ZRA shuts down Post Newspapers

Entrance to the Post Newspapers shut by ZRA officers
Entrance to the Post Newspapers shut by ZRA officers

Entrance to the Post Newspapers shut by ZRA officers
Entrance to the Post Newspapers shut by ZRA officers

The Zambia Revenue Authority on Tuesday evening seized property halting operations at The Post Newspaper Printing Plant in Lusaka.

ZRA officers raided the Post Newspaper’s printing plant and by 18: 30, the officers locked up the printing plant and seized property thereby grounding to a halt the newspaper’s operations.

ZRA has since taken over accounts, cash and property and state police has taken over security.

At the Bwinjimfumu office, ZRA officers locked up newspaper staff and some clients as they executed their action.

This follows the Supreme court’s ruling in favour of ZRA n a case in which the High Court granted a stay of the ZRA’s levy of distress on the Post Newspapers.

Some Post Newspapers staff took to social media to confirm that the paper has been shut down and condemned the action by the tax authorities.

Meanwhile ZRA had issued a new demand notice of K53.8 million in various taxes to be paid with immediate effect.

Part of the notice read: “Payment of this amount demanded should be made immediately either to your nearest cash office of the above address. If this amount is not aid immediately, debt recovery action will be instituted against you without any further notice”.

ZRA has in the recent past raided the Post Newspapers in a bid to recover alleged outstanding contributions but the action was challenged in court by the newspaper.


  1. Bingo!! This is good. They are obliged to pay just like any other individual or company.It is to comply and you will be closed. It is the rule of law. Thumbs up ZRA, we need the money

    • Bingo!! This is good. They are obliged to pay just like any other individual or company.It is to comply or you will be closed. It is the rule of law. Thumbs up ZRA, we need the money

    • Mwaleimona Kwati muli bamano sana. Ukucenjela Kwa nkoko …pungwa tasakama. Good move, let’s build hospitals, roads, and schools from the money they will either pay back or from the sale of their assets.

    • More like Lungu closes down the Post

      Shame really, I think this could backfire – orchestrated by Kambwili etal



    • I don’t sympathise with Fred M’membe because he brought this on himself …. When he held Sata hostage, Fred stopped paying taxes thinking he was above the law … He forgot that the time to account for his illegalities would come ..
      Even the Bible tells us to ” give to Caesar what belongs to Caesar.” Why should a rich man like Fred M’membe refuse to pay taxes when poor Zambian workers and those in the informal sector continue paying … This is not animal farm where all animals are equal …. but some animals are more equal than others

    • Give ceasar what belongs to ceasar’…CHRIST!Tax evasion has got consequences and bad ones for that matter,when establishing a business such as yours,you are preview to the requirements of the law BUT you chose to litigate and seek judicial review,therefore,take up the responsibility and pay ZRA accordingly because for me as a private citizen i pay Personal Levy,Pay As You Eearn,Value Added Tax,Water Bills,Electricity,School Fees E.T.C,what more of a registered company of your magnitude?? i question the callibre of your auditors/accounts who can not take up an initiative to compel the entity in fulling the financial obligation of submitting annual returns.I rest my case

    • You see what journalism of insolence and impunity does, no sympathy for this crooked paper. Just pay our money.

    • I agree with most of you that ‘The Post’ is obliged to pay just like any other individual or institution in Zambia. Taxes pay civil servants, train nurses & doctors. Taxes maintain roads, deliver medicine, provide clean
      water among others. This is the most important, sustainable and predictable source of public finance for a Country like Zambia. However, i think closing this institution isn’t the best solution (Opinion). Aren’t we increasing the number of the unemployed? Surely, will this not affect even those who earn a living out of selling the paper? How will this move be interpreted? Is this not a local company needing support to continue doing business & contribute to the country’s economy? Will people ask what action ZRA took on many companies owned by foreigners (Zambia Sugar…

    • Knowing Membe and the post, I think Lungu is wasting his time before you know it the post will be up and running and Lungu will lose the elections and PF will run back to the post when they go into opposition to sick coverage. Two wrongs can never make a right, closing the post means ZRA will not recover the money owed but by letting it operate and then agree on payment terms makes more sense to me, this is a political move and it will back fire badly on Lungu and PF, Watch this space.

    • whoever claims the Post has been treated unfairly it is ok… i like the unfairness because sometimes we need to be unfair to make things run.

