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Fire at my Milling Plant is a Political Act by PF-GBM

General News Fire at my Milling Plant is a Political Act by PF-GBM

GBM Plant on fire
GBM Plant on fire

United Party for National Development (UPND) Vice President, Geoffrey Bwalya Mwamba says the torching of his Milling plant in Lusaka yesterday morning will not lower his spirit or deter him from speaking for ordinary Zambians and the poverty they are going through.

Yesterday morning fire almost swept the entire GBM Milling Plant but quick response by the Fire Brigade saved the multi-million kwacha worth plant.

The UPND Vice President, Geoffrey Bwalya Mwamba says the fire at his milling plant is a political act by the ruling PF in order to distract his Campaign trail.

Speaking at Lufwanyama and Buchi Kamitondo grounds in Lufwanyama and Kitwe respectively this afternoon where he is on a campaign tour, Mr. Mwamba that the torching of his plant was done by ruling Patriotic Front to disturb and cut his campaign.

He has since condemned the act and called for peaceful and not vengeful and hateful campaign.

The opposition UPND Running mate to party President urged Zambians to boycott the buying of Times of Zambia and Daily Mail in solidarity with the Post Newspapers that was on Tuesday closed down after Zambia Revenue Authority demanded to be paid off the money they said the Post owed the State.

Mr. Mwamba who is leading a Campaign Team comprised of Former Acting and Vice President Dr. Guy Scott, former Ambassadors Bernard Mpundu and Major Richard Kachingwe among others promised the crowds that when his party forms government people’s welfare will be improved through their Ten Point Plan.

Meanwhile speaking when he paid a courtesy call on Chief Nkana of Lufwanyama, Mr. Mwamba said it is important for traditional leaders to remain non-partisan if the country is to develop.

And Godfrey Shamanenga who is Chief Nkana of the Lamba people of Lufywanyama urged Mr. Mwamba and all other politicians not to engage in violence as they campaign.

He also urged them to be persistent and not easily demoralised as convincing a person to support or be part of an idea takes one’s patient.

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  1. HH and the limp dicked katubi GBM are a disgrace to the Zambian people. Just because that obnoxious dwarf Mmembe throws you a few scraps of kind words in his paper, you are now saying Mmembe should not pay taxes! What kind of leaders are these two going to be?
    We all have heard the rumors that this katubi is going broke. So he torches his own milling plant to say it’s PF. Even I could write a better fiction than this!

    • Stop these sympathy solicitation stints. You have long rented out much of this facility to an Indian Battery recycling company called Mahesh fimofimo. You should know that failure to observe safety practices in some sensitive process has sparked this fire. It’s not a milling plant but a battery recycling workshop that has sparked it. Cheap is not always cheap your renter defied every safety code and advice of experts on environment safety requirements. Tame your accusing fingers and learn to take responsibility.

    • If we all stop paying taxes where is the money for free education that the UPND is preaching about going to come from?

  2. Cheap Political stunt by GBM…….these guys know that they are losing these elections and now they’re trying to bring confusion by setting their own property on fire…..We know your game plan ba UPND…but it won’t work….be careful with the man walking around with a big stick….ask Mmembe

    August 11 vote PF ( Edgar )

    I thank you

  3. No wonder I say Dr GBM has fake educational qualifications. This guy everything is PF. Why can’t he say the fire fighters are PF as well?

  4. this is why Post News paper was closed full of lies and stupid everything its PF your milling was no near to the fire to much fwaka

  5. Which place GBM’s place?? Has GBM started recycling batteries? and he become Indian now??? the owner of the place is Indian and they recycle batteries not a milling plant please – do not mislead the masses…….

  6. What are the PROFESSIONAL investigation results for the cause of that fire? I am sick and tired of Zambia’s way of doing things; everything is just politics. Soon even impotence will be blamed on political acts! Awe mwe!

  7. Shame on fabricators who want to win sympathy from anything that happens. I pity those of you in the Diaspora. Because you are eating crap from propagandists and you innocently comment. The best you can do is watch and comment or ask after August 15

  8. And this fat guy wants to be Vice President..no different to Kaingu when his lodge got burnt…this caliber of leaders are utterly useless.

  9. Ba Mwamba your former plant is part leased to that Indian with his battery plant that’s what caused the fire or maybe he support PF so its the work of PF…am sure if your wife sms that male cousin you suspect has an affair with her you will batter him and her again and say its the work of PF…being a form 3 drop out from kamwala secondary with a track record of fighting and being a big fat bully like yourself makes life appear blue when its black…if PF was behind the fire would the firebrigade have worked tirelessly to put out the fire sometimes learn to be still in the presence of the Lord instead of ukwata wata…with most stupid muzungu you currently sharing a bed with

  10. But your cadre Kaingu accused the opposition of burning his lodge. Why didn’t you make the same comments you are making today against GBM when Kaingu accused the opposition in southern province of burning of his lodge.?
    In one breath you are condemning something because it has been said by some one you don’t like in another breath you are supporting the same thing because it has been don by the person you like.
    PF was a darling of The Post and even matched to the Post offices to offer solidarity. But because they don’t agree with you, you say close them down. Michael should be turning in his grave today for what you have to his friend who put PF into power – Miles Sampa, Guy Scot, The Post, Wynter Kabimba and most of you are just chuffs enjoying what you did not sow.


    It would be the most difficult day to see GBM as Republican Vice President. In all fairness ladies needed to be given a chance, and choosing a man for a running mate when PF put a woman is a very worrisome move. It is not easy to go into this election without gender parity at running mate level. People should consult before coming up with decisions which may end up ruining the Party’s prospects in the long term. The tide if high, and competition stiff, especially for our party because of the WEAK RUNNING MATE!

  12. Brian Bweengwa – We need good substance not just women. That old woman was only chosen by Edgar because of her royalty to him. Remember how she illegally helped him to ascend to PF presidency. There is no substance and integrity in that woman for us who were close to the PF then for her to be picked as a running mate for Edgar.
    Edgar is a little dictator who could not allow people with ambitions of becoming presidents to be near him for fear that they can kill him and take over a thing himself said. He said he wanted someone who is royal and not ambitious. So he did not choose her for gender reasons or in the interest of the nation. But for people of GBM character can even make a better president than people who pretend that they are humble.

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