Tuesday, June 18, 2024

United States urges Zambian Government to enable The Post to reopen


Post workers on duty today
Post workers on duty today

The US Government says the timing of the closure of The Post Newspaper by the Zambian Revenue Authority, only weeks before important elections in Zambia is of deep concern.

In a statement issued on the State Department website, the US government says the closure of The Post is the loss of an independent voice during the campaign period and election cycle.

The United States Government has since urged the Government of Zambia to work with the Zambian Revenue Authority and The Post to find a way forward that allows The Post to reopen immediately.

It says the free flow of information to the Zambian people is an essential element of a free, fair, credible and peaceful election.

Meanwhile, the Post newspaper has continued to publish despite the seizure of its equipment and assets by ZRA entering day three.

Post staff have continued working outside the newspaper’s premises on Bwinjimfumu road after they set up a makeshift newsroom outside the gate.

Front page of todays edition of the Post Newspaper
Front page of todays edition of the Post Newspaper
Front page of todays edition of the Post Newspaper
Front page of todays edition of the Post Newspaper



    • The court must act swiftly. Even those selling the paper at the moment should be arrested for contempt of court. This paper should quickly be wiped out of circulation.

    • As a product of the American highest education system and a blessed high income based tax payer for many years before retiring to the homeland, I know IRS would never condone impunity of fragrant tax evasion in the manner Post has done over the many years. Alot of Americans have seen their businesses forced into closure and gone to prison on tax evasion. I would share a number of example. Just help Post pay off other than promote impunity when IRS does not allow it. Such calls are promoting national failure. What happens if all tax payers abdicate their tax obligations?

    • I understand US public policy and laws at state and Federal level like the back of my hand. No one messes with IRS. Small and big businesses are forcefully shut off in the country. The Post should just work with IRS to restructure a mutually acceptable practical payment plan tied to a direct deposit immediately with 50% pay off immediately. Democratically, there is litthe impact the Post would do other than entertaining emotions of the same class of Zambians who enjoy hatred and insults.

    • This is the right time to close this post political party. Imagine if pf lose the Upnd who are already bought by Fred will just give him another tax holiday. Post does not report about issues of public concern but it’s a conduit for hate speeches

    • Senior Citizen you are very right. There are a number of famous people who have ended up in Prison for evading tax in USA and I am wondering why the Government doesn’t speak for the ones they lock up. It is a case of do as I preach not as I do. USA PLLEASE HELP THE POST PAY ITS TAX DUES. Otherwise, I would be suggesting that we also start imprisoning people who evade tax like you do.

    • PF will soon realize that they are not as powerful as they feel. Soon most of them will be visited by the same police they are using.

    • They are not closed, but just having a small setback. Mmembe tefintu he saw it coming and prepared a back up printing house. Organized white collar criminals like him are hard to stop.

    • I have only heard of the timing here and they (USA) are actually right.
      Zambians should also remember that the same Post that has been closed today helped PF climb to were they are today. I had never liked the post but now I see sense in what they are doing.

    • The USA would NEVER & NEVER allow the any company to be behave like The Post as far as dodging to pay tax.

      Big companies gave closed down in USA over taxation.

      Big Executes have gone to prison over dodging taxation.

      This is what Fred Mmembe wants. GLOBAL ATTENTION, by using his staff with make shift offices outside his Post.

      This same USA is the one that has been complaining using the IMF and World Bank that African Nations are so relaxed collecting taxes, which leads to Defaults.

      Mmembe we are tired of the Crying Game. Just Pay !!!

    • … correction !!

      The USA would NEVER & NEVER allow any company to behave like The Post as far as dodging to pay tax is concerned.

      Big companies gave closed down in USA over taxation.

      Big Executes have gone to prison over dodging taxation.

      This is what Fred Mmembe wants. GLOBAL ATTENTION, by using his staff with make shift offices outside his Post.