  2. In as far as you we want to blame government and ZRA, the question is, how can you work in such a business without paying tax… Just thinking

    • They are the same people who say that the government is broke! Imagine if every business owner evade paying taxes!


    • Surely, it is blasphemous to compare M’membe’s Post to Jesus Christ. Is it wrong for Post to pay taxes? I pay my taxes and I do not complain. I cannot drive my car if i do not pay my car tax. How special is M’membe to drive his Post without paying taxes. M’membe call other thieves when he too is stealing from the people of Zambia by not paying taxes. the issues is very clear, the Post should pay th taxes and they will be open. If some of you guys feel so bad about it, help poor M’membe pay these taxes sl that you may continue enjoying his insults!!!

    • Tsiku lofa mkhwele Mitengo yonse iterera-that will be the Nyanja Version of “ubushiku uusheme nechimbala chilocha” from government.


      THIS IS NOT THE ONLY FRAUD HE HAS COMMITED AGAINST ZAMBIANS – HE STILL HAS TO PAY FOR ZAMBIAN AIRWAYS!! Lets watch how much that Hummer will be guzzling from now on!!





      #chagwamustfall!! #PamaFikuyabebele!!

      I thank you!!

  3. I pay my taxes, so should Mmembe and his cronies. Good news. But let this not be viewed as stifling the media. We need more independent news outlets for democracy to flourish.

    Under President Lungu all government wings are very credible and independent.



  4. Bravo!!!Give Ceasar what belongs to Ceasar.Pay your taxes and you will not be harassed.Let us not support criminality simply because they cover yo


  5. This should teach all tenderpreneurs a lesson. No wonder Mmembe has been trying to see Lungu at State house, sending emissaries at night like a thief

  6. Good riddance!!!let this be a detering factor to would be TAX avoidance criminal!!!bane let us not support criminality in our Country,,,especially from fools like fredrick!!!VOTE ECL

  7. How the mighty have fallen! This doesn’t surprise anyone- he had it coming- after years of persecuting individuals – being the jury and adjudicator- Mmember is finally eating his humble pie!

    • @Huck Finn, it has nothing to do with him persecuting individuals. You may not like their style of journalism, but they have a right under freedom of speech, and freedom of the press. Remember, you can always “tune” them out, or sue them if you feel libeled by them. They, however, need to be held accountable for not paying taxes. It’s a duty of every Zambian citizen to pay taxes. And whoever defaults must be held accountable. While I support their role in Zambian journalism, I find it indefensible that they’ve been avoiding paying taxes. That’s not right at all. Paying taxes is a way of expressing one’s true patriotism. I’m not sure about the timing though, that they’ve been shut down a few weeks before the election. Seems a little bit like stifling them, silencing their…

    • (Continued)…voice, and depriving many Zambians of a divergent view. Something should have been worked out, such as have them pay in installments, to allow them to continue operating. Otherwise, all this has accomplished is add to the already long unemployment line.

  8. He had all the previous presidents under his beck and call, hence his reluctance to pay tax. He thought he was untouchable, but lawyer Lungu has made him to pay like any other citizen does.

  9. has lungu paid tax on the k27 million he has made in 1 year, Zambians always get fooled. Chiluba did the same stealing whilst holding the bible. Lungu you crook

  10. MTSRIEH=
    May Their Soul Rest in Eternal Hell. I hope they dont recover, twatendwa ku mapange yaba Mmembe. I hope the donors dont help them with their debt, as for HH and GBV I am assured they cannot help even.if they had the money to lend Mmembe. He cannot pay back and even they know what a cantenkerous idoit mmembe is. GBV probably wishes them dead too.
    Coming to HH are we expecting a protest march anytime soon as promised? This will be a test of your always poorly thought out threats, mr underfive hechihechi.

    • “We have information that GRZ is planning to close the Post, …we will not allow this to happen…”
      This seemingly simple statement is the master stroke that put in motion the mother of all political battles. Kainde new that by simply ‘challenging’ ECL on the closure of the little tabloid, HE will finally use his big stick (including falling on the … like a tone of bricks).
      Kainde has finally gotten his last laugh against Mumembe. He has used ZRA (read Edgar) to inflict some pain (and my word what great pain it is..!) on his sworn enemy no. 1. Maybe he is not quite the U5 we are given to believe he is…

      Long live democracy!!!

