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Ministry of Health to hire 2,000 health workers across the country


Ministry of Health Permanent Secretary Peter Mwaba
Ministry of Health Permanent Secretary Peter Mwaba

THE Ministry of Health has been given Treasury authority to employ close to 2,000 health workers across the country.

Ministry of Health Permanent Secretary Peter Mwaba said the ministry had targeted to employ 1,900 health workers in the next few months to provide healthcare in the newly-opened health posts.

The health posts are part of the 650 being constructed, an initiative started by late president Michael Sata.

“We have advertised for 1,900 health workers to be employed following Treasury authority that the ministry was given. Government remains committed to providing quality healthcare,” Dr Mwaba said.

Dr Mwaba said in an interview yesterday that a situation of rural areas having inadequate health workers would be a thing of the past because of the measures the ministry was undertaking.

He said the health workers would be deployed across the country to ensure that all health facilities had sufficient staff, including urban areas.

Dr Mwaba said healthcare remained the Government’s priority in advancing the economy of the country.

Early this month, Dr Mwaba announced that Cabinet had approved the creation of more than 9,000 positions in the ministry to respond to the challenges in the health sector.


  1. Where have you been all along? Why employing now when the graduates have all along been languishing on the streets? Atase!

  2. We are going to give a vote to the current government only when true deployment will be done before 11/8

  3. Please call me on + 27 082 436 4385.
    If you are interested to except this offer we will provide training and set up the plant as well as train the Nursing staff at your Hospitals in Wound and Primary Burn Care.

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