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Bill of rights makes abortion illegal in Zambia

Health Bill of rights makes abortion illegal in Zambia


Contention has arisen over the definition of when life begins in the Bill of rights.The second clause of Article number 15 of the Bill of Rights states that a life of a person begins at conception.It also states that a person shall not be deprived of life intentionally, except for a capital offence the sentence of which is death, subject to limitations, defences and extent prescribed.

This presents a dilemma for doctors who are sometimes compelled to take legal abortive actions against a pregnant woman upon seeing that the life of the expectant mother is at stake.

The clause once approved in its current form could mean that many women may die from maternal health complications that could be avoided.

Zambia Medical Association (ZMA) executive member Dr Francis Mupeta stated that in the medical profession life does not always begin at conception because not every zygote develops into a human being.

Dr.Mupeta challenged the journalists to take a leading role in educating the people on the Bill of Rights.

Dr Mupeta who is also president of Resident Doctors Association of Zambia (RDAZ) said during a media training organised by the Zambia Youth Network in Chipata that journalists must take a leading role in sensitising the community on the contents of the Bill of Rights that
Zambians would be voting for in a Referendum which would be held alongside the August 11th general elections.

He said this was because most people rely on the media to get adequate information on various issues.

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  1. Now does it mean we will be voting for each and every right? Thought of I vote yes it means I have voted for everything….

  2. It should be illegal in Zambia. I hope that this clause will stay in the bill of rights. I countries like American they throw away babies as if they were rubbish.

  3. Not evey baby developes into a man. Not evey young boy developes into an old man. DOCTOR what is is IUDF if there is no life

  4. Every clever Zambian teenage girl knows how to get rid of unwanted pregnancy in Zambia. If not! Come to me all ye pregnant children and i will teach you how to DIY using simple method with MATAMBULA or CASSAVA LEAF STEM.
    It only takes about a minute. its painless as long as the pregnancy is less than 3 months old

    NO MORE BASTARD CHILDREN!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  5. Zambia is a Christian Nation, that means we believe in God the creator of human beings and the rest of creation. That being the case every seed is a potential tree. It is the responsility of every Zambian citizen to protect human life and the rest of creation. I don’t agree with you Dr. Francis Mupeta and the rest of your members of the executive of Zambia Medical Association(ZMA) with your views. In fact you as Doctors should be in the fore front to protect life. Instead you must intensify moral education to the young mothers and school going girls and up hold family values. Even Zambian tradition will not agree with you views. For sure you have the conscious to decide what is right. Please let the Bill remain as it is. Our fore fahers and mothers knew the value of life that is why they…

    • The problem with the wording of the clause as it stands is that it will seriously inhibit access to necessary pregnancy terminations that could save a woman’s life, as was noted in the article. And what about a situation where a person has been raped? Please don’t tell me it’s their responsibility to carry and raise a child they didn’t ask for. Also to address your argument, the same bill of rights highlights religious freedom and so imposing what you consider Christian values onto an entire population would be unconstitutional. No one should be subject to practice your beliefs or values just like you should not be subject to theirs. You also mention educating girls. Yes I do think we need to institute comprehensive sex education for both girls AND boys, and by comprehensive I don’t…

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