    • Are Zambians really as forgetful as people say or are just the most unprincipled and deceitful people the world over?
      How can any member of the PF, leader or cadre today celebrate the closure of the Post Newspapers? You wouldn’t be i a position to celebrate had it not been for this same post. They offered your party the only means to sell yourselves to the Zambians. The ZNBC you praise today had Chimba’s daily running commentary of negativity on your president. They called hime(MHSRIP) a homosexual of all things. If they owe tax fine let the law deal with them but you give it away by celebrating making it all clear TAX is only a means you are using to get back at them. In the end who really wins? Closed they will never be able to pay back what they owe and worse still more families…

    • Continued: In the end who really wins? Closed they will never be able to pay back what they owe and worse still more families are being condemned to a life of hardship as if tings are not already difficult enough.

      A word of caution though. If the intention is to close down the POST, the President and the PF had better make sure the post stays closed. Because if they should come out of this as I suspect they will, the PF and president Lungu will have dug their own grave and the post will be there to drive the last nail in their respective coffins. Of that you can rest assured.

  11. So tomoorow no Post ka! What a nice day it will be and the days that follow ever after
    And i save K10 daily buying some crap that i dont read but just following how stoupid the headlines are

  12. This has nothing to do with the law. There are many parastatals that owe ZRA billions of kwacha. This is part of the PF scheme to rig this election and silence any type of opposition. All opposition political parties, their members and well meaning Zambians must rise and fight this injustice to its bitter end! The international community must not keep quite about this. Condemnation of this ACT by PF must start with the American ambassador to Zambia! If they keep quite about this, they should never ever mention the word DEMOCRACY AGAIN IN THIS COUNRTY! WE WILL FIND OUR OWN BARBARIC WAYS OF MANAGING OUR AFFAIRS!

    • The Post is not a parastatal. The latter is a semi-government institution, so the government cannot suspend itself. I hope you understand the difference. It is just difficult to defend the Post on this matter!!

    • How reckless and irresponsible!

      What about the international community and the American Ambassador? Are they the ones that advised the POST Newspapers to not pay their taxes?

      Where do you think the government gets the money to run public services?

      If the people you are begging to do your wish on tax evasion are as honest and democratic as you believe them to be, they will tell you that people go to prison for not paying taxes in the UK or USA, etc.

    • Poor judgement. M’membe I’d not above the law. Post is not the only company dragged to court. Why should they not pay?
      Don’t compare them to parastatols. Those are part of GRZ.
      Let him just pay. Soon it will be the 14 million DBZ cash.

    • @Socrates, you sound like a lier!

      Which companies owe billions of taxes. Dont just belch out nonsense without supporting facts. Give us the facts. hen in all fairness we will agree with you.

  13. It is the turn.of law abiding tax payers to sleep well tonight, and the turn of one Mmembe NOT to sleep well tonight. And that idoit of a woman Mukosha Funga, go and comfort your better half. Then tomorrow you can start looking for a job when you realise that Mmembe bankrupt both financial and morally. Shupit!1

  14. And the tea car ra in state house will say he got nothing to do with the post closure and if this incompetent and idi0tic president of the millennium Edgar chakolwa Kaloba Wrungu thinks he has now succeeded in shutting our reliable source of news someone soon will bailout the post.

    • That is what you are good at – insulting people.

      No wonder you don’t understand the laws and benefits of taxation.

  15. Let’s see how HH with his goons and stooges come to the Lucifer’s Files (The Post Newspaper) rescue. No one is above the law. I hope it’s workers are properly taken care of. It’s a tough but correct call. I hope Mmembe’s sympathizers will help him pay the ZRA bills. You were warned. Kindly take to social media like the wicked Zambian Watchdog.

  16. I do not Support and I have never support PF but I am very glad that Fred Mmembe is gnashing hi teeth last. The man is cunning and wanted to govern the country through Bwinjimfumu and he had bought beginning to buy out his freedom through the courts of law. Thank to death of the stupid and evil MAIKO SATA. Mmembe and Mutembo Nchito have to account their sins. The late George Kund warned especially Nchiti and Muba Malila that time to question will come, and indeed it has come faster than they thought. Good ridance, UPND can still win without the post which is campaigning the corrupt and most cunning finished politician Winter Kabimba

    • I understand, but the government cannot close itself, it will find a way to bail out its institutions because they its babies. The Post on the other other hand is a private entity.

    • So tomorrow we will see ZRA close down the Times of Zambia.

      This newspaper owes K350 million in unpaid taxes.