      This same USA is the one that has been complaining using the IMF and World Bank that African Nations are so relaxed collecting taxes, which leads to Defaults.

      Mmembe we are tired of the Crying Game. Just Pay !!!

    • Is this the same country that supported Savimbi against a legitimate government? Is this the same country that supported dissidents in Libya, lraq and also strongly opposed Russian missiles in Cuba but wants to send missiles to Ukraine? Is this the same country that hid membe when he was a wanted man? membe might be a CIA agent! and the post may be printed at their embassy! !

    • PF Vuvuzelas, did you even read the article? The statement attributed to the US government didn’t advocate for tax evasion or non payment of the owed tax. They simply addressed the fact that elections are just a month away and this act may be seen as undemocratic and a way to muzzle an independent newspaper. They advised that the concerned parties should find a solution, similar to the one reached out in court. If you are truly democratic and you have nothing to fear, why not wait until the elections were over? The timing is poor. Can you imagine the closure of Fox News for alleged tax evasion by Obama with one month left before the last elections against Mitt Romney?

    • @ Senior Citizen. Your highest American education has done nothing for your vocabulary. Can you please point out the difference between “Fragrant” and “Vagrant”? This is the first time I am seeing tax evasion being described with the adjective “fragrant”. Pleasant smelling tax evasion!

    • And stop misleading people about how tax defaults are dealt with in the US. Usually companies found to be evading tax are fined and not closed down. If anything taking an individual or company to court is a last resort because it is expensive and not worth it. Here in Australia, the UK and many other European countries, multinational corporations have been known for notorious evading their tax obligations but we have not known about their closures. Google, Apple and Facebook are such good examples.

      For your info closing a company isn’t beneficial to government tax collection agency like ZRA, simply because they won’t get even the little they were getting. All they needed to do is monitor the movement of cash by The Post and then confiscate the money using court orders.

      No doubt…


    • What an irrevant statement. Trump is having his books audited right now. Is it not elections time in USA? Besides the Post just creates hatred in the country. Do you know how many people have died prematurely because of M’membe? Please leave us a lone to do what is right for us.

    • ZRA may close a business premise and confiscate goods, but they can not de-register a company – that mandate lies elsewhere. the conduct of the police tells you that this is politically orchestrated.

    • Bloggers supporting the American’s statement are those who have never lived in the US like some of us have. Out there you can never mess around with the IRS by not paying taxes to Uncle Sam. You would be locked up without much ado. I wonder why the American is playing double standards when it comes to the Post newspaper. Some of us would rather have the Post continues operating rather than remain closed. But the law must apply equally to all. Yo can’t have one law for the Post and another one for the rest of us.

    • Dear America. check your record before you condemn Zambia. You drag Hollywood stars such as Wesley snipes for Tax invasion. was that deliberate or was it becuase he is black? The post newspaper is not closed. only equipment has been ceased for not paying tax. Meembe can start operating any time as long as he pays. Don’t support law breakers while you claim to be promoting justice. I am now wondering your principles. Does it mean if my wife is pregnant and she comits a crime she can’t be imprisoned becsuse it is a wrong time? watch your behaviour or else u end up promoting lawlessness.


    • Can zra please go and check the books for pf? Ici chi flag tech aba kasai bushe. Twaleni ubontini ku zodimiza.viva post you will never walk alone

    • @maverick 1.15… my friend you are 100% correct unlike some fake bloggers who think they know the irs. They work with you because they know as long as you are in business they will get paid, not the jungle way of shutting you down so they can cherish watching you and 1500 workers suffer. Thats what vultures do, they enjoy somebody’s misery.

    • Give us a break you white homo…there is no better time than this,,,,,your foolish Homo wife/husband Mr Mmembe took the taxman to court and went all the way to the supreme court on very stupid time buying reasons.

