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Zambian Gospel artist, JIFAN writes “My Vote Is My Voice”

Headlines Zambian Gospel artist, JIFAN writes “My Vote Is My Voice”


During times such us these, ears never cease to hear, trees are clouded with papers and the city is said to be a carrier of different textures that aim on nothing but the mind. Everybody who sees happens to have more than enough but it keeps on increasing.

One of the most busiest times for contenders, commissioners, the media, many social gatherings, commentators, political experts, leading to an endless list. Only one thing tops the list and beyond shakes, it creates much more in the hearts of many.

Indeed, our election is around the corner, slowly the smell of the dawn of this most important day takes over the noses of all zambians, Africans and beyond. Crucial packages in store as always are never out of the picture just like black is never requiring a microscope to be detected on a white board.

As we all can agree, all these preparations would mean nothing if we take voters out of the picture. Voters are a backbone of all that is called election. All party campaigns, giving out of things such us party flags and T-shirts mean that everybody in the political circle acknowledge that a voter is an important asset as far as elections are concerned.

What moves and disturbs many is the turn up of voters. over the years we have been having a large number of registered voters, only to be schocked by the low turn up of voters on the particular voting day. Its been a downward spiral lately.

Research would show that zambians have different reasons why they chose not to vote even though they registered. We would not rule out Sicknesses and deaths but mostly, people chose just to stay home as a result the turn up falls fast inevitably.

What we normally forget as voters is that this is one of the times in the entire history of a country where a person’s choice matters most. Its a time to get all the respect and sense of being Zambians. we shouldn’t have been choosing not to vote knowing that our vote matter most.

For a long time now, some have not voted because they never like any party among those contesting. Have you ever thought that its possible to see a good leader in the midst of the parties you don’t like?. When you have problems with parties its good to look for a leader and choose that one regardless of the parties. Identify leadership skills that you think are good and vote instead of allowing your vote to lay idle and rot just like that.

The same way we understand that our leaders have the driving seats of our country should be the same thinking that should give us the vigor to put a right driver on that most important and crucial wheel. No one else can do that except you and me.

Choosing not to vote is promoting wrong leaders to take over simply because we have not topped our vote over the good leaders line in this competition. If you don’t like certain leaders for valid reasons then go out to vote them out by putting your vote against them.

Action speaks louder than words. If you think you have not been heard for a long time in the issues that concern a better Zambia, then use the election to voice out because as far as we are concerned, elections are the best time to let the world know what we want as Zambia. A sense of ownership will help us work up that morning and head fo the polling station. This is where we belong.

Religious leaders, Organizations, local chiefs, political parties,the media, hospitals, market officials, companies including the electro commission; we all have to make sure we have left no stone unturned. Desserminate messages that help somebody to make a decision to wake up and run for the polling stations that day. If our campaigns of mobilising voters have not generated enough results previously, let’s scale up our efforts this year.

My fellow Zambians, remember there is no Zambia without you. Your vote is your voice and choosing to remain sillent is like choosing to be blind and fall in a pit. Everybody who registered should vote and remember there is no change without your vote.

Choose to vote and bring about the difference you have always dream of. I chose to vote no matter what. it is our birthright.

Written By:
Lazarous Chongo (JIFAN)
Whole Life Coach /Gospel Artist
Kabwe, Zambia

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