  17. Fred only has himself to blame, he only used The Post as a cash cow for his personal investments and a weapon to attack his enemies like a drug baron uses Police and Judges on his payroll to attack competitors ….there was a time when they were The Post was sold out on the streets by 12:00: he could have saved for a rainy day but not King Fred he is above the law…even when ZRA offered him a repayment plan which he refused to keep up.
    If the opposition have brains I advice them to focus on campaigning, real issues that are affecting Zambians not Fred.

  18. This guy has no way of surviving this
    He refusrs to pay tax, has too many enemies, he has sent too many people to early graves, does not have genuine friends except pretendetsbwhobwant fabours like underfive
    Just think of anything terrible it will fit Mmembes description.

  19. THE Post Newspapers in general, and Mmembe in particular has become an opposition political party’ and regime change proponents’ fifth column, never cease to amaze, especially when attempts are made to portray PF as a party on the precipice of oblivion when, in fact, the opposite is true. No disrespect intended to Fred Mmembe, but one cannot behave like an adrenalin-frenzy bull in an oriental shop without risking castration. Gullible Zambians are being fed desperate propaganda scraps from Mmembe’s desk that has been fabricating information since the days of FTJ. Granted, PF is a newsworthy institution and many an editor owes their livelihood to diaries generated by the Party. Still, one cannot help but notice a trend where doomsayers like Mmembe and the cartel attempt to link any…

  20. This has nothing to do with paying tax to ZRA. You dont close business to get paid tax from liquidation. This is a political issue linked to Lungu Election Rigging strategy. This is meant to close space to opposition parties given that state owned papers and media do not cover them favourably. Lungu has shown his dictatorship colours. Should Lungu succeed in rigging these elections then Zambia is doomed with a dictator like him in power. Even PF supporters will pay for supporting this dictator in making.The Zambian economy will go the Zimbabwean route should Lungu rig himself back into power. Cry the beloved Zambia!

    • Whether this is a tit for tat fight with Lazy Lungu…the fact is The Post owes the Zambian people money…Meembe is a deceptive and arrogant individual. He was given a repayment plan by ZRA and he couldn’t even bother to pay…what more do you want the tax authorities to do? Where in the world does a taxman give you a repayment plan and you refuse to pay on back dated tax as if you are a Mining Conglomerate..try that with British Inland Revenue or US tax Department; they will finish you completely with a Jail term at least this Membe has a roof to sleep under.

  21. I enjoyed reading the Post news paper and it is sad that they failed to find better ways to pay the outstanding taxes. Like any business, they were supposed to be paying their dues period, they faltered and hence they have to face the consequences. I hope ZRA will take a step further to other businesses in the country. As as much as we would like to paint this scenario as political, the truth is that the Post news paper failed to meet their obligation. Sad but ZRA has to recover the money one way or the other!

  22. Be informed that paying tax is playing game; it is serious businesses. I pay my PAYE every month and my road tax every quarter of the year. It’s not funny and I do not have a personal account. Where does this leave the Post Newspaper, a business in a formal sector, with trained accounts in as far as tax obligations are concerned? Bad precedence.

    • K Bweupe, you thinking is just the same as HH, GBM amd M’membe. Just expalin to me why you think I am wrong instead of calling me warped. i do not think this is the proper way of debating. Please do not pull me into your insulting political rhetoric. Do not tempt me into insult because i am equal to the task.

      All i am saying is that yes, tax paying has no sacred cows, but a reasonable government will not shoot itself in the leg by closing itself, but will find a way of protecting its interests. even if HH came to power, he would not shut down the parastatals in such a manner but would find a way to bail them out. The Post is a personal company and is not for the people of Zambia. Parastatals are owned by government and the people of Zambia.

  23. Be informed that paying tax is no playing game; it is serious businesses. I pay my PAYE every month and my road tax every quarter of the year. It’s not funny and I do not have a personal account. Where does this leave the Post Newspaper, a business in a formal sector, with trained accounts in as far as tax obligations are concerned? Bad precedence.

  24. Tax authorities do not close businesses to collect taxes. ZRA is acting under a directive from Lungu to close the Post for political reasons. If it was a tax issue alone ZRA would negotiated terms with the Post to pay this tax over time. The closure of the Post will conceal Lungu’s election rigging footsteps. Time will tell!

    • The negotiation was done earlier but Fred still failed to honour!

      You need to spend some time in the real world and know how many companies that do not honour their tax obligations have gone under.

