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President Lungu launches a 65 million dollar empowerment project

Economy President Lungu launches a 65 million dollar empowerment project

President Edgar Lungu talks  Chief Mpuka during the tour of  Luangwa District Hospital on Thurday - Picture  by Eddie Mwanaleza 23-06-2016.
President Edgar Lungu talks Chief Mpuka during the tour of Luangwa District Hospital on Thursday – Picture by Eddie Mwanaleza 23-06-2016.

President Edgar Lungu has launched a 65 million dollar empowerment project set to benefit 89,000 women and girls in 51 districts across the country.

Girls Education and Women’s Empowerment and Livelihoods -GEWEL- Project is fully funded by the World Bank and focusing on three components.

President Lungu in a speech read for him by Gender Minister Nkandu Luo, says the project will go a long way in improving the lives of 14-thousand girls and 75-thousand women from various parts of rural Zambia.

The President said Zambia has registered over 6 percent growth rate for more than a decade now as evidenced in progress made in various sectors of the economy .

President Lungu has however expressed sadness that most rural people especially girls and young women have not substantially benefited from the growth owing to low productivity, lack of adequate skills and poor connectivity of many rural areas to the mark

He said the PF government since assuming office has shown commitment in supporting women and adolescent girls through the social protection and women empowerment programs.

And World Bank Country Director Ina Ruthenberg said the 65-million US dollars set aside for the project is a substantial investment on the part of the Zambian government meant to provide a safety net for the vulnerable.

Ms. Ruthenberg adds that the three components includes the Supporting women’s livelihoods initiative to be implemented by the Ministry of Community Development and Social Welfare which is targeting 75 thousand poor and vulnerable women aged 19 to 64 in 51

And Secretary to the Cabinet Roland Msiska says women are girls are indispensable to social and economic welfare of society.

In a speech read for him by Gender Permanent Secretary Edwidge Mutale, Dr. Msiska said the launch of GEWEL is a clear demonstration of government’s commitment to facilitate the empowerment process of women and girls in the country.

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    • but others who were promised before are languishing without the money promised. if he gets kaloba, get it but vote for the real deal opposition.

    • Some cadres can be dull mwe…………,,. the article clearly states that the projects are being funded by the World Band and some dull chap says we’ve heard those lies before!

    • Just go and help HH campaign. He is forcing people to listern to his cheap talk who are not interested. Iliko bad badala ku CB. I wonder which votes are going to remove Pf. Mukose bamambala.

  1. Desperado-we are not buying into your lies, not anymore.!! All we want is you back in Chawama and Kabwili back to his wife in the UK as a dependant!!

  2. Buying votes AGAIN with taxpayers money!

    First the Chiefs, now women!

    Zambian, do not be fooled by this bribery and corruption. YOU will be the ones that have to pay back this KALOBA!

    While Lungu is enjoying his K23 million and Jamesoni that you pay for.

    IMF coming soon.

    Vote wisely August 11.

  3. Too late, most of those who are suffering due poor economic performance under PF are women and girls who have unfortunately already decided to change government, next news item please

    • Jay Jay,
      My brada so you are saying the world bank should not fund women’s activities because you don’t like ECL?

  4. The campaign gimmicks remains the same (razzle-dazzle the masses, mainly unemployed, poor and marginalized) and after the various performances of the ruling party is over (chitenges. tshirts and caps flooded in every hut and house, and gallons of beer imbibed and cows slaughtered, and of course much money exchanged) the voters always and I have observed ALWAYS vote to the contrary. We are enjoying the PF show for now whilst ubinga, transport, fuel and daily survival, continues to be an immense challenge, that is what people are voting over. The present reality not future promises. Violence is the only concern for now from all parties!

  5. They can’t help women when they are being stripped naked or sexually molested and don’t even mention a word nor hold a press conference denouncing these act’s yet here is our sleazy president talking about women’s empowerment. How 5tupid can a person be to even try coming out with these things and except people to believe. General Kanene is the ambassador of GBV for crying out loud so what more can we expect from our dunda-head president. And just how many things has he promised because it will be very difficult to full-fill them all at the same time. Lungu worst president of all time and one who endorses GBV.

  6. @shu shu shu I think what Jay Jay is saying is a country or rather the president is in charge of managing the country and it’s economy. Empowerment comes from within and one has to empower his people before another nation, entity or organisation does. It’s like a father not feeding his children and the neighbour feels so bad that he gives them aid meaning the father is useless. Lungu is using this as a voting strategy yet he is not the one empowering women which is quite a shame. Yet he is pushing by all means for his daughter to become councilor. Now talk about being biased! The world bank should dictate and put money towards the very projects themselves or it will end up in Lungu and his cartels pockets.

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