      Let him go to Satas grave first and pray for forgiveness for fooling him — Michael this, Michael that– for deceiving evil praises in payment for illegal corrupt business and tax favours…. 1. Whatever goes up must come down 2.Never mess up with the taxman’s balls , rule of the thumb…. the taxman is always right. 3. Sindala za anyoko… ni za boma

  1. Just help them to pay the amount owned to ZRA instead of issuing unwarranted statements. In America tax invasion is a serious crime.

    • Chibs you are dull its called tax evasion, and tax evasion is the act of hiding your money or you profits so as to avoid paying tax, like what Glencore and Vendata are doing I’m sure we all have seen the documentary where it was shown how Glencore evades tax, now the Post declared their profits what they have done is defaulting on the payment of tax thus they need to negotiate with the tax man to find an affordable amount depending on the profits they make not to close them down, if they are closed down how will ZRA get its money?

  2. Let the US embassy help the post fulfill their tax obligations kwasila. Dont open your mouths where you cannot offer a solution.

  3. So infuriating!

    There goes a hypocritical big mouth.

    Try not paying tax in the USA and see what falls on you.

    Zambia is not a tax haven.

    Tell your friends The Post to pay up. That will be more truthful.

    • There are so companies in the USA that evade paying taxes. If and when they are caught, the owners (managers) will be prosecuted and may end up in prison, but they don’t close the whole business/company for evading paying taxes and the rules are consistent and the same for everybody. Why punish all the employees for the “sins” of a few managers or company owner.

  4. F****k the US. In their country tax defaulters r sent to jail – especially if they r black. Now they want to tell us how to deal with tax defaulters! M******mwe! Uko!

  5. God save Zambia from becoming a failed state like dictatorial Zimbabwe, We pray for freedom of speech and immediate reopening of the Post Newspaper!

  6. USA feel free to bail out Mmembe and Scott Inc. Do not interfere in the running of our internal affairs.

    Do you treat tax offenders leniently in your country?

    Sonta po!

    • Ba sonta po pali USA and walamona ifyo uponoke……

      I have prophecy for you….No one defies the USA and lives to enjoy the rewards. And you can take this to the bank.

      So I bet you that Lungu will order the reopening of the Post!

    • Just tell Obama and his imperialist cohorts that this is not Kenya. In Zambia we observe the rule of law and we don’t take orders from any foreign state or agent.

      Our ZRA works independently just like many other bodies including ECZ.

      Take that nonsense to the weaker Middle Eastern states who get robbed of their oil in broad daylight by Western minions

    • Kudos you are delusional, you really believe the nonsense you are speaking right now. Its sad when a man gives up his ability to think. Don’t fight wars for people who are only there to steal from you fellow zambians.

    • Majority of zambians don’t not pay the correct tax apart from a few who manage to remit a pultry 16%vat. Some big companies with high sales turnover are still paying tax returns at 3%.

  7. Lungu should realise that Zambia needs the support of the International Community now and after elections. Zambia’s economy is fragile and needs financial support from the International Community soon after elections. That financial support will not be forthcoming if the upcoming elections are not free,fair and credible. A disputed election and an illegitimate govt in Zambia will attract sanctions on the illegitimate regime in Lusaka. Lungu should allow the Post to re-open on condition that the Post settles the tax liability over time and as per ZRA/Post new Agreement. We hope Lungu will listen to these voices of reason and act accordingly.

    • wrong advise, let them pay! anyone firm that is not paying should learn from post , please pay, do not give wrong and useless advice.

    • ZRA followed the due process of the law and The Post Newspapers were ordered to own up to its obligations. I don’t see how Lungu is coming in because you are the same people who are going to say he interferes with the judiciary. Even the advise of the American govt is not intelligent at all. Americans involve themselves in everything because they think they are the alpha and omega but there is a very small country they failed to influence, Cuba of castro.

    • Actually, they could (many times over)…after they have cancelled that aid that is used to support almost the entire Ministry of Health budget! just thinking.