      Take some time off social media, I beg of you…

    • You are behind. Post was given a payment plan, a very very rare offer as taxman never does such
      But typical of Mmembe, he scorned it and went to court. So the courts finally issued an order. PAY. So you failure what are you talking about

  25. Good job. Now dont make this temporary. Proceed & revoke the licence. Mmembe has spent 26 yrs going off track & being unprincipled. He thot he had bcome a “kings-maker” or “kings-breaker”, which ever suited him at that moment. Ayeoko! Mambala, alashininkisha manje!!

  26. Just liquidate the post and open another newspaper company and see who will lose out. After all the west can easily donate to Mmembe. He’s still their darling.

  27. What about Messi and Neymer, are they not facing tax evasion cases. Zambians Let us not politicize a noble cause by ZRA. Me I went broke in 1996 ZRA impounded my goods for tax evasion. What is so special about The Post? Tax evasion is criminal.

  28. All Membe need is 530,000 people to each contribute K100.00 to bail him out. If truly he has a lot of Zambians as sympathizers this can’t be a difficulty task. People who have worked in finance can attest that ZRA does this to many companies in Zambia except that those companies are not in public domain. Others survive but a good number close. So its no really political per se. Its something the Post should have avoided knowing how lethal they are on government in their reporting. They should have first put there house in order before launching waves of attack on government. Normally if you owe someone money, you will respect them even if you don’t like them. Its just normal. The President should ask ZRA to spread the instalments further in order to help them survive, even if sometimes…

  29. This is a sad and dark day for Zambia and Zambian democracy. When there was a financial crunch, progressive governments went out of their way to bell-out the companies but its the exact opposite in Zambia. If Zambian tax authorities were this aggressive towards tax collection on everyone including the mines and other multinational companies, Zambia would have been very rich and would not have needed the foreign borrowing. I know people are celebrating but this has ripple effect on the economy. Its really sad how people in government think that outsiders will develop Zambia! I remember when an organization called Actionaid exposed the tax avoidance schemes by the mines and other multinational companies, it was ZRA that was in the forefront defending those companies, but in this case they…

  30. Lineancy was given to this guy several times but still was too stubborn to comply. Meanwhile there is also 14bn debt from dbz he has clear. This guy is not credit worth. No one can come to his rescue because he simply can’t pay back. That money can make HH become a ponsod millionaire if he helped him. It’s double the riches of gbm.
    Bye bye polio Ohh post.

  31. Pea-brain president. Thinking like nsenene (cricket)!
    If I were Mmembe I would not pay k54million cos there isn’t anyone who will pay that much for that plant only to print useless papers that won’t sell. Maybe at 10millions.
    Negotiating with to force them pay overtim was a better option.

  32. Silly boy Mmembe.

    Just say nice things about Lungu and his PF and your tax debt will be forgotten!

    Thought you had more brains than this. Didn’t you know there is an election coming up?

  33. God who creat haven and earth payid Tax then who is membe Jesus send his disapal to the lever cach the fest fish open the mouth of fish then go and pay tax for u and me then u zambias u are suporting him who is a thirf lungu and membe and hh tax iz tax lets pay tax i pay k500,000 every year tax then who is membe zambian people lets not support things like we are blinde i love my country open your eays

  34. Its a sad development because a democratic environment need many voices to be heard. Shutting down the Post is Shutting down the voice of the voiceless.

  35. In 1994 a man in the form of LPM became President. Mumembe and his Fatdesk lawyer a wanna be DPP and Fleddie a wanna be scribe fed LPM the matrix saga poison. They had targets they wanted to ‘punish’ but in the process innocent people suffered. My oldman a law abiding citizen was stripped of his job not paid his benefits and sent into near destitution simply because fat desk lawyer and former and shortest serving Dpp thought he knew something…its been a long time coming my prayers have been answered these people used the pen their ‘friendship’ with ‘their michel’ and ‘their Levy’ to kill families we suffered and scrounged around while dad battled his cases with an unrelenting system the supreme court finally awarded him damages but at that time we had so many debts most of his…

  36. benefits were committed…I have since graduated I look after my a brilliant man and a humble civil servant he know sits at home goes to church and spends his time reading…is he bitter I don’t think so…they took everything he worked for by holding on to his benefits but he says ‘they were only doing their job my son’…so these people owe money they must pay back we now want recovery of the DBZ ‘loan’ the corporate veil will be pierced…how do you get a loan and buy cars when it was meant to be injected in your airline

  37. let ZRA close the mines on the copperbelt that have been avoiding to pay taxes as well. Include Times of Zambia, Daily Mail, Daily Nation, ZNBC and Edgar Lungu as well. He should show taxes paid from his illgotten K23 million fortune.

    only fools cant see this is political persecution. In the USA Obama was cautioned about using the IRS on political opponents.

