Kwacha is K11, no money in the pockets, the external debt doubled etc. So what did ECL achieve and what is his new offering to the voters? What has he to say about his violent thugs?

  11. Kaponya (HH) should start thinking of how to repay all the money he has borrowed for UPND campaigns. Then he should have a better plan to look after his impoverished cadres for the next 5 years.

    Truth be told he doesn’t have enough milk to braest feed his Under 5s for 5 years despite his collection of a wife, 3 presidential widows and a concubine Masebo

  12. @Mr Kudos seriously, when do you actually do any work? You are being all too obvious, you see I long stopped reading your comments. I don’t have time to waste on random non,sense from unemployed desperados. The only issue is I have to scroll through all your rub.bish to get at meaningful content. Make yourself useful man.

  13. @Joseph Kabwe:USE YOUR TRUE BANTUSTAN NAME BECAUSE YOU ARE 100% NOT BEMBA!!!now back to the issue at hand,its impossible for PF to lose 2016 elections!!THE WIND OF CHANGE IS ONLY THERE IN TONGALAND!!ALL PF STRONGHOLDS ARE VERY MUCH BEHIND PF AND ECL!!can you agree with me that PF will win not less than 10 seats in each of the following provinces:Lsk,CB urban,Luapula,Northern,Muchinga and Eastern?then apart from southern,PF will once more win atleast 2 parliamentary seats in western,north western and central!!WHERE THESE PF MPS SHALL WIN,EXPECT EDGAR LUNGU TO COME OUT FIRST TOO!!NOW CAN YOU SAY THE SAME ABOUT UPND?DO YOU SEE UPND WINNING ATLEAST 5 SEATS IN EACH OF THESE:LSK,CB,LUAPULA,NORTHERN,MUCHINGA,EASTERN?ONLY A DREAMER CAN SAY YES!!!”UMUNTU NI LUNGU-2016!!GO PF GO!!

    • Because the two are busy insulting him instead of convincing you what different stuff they are going to do.

    • He has to he is running against them. Why is Hilary always on Trump and vice versa? Edith and Nawakwi are non factors. Think before you post.

  14. Joseph Lane 13#

    The fact that you responded to KUDO#,
    it shows that you read his comments and cannot help avoiding his c

    You stopped reading the comments a long time ago…. MY ASS!

  15. Lugu soundsto has no plans at all if you analyze all his speeches compared to HH. I need to hear more about policies and how they will be implementation including expected results.

  16. Bantustans have now started using our names.we are so great they envy us.Ati Mulenga when you are mwiinga.

  17. Iwe Chintombwa aka Bwalya its your Amagedon president HH who bankrupt zambia when he privatised our mines and other parrastatall companies for a song.

  18. Chagwa what does he know about governance, watching the killing of people on his watch, closing businesses, worst prsident ever. If we vote for him again we are headed the Zimbabwe way, it is a choice Zambians have to make. Vote wisely on August 11, FDD, UPND, OR SOMETHING ELSE, other than Panga Family.

  19. GINO LATINO NOW FROM SHIWA’NGANDU, you most have the lowest GED diploma ever, how did HH bankrupt Zambia as an employee and you think all the stakeholders would have let him alone? think from the front not behind.

  20. GINO LATINO NOW FROM SHIWA’NGANDU, what names are you talking about? is GBM Mwinga, is Banda Mulenga, is Sampa Mudenda. UPND is an inclusive party for progresive Zambians not people with small brains. Grow up, we actually do not need people with low calibre like you who don’t think beyond a tribe.

  21. These minions are continuing mixing up pictures.Analysis:These pictures are purely photoshoped.They are no different from the pictures manipulated in Zingalume compound 2days ago.Thats why i said that this I.T specialist is a layman,as he has made exactly the same mistakes here again.These chongwe pics are taken Exactly from the same angle as Zingalume pics,two(2) from the left side angle and others from the right angle.Again here the same question,where was the cameraman standing when taking these pictures-up or down?Lastly,the cameraman is showing us the same parts of Lungu-his back only & without other party members present, & lastly he is again showing us that background of vehicles & houses.The formula used is the same,very predictable combined pictures.Shame

  22. @Eddy,
    There will be no EXTRA TIME, NEVER…
    Lusaka is gone overwhelmingly.
    Luapula is already gone,
    and Copper belt are all in the bag so where will HH get the vote? Not even in farms in Mpika.

  23. The only real crowd are the first 6/seven rolls also,the rest is fake.If you ve watched the music videos of Micheal Jackson,where people continue mounting up from nowhere in different directions with different backgrounds,This is exactly the same effect applied in these pictures.Its different photos from different places cut,copied and pasted together.Its done in a computer lab.I can confirm that this Drunkard has hired specialised I.T staff to do such evil works for him.The next thing they will start creating pictures of opposition party leaders with maybe a prostitute or beating somebody then post that in their newspapers,and then say,look you see,we told you.But i confirm to you that very soon this lie will catch up with them as people will start talking about it.Stare at these photos…

  24. Unfortunately Lungu will never be ready to lead anything except a dance in a bar after a few whiskeys. He is the one being led by RB and Dora and the rest, he is just a puppet of unsavory characters

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