  8. My imported car has been impounded by ZRA becouse of failure to pay tax can the US government please help me to to have my impounded car released

  9. Pipo should pay tax simple.USA u can’t operate without paying taxes.It’s criminal.Let the ambassador help mother Zambia instead of encouraging companies not to pay tax.Where is govt going to get money for Civil servants?Sontapo mune. Ni PF chabe. we can’t vote for HH who stole the money during the privatization of mines and GBM who beats his wife.Ni PF chapwa.

    • That is PF they can never win with out oppression despite spending 10 billion on development.

      What shame that the mighty PF have to resort to intimidation and victimisation.

  10. America te munobe…. soon they will finish us like Zimbabwe.Mmembe is gay, so I hear. Americans will not let one of their own suffer!

    • In fact there is no news concern the post on the mentioned website,this is just one of those puffs.We the people of Zambia have resolved to uphold the rule of law,if at all anyone sympathize,let them assist pay the debt.

  11. I repeat my verdict”””YOU CAN NEVER & YOU WILL NEVER CLOSE THE POST””whoever you ever.I tried to educate some PF nincompoops here but they dont listen.And exactly what i said yesterday is already happening today.The Post is accredited to so many international institutions.To close them,means closing American Aid,British Aid,Japanese Aid.Remember the IMF is headquartered in America right?So this means no IMF bailout,there is nothing you PF fools can comfort yourself with in this instruction.America has spoken,you disobey,they will send FBI-and with just 1 bullet Lungu will no more-easy pizzy.Open the Post tomorrow bafikala okey!

  12. PF cadres, no one is saying that the post must not pay. It is the selective approach to just one firm & yet a lot of companies are owing the same ZRA lots of money. Your comments clearly show how you r so scared of the post. For your information, the post will eventually emerge even stronger from this setback.

    • Why is anyone who is advocating for lawfulness labelled a PF cadre? Geez! Show some maturity! This is a national issue! I don’t condone political meddling but this is a ZRA issue and since when are we ever acquitted of a crime cause another got away? I pay tax everyday and Fred and his Post must pay tax. What we should be discussing as Zambians is lobbying for the creation of cheques and balances against ZRA to ensure such nonsense does not occur again! Fred M’membe is in contempt, this is not about Press Freedom, its about TAX! Render unto Ceaser!

    • Why don’t you those others who have failed to pay and how much so that we condemn zra. With no proof we will not take you serious. Let Mmembe pay. Kwasila!!!

  13. Typical of the western countries to have a say on matters they themselves don`t tolerate. People like Wesley Snipes,Fat Joe, Lauryn Hill and Ja Rule have ended up serving prison terms in the states for Tax evasion. Why should they want to promote the same lawlessness they dont tolerate in their own countries? What is good for the goose is good for the gander.

    • Do western governments abait companies in tax defaults because this what happened past GRZ agreed lenient tax payments from the post.

      Lungu has demanded all past payments with interest and has refused instalments.

      If this was a tax issue you don’t lock up a viable company and create more unempl

    • Do western governments abait companies in tax defaults because this what happened past GRZ agreed lenient tax payments from the post.

      Lungu has demanded all past payments with interest and has refused instalments.

      If this was a tax issue you don’t lock up a viable company and create more unemployment

  14. I totally agree with you Zamani Boza.Infact the PF are just decampagning themselves while the Post and all its supporters are becoming more popular.ZRA, we waiting for you to extend the same wrath on other owing institutions

  15. Then USA should pay the tax the POST owes in taxes. We cant continue to harbour lawlessness as exhibited by the POST

  16. “THE POST MANAGEMENT, month after month deducted PAYE and other taxes from its own Workers”. WHERE DID MANAGEMENT TAKE THE MONEY? Did they steal from their own workers?

    Whilst the Post Newspaper was sued by the ZRA for defaulting remittance, it should have been equally charged for illegally using PAYE and VAT. Non-compliance is a criminal offence.