  38. To be honest,I have never been a fun of the post because of its history,but they have done good works for they deserve praise.Dispite my half half belief of the post,the truth and fact of the matter remains”””You can never,and you will never close down the post””.Watch out what happens next from here.This action marks the beginning of civil war in Zambia.I dont think anything can be done to prevent war/national violence at this point we have reached.Zambians must just now accept & understand that,the only way to be free and have no violence again,is to now engage & fight each other physically.I see no turn at this point-the whistle has been blown.

    • you are as useless as the post. what war can the closure of the post do. is the post zambia or is zambia the post. zambia is more than lungu, hh, gbm or state house. your brain needs replacement.

    • Ubupuba uleke iwe foreigner, foolish Redbull. Get out of Zambia and carry on your stupidity where you come from…sha!

  39. I have been checking archives and i did not find the information i was looking for.I was trying to find if any previous Zambian President has died of a bullet wound and if any zambian president has been forcibly removed from power by the pressure from the people and then life sentenced.i was also trying to find if any Zambian presido has been taken to the International Criminal Court yet.But i didnt find anything.Maybe i conducted my research too early.

  40. What a chequered life this Mmembe has led, mainly for wrong reasons. Usually associated with arcane political activities. Few have kind words for him, such has been his style.

  41. Just pay.This has nothing to do with politics but that of evading tax.ubuchenjeshi bwankoko pungwa tasakamene.

  42. How many comapies including for Chishimba Kambwili,Chikwanda and Kalaba are not paying taxes including most of these mines.This is backward thinking.Times of Zambia,daily mail still owens ZRA huge sums including not paying their staff but all is well.Post has been paying installments and when you close then you think you have solved the problem?
    This is the end of PF.Pangas,guns,insults,corruption and media closes plus xenophobia where is PF taking this country.
    Country men and women we have only one Zambia.The only solution is to remove this useless goverment from power

    • Isuko lyamunobe…talyendelwa! Ubun’go nipakuboko…if you have evidence, report them to the right authorities. Meanwhile I love the move by ZRA!

  43. The paper is not close ZRA is only demanding what is due to them. Freedom, Democracy comes with responsibility. If they PAY today evrything will be normalise. So stop giving wrong information.

    • Let them comply. Their reporting adds to the tense situation we are in today. Just like ZWD, it should also stop inciting people. Otherwise people will not support for such.

  44. and if u can see these very people commenting against post closure like ka mushota are the die hards of upnd,ZRA shut down upnd or the post,this issue is 53million muntu wandi,not that post is a supporter of upnd but nkongole is nkongole, as we very well know Hakainde can fix this,he has the privatization rands and nairas but will he? will The fixer fix it
    im Breaker and this message is approved

  45. Some Zambians are fools. A thief is cornered and you start saying he is victim. Tax evasion are a serious crime in UK & USA. There is one huge company which was closed in these developed countries because of tax evasion. Let him pay the tax and he will continue insulting simple. Meanwhile he should also start planning the 14 billion. It is next we want it now.

  46. yes sudan wait for the courts to grant them permission, they will bounce on those companies and mines too,what we need from u is to b a vigilant citizen and take action where necessary, like what u r doing now,the more u talk the more people will listen and sooner or later ur cry will reach the right ears,but imagining pf losing these coming elections is a misuse of power of thought, like believing u can fly,nop gravity will kiss u goodbye,but for now please spread the word and soon someone will hear u,
    Im PATRIOTIC FRONT and I approve this message

  47. We may say yes its good but take it tht you are one of the employees of Post Newspaper, how would u feel, ZRA and post would have gone into terms lm sure Post and ZRA have competent Accountants to resolve this issue in a manner that benefits both groups, coming to the Government what benefit will it have if more than 200 plus dependents have no employment coz of this action by ZRA, to the investors what signal is ZRA and Government sending, Mugabe did the same and he thought he was so clever but fete came and swept Zimbabwe pushing it to the corner where hunger was now their daily sermons. Commission ZRA u are a competent man handle this issue professionally not to impress your master but the Zambian citizens who will give ur master another mandate to re-appoint u plz. anyway l hope this…

