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Prof Francis Chigunta has died

General News Prof Francis Chigunta has died

Renowned academic Professor Francis Chigunta
Renowned academic Professor Francis Chigunta

Renowned academic Professor Francis Chigunta has died.

Prof Chigunta who is also served as policy adviser at State House during the Rupiah Banda administration died in the early hours of Sunday upon arrival at UTH.

The cause of his death has not been made public but he had suffered a stroke late last year.

Prof Chigunta was development studies lecturer and researcher at UNZA at the time of his death and also worked at the University of Lusaka.

He was a Cambridge and Oxford scholar.

Former State House Spokesman Dickson Jere who worked closely with Prof Chigunta described him as an intellectual and academician who contributed greatly to Zambia.


    • What the fuuuuuck… I never heard of University of LUSAKA.
      PF ni sontapo, University of Lusaka, where the hell is it? At state house?

    • @Nostradumus, namuchona yama, I saw the University of Lusaka on my last visit to Zed. make a turn for a bit…

    • University of Lusaka, LOL. Why can’t they just name it as a college until the standards are mate.

  1. Francis Chigunta, gone too soon. He was a great thinker. My heart goes out to his young wife who has the huge task of bringing 6 young children

  2. great thinker? hmmm, tell us some of his thoughts kaili? I think he is just one of those academic regurgitators who are built to perpetuate white supremacy. If you think am lying, check his thesis and dissertation papers. You will understand what i mean.

  3. @zagaze walipena…..ala wandepula…then we re all regurgitators and we were trained to replicate western way of life..is that what u mean mune??? Rest in peace my former lecturer?

  4. It is good the late professor’s wife is still youthful. I am a widower myself and will not hesitate to propose marriage to her.

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