  17. “The United States Government has since urged the Government of Zambia to work with the Zambian Revenue Authority and The Post to find a way forward that allows The Post to reopen immediately.
    It says the free flow of information to the Zambian people is an essential element of a free, fair, credible and peaceful election.”
    I agree about the free flow of information, with the exception of the POST. They make their money by lying. The free flow of inflammatory lies to the Zambian people cannot be an essential element of free, fair, credible and peaceful elections, but a recipe for civil strife. Concerning the Post’s tax obligations, the USG is being hypocritical. There is nothing special about the POST. All they need to do is pay, period.

  18. I am not in support of any party here..
    Just a reminder…
    fellow Zambians do we realize what we are doing?
    Do you recall the harm these may result into?
    what is happening to our land of freedom?
    our peace,my peace,your freedom my freedom?
    smiles that we see our children pass when we are living our homes..
    will disappear..
    remember we are all brothers and sisters…
    one family, one mother Zambia….
    lets humble our hearts…
    we forgive one another….
    we bring out the problems we are facing as country..
    we join hands together as one,as family of mother Zambia..
    Solve problems as one, unite as one…with one mind of promoting peace,equality
    amongst our selves…..
    spread the news of peace and unity

  19. m’membe you are not different just pay what belongs to tax payers coffers. you thought time was with you when you were invading tax now its up to pay.

    • When will Times of Zambia, Daily Mail, Daily Nation, ZNBC, ZESCO, and others who owe 100s of millions pay?

      I work for ZRA.

  20. Obama mind your america and allow africans mind there own africa, whats yo interest, you just want gaysim to be in zambia

  21. There is really nothing special about the post and we are better of with out it in circulation because the only thing they do is promote hate speech against Lungu and any body connected to him. Whether they remain closed until after election or not PF will still win. Their new found friends in upnd simply cannot win the presidency because they don’t make any sense to the commoner. In other words they lack the capacity to connect with the ordinary person.


  23. Let the Post Newspapers pay the Tax. Make an Appeal to the ZRA Tax Tribunal for opening of their Business . The Tribunal might sit in September , and see whether Mmembe will now be compliant. Meanwhile let the Development Bank Of Zambia squeeze these fraudsters and Criminals. We need the K14Billion too. As for the USA Respect our Laws.

  24. There’s no free flow of information from the Gutter POST BUT HATE AND VOMIT FROM. EGOMANIAC MMEMBE.

  25. You PF cadres who are rejoicing and your junior citizen should be ashamed. let ZRA close times, ZNBC, zambia daily mail and the mines etc. lungs is digging his own grave and the same police will arrest him and his cronies including Kanganja one day for their corruption

  26. These US Id.iots. In your country to jailed one nigger actor for tax evasion and you want to encourage it here. why fu.cking wrong with you. This case started a long time ago well before 2016. It has just concluded now. No need to suspend a crime until after elections you US Fo.ols

  27. Senior citizen JR, you must be a low class person, what IRS are you talking about? If you close a company how do you expect them to pay? ECL is the one who closed the post in fear of good reporting, ECL is the one sending cadres to burn GBM companies, can’t you see how low Zambia is becoming because of one person,ECL? The country has gone to the dogs. Zambia is at war, it is either you sit down or stand up. In the next few months Zambia will be like Zimbabwe, very poor, no reasonable country is going to support a dictator. When donors are gone Zambia as poor as we are already it is going to get worse.

  28. Usa just do the right thing and help your friend to pay. Nowander Membe had been dodging to pay tax because he knew that his vuvuzelas will start putting pressure on the govt in the name of democracy whilst they observe this same law in their country. Yes its time for elections so it doesn’t mean that media houses should start being unlawful. Actually countries like usa are the one that have made membe feel untouchable. If one of the media houses in the US stops paying tax as there preparing for elections this year
    Are they just avoid him in the name of democracy.? Certainly NO… please stop interfering atlest just help your friend.