  48. Those who are supporting the POST do not pay TAX. If you run a business you have to pay TAX. That’s the law.

  49. Good… so, how many jobs have been lost, will ZRA now recover the debt from a closed post!

  50. This is just a gimmick by Freddy. He is pulling Lungu into his direction. He is deliberately allowing Lungu to act desperately. What will now happen is The Post will receive a lot of sympathy from the donor community and when they come back Lungu’s image at international level in terms of good governance will have already been tarnished. Wait and see what will happen to the economy and weakening of the kwacha when donors pull strings on account of bad governance. That is how he is playing it. But Vuvuzelas who cant read between lines are celebrating. Then war will start between Lungu and The Post until the voting day. Mark my words The Post is coming back. Lungu is very dull and has allowed Freddy to pull him in his direction.

  51. ZRA in law is 100% right, but the impression created is that when you patronize the party in power, you dont have to pay Taxes (Mmembe did that through out Sata’s reign) until he became critical of the PF. Now the big picture is this, The Post broke the law in not paying the tax but what is the cost and benefit of keeping them running and closing, are they paying current taxes? How many people will be affected directly or indirectly( consider the suppliers? How much is likely to be realized from the disposal of assets and when? Is the action emotional or backed by such facts and figures of analysis.

    • Umanena chatsitsa Dzaye poti Njovu ithyoke Mnyanga. I problem solving we deal with the cause and not the effect.

      The cause is tax evasion. This is not punishment to the Post only. It is a lesson to those that don’t pay tax too.

  52. Paying of taxes is an obligation to every Zambian.government can only pay its employee from cheap source which does not increase inflation like taxes from its citizen. Our economies is bad because of individuals like the post who do want to pay taxes. and yet enjoy the facility paid for by taxes such as good road,hospitals ,schools ,courts and many others.Many of you Zambian should take time to study taxes offered by zica you will not support illegality perpetrated by Mmembe. the closures has nothing to do with persecution it is the duty of ZRA to collect taxes. After all post say the Government is block ,were do you expect them to get money, apart from taxes owed to them by its unpatriotic citizens. gentle and ladies be serious .

  53. There’s always time for everything. There were great people like Adolph Hitler, Benito Mussolin,Osama Bin Ladin; These great men can’t be compared to M’membe, and they are no more. It’s even a gross insult to compare such great men to M’membe, the best I can do is to compare him to Lenshina, the drinker of urine.

  54. Pay Tax ba POST.No government or international community which can support any company invading taxes.Infact in USA and Europe it’s a big crime.Therefore imwe ba UPND supporters u jst support anything so long as it may help u win elections.we can’t vote for such a party without principles.It was the same HH who said when he comes into power post will be paying taxes.Today he is saying post can’t pay tax what a conman?The tribe party will never form govt so long as it’s led by a tribal leader.U may buy few selfish individuals like GBM,Sampa etc but nothing will change.Tulevota lungu pantu HH will bring tribalism in Zambia.Even uyu Messi and Nahmer are facing the same problems.Zambia can only develop if citizens and companies are paying taxes.It’s so stuuupiiiiiiiiiid to support a…

  55. CONT.

    It’s so stuuupiiiiiiiiiid to support a person or a company which does’t pay taxes.How can u develop if pipo are not paying taxes.Where do u expect ZRA to get money?Where do u expect govt can get money to pay teachers,doctors,soldiers and other civil servants?Today u want salary increase the u don’t want companies pay tax.I can only say that some pipo are too stuupiiiid.This desparation of wanting yo fellow tribe to rule is nonsense.U need to be real ba UPND.Infact u’ll lose more supporters bcoz no one can support such nonsense.I pay taxes paye what about Post.Come on let us not survive thorough politics. Mmembe stopped paying taxes in PF.

  56. Tax is paid by individuals through lots of other means including PAYE and VAT, Who is the POST Newspaper not to pay Tax????? Sounds of warnings where made a long time. This is not Political. You do NOT PAY TAX = Stealing + Lies + Painting the Government with Bad Picture and Scarring away Investors = Leading to Closure of Post . 100% Approved Answer from Majority Zambian Citizens. Sontables.

  57. Does this sequestration mean they are bankrupt? Can the business be sold to those of us who can run it without debt?

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