  29. When Mmembe burnt the post newspaper printing room some years ago, the donors bought him new equipment.
    It is such a time once again for the donors to pay US$5,000,000 for him to liquidate the debt that he has with ZRA
    The easiest way for one to end up behind bars in USA is tax evasion. Why should it be encouraged in our country?
    As for the diplomat who wants to interfere in the internal affairs of Zambia. Don’t provoke us.

  30. In Spain Fred could have jailed for evading tax,eg Mascherano. Lionel Mess and his father can tell you a story.Let him pay in full.

  31. Post should publish their account number and let the well wishers start contributing the money to pay ZRA. The premises should only be openend upon paying something and the program to pay the rest outlined. The US government ,UPND, Dr Mumba and many more in support should do something through contributions to the opening of the Post, NOT JUST TALKING!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  32. Well the timing of the enquiring into Hillary Clinton’s abuse of email was ill timed soon before the party presidential campaigns and so the US government should have intervened. The timing of probing into the tax returns issues of Bernie Sanders was ill-timed US Government should have intervened. The timing of the probe into the Donald Trump Business school is ill-timed so the Government should intervene. The report that Hilary as Sec of State failed to respond in time to save the Ambassador in Libya is ill-timed and so the US government should intervene….

  33. The United States is very hypocritical. What about Julian Asange and Edward Snowden? Please take your confusion to Iraq and Iran, we do not have oil. American Embassy should should be mature and advise the Post to pay its taxes. We have debt on the international market and we will not pay it by being generous. Focus on dealing with Donald J Trump, not us.
    You have failed to handle Mugabe you come to us? Do not be silly. You leave many people in the world no choice but to empathize with what ISIS, Alqaeda, Taliban do to you. 911 ring a bell?

    • PF kaponyas now supporting and siding with brutal international terrorists , ISIS.

      Zambians be very careful with what PF has become under lungu.
      Even those so called ritual killings could have been these PF savages trying to scare the nation into a state of emergency.

    • For your implied support of 9/11 I hope the international intelligence community traces you and bans you from international travel.

    • Brutal terrorists and yet one drone strike kills even more innocents. How many people have died in Iraq and yet all US law makers say the war was a mistake. Mistake but not for those who died. A lot of people in the world agree that the US gets what it bargains for. As Donald Trump.

    • You seem to be a terrorist supporter and sympathiser.

      Don’t be suppriesd when you are not allowed to fly to Europe or the USA by your name being put on the terrorist watch list.

  34. If you want him to reopen, please pay his debts! FREE JULIAN ASANGE AND EDWARD SNOWDEN! World’s largest democracy my blackass- what about Trayvon Martin? Stupid Babylonyans!

  35. If The ZRA open this Private company without settling the money the even as who work and do business which is registered must stop paying returns to you ZRA coz they is no way we can be paying tax and yet some private companies like the post are not paying who make more monies through the sales they make. ZRA please make them pay

  36. you be just working under the tree until your rude boss pay K56 million. your powder on your face will go off and the foundation just go home if you have brains.

  37. Just sort out your gun control issue. Right now there is commotion in Congress which has been undermining Obama

  38. USA you have failed to sort out gun control and you want to come and control TAX Issues here in Zambia. Keep your USA and will keep our Zambia

  39. Tax evasion is not permissive any where in the world but this was allowed by crooked Guy Scott, Winter Kabimba and late Michael SATA. During the campaign coming to January 2016 Edgar Lungu warned the Post and Fred on debts, this is not political but economical problems hence he want to use the power of publicity to create attention with on solution to the subject matter. The solution to this problem is for King Fred pay ZRA.

  40. You Americans just what is the matter with you? If you have not followed this case, then better keep quiet. This thing has been going on for years and all the amicable methods have been tried and have failed because Mmembe just has refused to reason. He believes that he can only speak to presidents and not “minions” like the officials of ZRA. If uou are so concerned aboit the flow of information for the coming elections, please.help him pay his tax bills and then we can all enjoy your democracy. So why doesnt the American government help Mmembe with a “small” loan to pay to pay ZRA? Obviously they dont trust Mmembe, they dont believe that he can pay back the loan because he has simply refused to do so here in Zambia.
    Look Mr America, the Post has not been shut down by ZRA, it has…

  41. Look Mr America, the Post has not been shut down by ZRA, it has shut itself down and can reopen once it pays. The high court found that Mmembe is in this situation because he has broken many previous promoses and refused to obey previous tax bills.
    So Mr America tell us, is this a threat to withhold aid to Zambia? This is not about press freedom, if he pays today he can carry on with his insults, falsehoods etc that you call democracy nd press freedom. As you have seen our president does not mind the insults. Do not ask our president to bend the rule of law which you yourself keep preaching to us.

  42. I propose an amicable solution to this matter, this separate the variables so that we prove whether the shut down of the Post is politically motivated.. The international community (which the West thinks its themselves only) led by the American government can organise a bail out package for the Post, once the debt is paid and the Post remains shut by ZRA, then we shall agree that it is politically motivated. Before you Americans do that, its too early to make such conclusions. Ambassador Schulz, please convey this fair proposal to the Dtar department or is it the US Treasury?

  43. Bloggers supporting the American’s statement are those who have never lived in the US like some of us have. Out there you can never mess around with the IRS by not paying taxes to Uncle Sam. You would be locked up without much ado. I wonder why the American is playing double standards when it comes to the Post newspaper. Some of us would rather have the Post continues operating rather than remain closed. But the law must apply equally to all. Yo can’t have one law for the Post and another one for the rest of us.

  44. I am waiting to see whether the PF government will melt under this threat, for that is what it is and also it is blant transgression on Zambia’s sovereignty. The neater solution for all.intents and purposes is for the American government to bail out Mmembe with a loan if they are really intetested in our democracy and press freedom to flourish. As it is, ourselves we see nothing but a huge debt to the citizens of Zambia by a stubborn scoundrel.

  45. By the way Ambassador Schulz you have been long enough in Zambia, have you been following this saga? Have you ever attempted to advise Mmembe to pay his taxes and other debts? Have you correctly advised the State department or they are acting on what the guilty and interested party namely Mmembe has told them? Have you sought to clarify the matter with the Zambian government or not?

  46. ZRA should close all the Mining companies that owe in taxes. The should lock up ZNBC, TIMES OF ZAMBIA, DAILY MAIL, DAILY NATION and others who owe even bigger amounts. As for the Post, they have been paying but there is a dispute on the amounts. Even in the US, you can appeal if the amount charged is excessive and re-funds are very common.

  47. These iddiots have shot down Obama ‘s decision to regularize immigrants who have been in the USA for a long time.

  48. This is not about culpability – its about the action taken. If all the companies that have defaulted in paying taxes in Zambia were to be closed down, how many would survive? Its about enforcement or punishing the individual responsible managers not ‘winding up’ the company.

    • The money we are talking about is colossal. If you want to learn ZRA’s actions on businesses that don’t pay Tax, read their policy or open a defaulting company.

  49. Who made this useless statement from the USA? America is tough on it’s tax defaulters and therefore, I smell a rotten rat in this claim that the US of A is urging the Zambian Government to let the Lucifer’s file open without paying tax. We must first address Mmembe’s lack of respect for authority in the work of him continuous printing of his File despite ZRA’s intervention. The law of negotiation demand for humility on the part of the victim and not arrogance and disregard for authority. No one is above the law and the File is not the only private newspaper for crying out loud. Who from the US of A is challenging our tax collector from performing their duty? I implore all Mmembe’s sympathizers to bail him out. What does it matter on the timing?

  50. Not a long time ago Turkey government took over a critical private newspaper but there was no complaint from USA
    Uncle Bob knows how to deal with these imperialists

  51. This is no wrong time to have closed The Post. The closure could have actually been done earlier (last year) if ZRA didn’t respect the law. Now that the law is in their favour, why would they have delayed the action any further? We want our money. Viva ZRA.


  53. CHIEF among the many challenges that confront the African continent are three evils that African thinkers and intellectuals must urgently find durable solutions to, namely the vicious scramble for Africa’s oil, diamonds and other rich pickings by Western countries and corporations; the disrespect of African professionals by western diplomats; and treacherous political puppets bent on auctioning the freedom and sovereignty of Africa back to former colonial powers under the guise of ushering in human rights and democracy. What the American government is saying to Zambia government is saying is that our professionals at ZRA are dull and don’t know how to calculate tax. This attitude is stupid because even in poverty there is respect.

  54. If indeed the news paper has been closed and seized printing equipment, then it confirms why this man(mumembe) has been trying hard not to pay tax. The American reasoning that the timing is not right is very hypocritical on the party of the Us embassy staff in Zambia. They do extraordinary things during their desperate times but they want to play holier than thou when it affects other countries. This man (Mumembe) has been crooking most of our leaders under their nose but no word. it was Us that fired Journalists in a hotel in Iragi for reporting on their illegal war there but the world was silent. This man(Membe) has been refusing to pay tax for a long time. We need fair comments on the part of our esteemed world super power and friends.

  55. One of the reasons the USA continues to lose credibility internationally is their double standards. In the USA or Europe, they would be no sympathy for law breakers like the Post Newspaper from any quarters. The law will be applied regardless of who is concerned. When it comes to timing- the supreme judgement just came out so are you saying all court judgements today should not be enforced until after elections?!!! That will be anarchy at its best.

    If the USA really believes in what they are saying- please help the post to pay the debt they owe. At the end of the day, that is what Mmembe is looking for- gullible people to foot down his wanton financial misdeeds. Kind of evil genius i think.

  56. Well it not true that the post has been closed but that ZRA shut the priting equipment which they must grab together with other assets in order to recover their money.Therefore,the Post can continue to publish
    using whatever means as long they can manage.It is not a crime to continue publishing as suggested by some.

  57. The fallacy of being an incumbent, many presidents have tried and lamentably failed to close/shut/paralyze this Post. Good luck this time around to PF in tandem with ZRA. No, it isn’t about paying tax, it never was.

  58. HH says he will govt with the Bible. Which Bible? Christian Bible or Satanic? The Christian Bible says:

    Matt 22:15-21
    Then the Pharisees went out and laid plans to trap him in his words. They sent their disciples to him along with the Herodians. “Teacher,” they said, “we know you are a man of integrity and that you teach the way of God in accordance with the truth. You aren’t swayed by men, because you pay no attention to who they are. Tell us then, what is your opinion? Is it right to pay taxes to Caesar or not?” But Jesus, knowing their evil intent, said, “You hypocrites, why are you trying to trap me? Show me the coin used for paying the tax.” They brought him a denarius, and he asked them, “Whose portrait is this? And whose inscription?” “Caesar’s,” they replied. Then he said to…

  59. My name is Alex winslow baker a citizen of Australia. i have been scammed by 5 different Internet international lender, they all promise to give me a loan after making me pay several fees which yield nothing and amounted to no positive result. i lost my hard earn money and it was a total of 28930USD. One day as i was browsing through the internet with tears on my eye i came across a testimony of man who was also scammed and eventually got linked to a legit loan company called John Harrison Loan Company where he finally got his loan, so i decided to contact the same loan company and then told them my story on how i have been scammed by 20 different lenders who did nothing but to course me more pain. I explain to the company by mail and all they told me was to cry no more because i will get…

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