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Police appeal to public to help find PF cadre that killed a UNZA student

UNZA students are currently mobilizing at monk square
UNZA students at monk square
UNZA students are currently mobilizing at monk square
UNZA students at monk square

Zambia police Deputy Spokesperson Rae Hamoonga has appealed to members of the public to tip off the police with information leading to the arrest of suspected Patriotic Front (PF) cadres who allegedly killed a University of Zambia (UNZA) student opposing the ruling party, reports Pan African Radio Journalist Hermit Hachilonde.

On 24th June, 2016 a United Party for National Development (UPND) supporter Malesu Mukonka was slain by suspected PF cadres for cladding himself with the UPND regalia in Lusaka.

Mukonka a fourth year student was subsequently rushed to Levy Mwanawasa General Hospital where he later died on Monday the 27th June, 2016.

Mr. Hamoonga noted that the Police Service is having challenges investigating the case because the deceased was left unconscious after the attack.

“We appeal to anyone with information leading to the arrest of the culprits” Mr. Hamoonga said

Meanwhile UPND leader Hakainde Hichilema has made assertions that President Edgar Lungu has a hand in the deaths of most UPND supporters.

Hichilema has since urged President Lungu to think twice on his uncalled for attitude towards his desire to retain power on 11th August 2016 as Zambians are determined to vote him out.

“Lungu must stop killing citizens because after 11th August, 2016 he will no longer be president of Zambia” he said

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  1. This is so sad. This would have made headlines especially in public media if the deceased was from the ruling party. Unfortunately, the killers may never face justice because they are from the ruling party. Love one another guys, why kill over some politician who is enjoying govt money alone while you wallow in poverty?

    • Umungulu mistakenly for humbleness,where is he to condemn violence and you idI0tically say we got a caring president.Nonsense

    • Unfortunately it is this carelessness talk like the one HH is doing here which will keep driving us into this kind of hate for each other! I wish these leaders could tame their tongue for once which put their supporters at risk! It is not a joke people’s lives are put in danger and yet these leaders continue to live their normal lives!

    • The killer nay MURDURER with malice aforethought is Lungu. The blood of Malesu is on your head and may your generations too die at the hands of wicked men.

      Malesu according to my count is the fourth if not fifth person that has been murdered by Lungu and his thugs in the past two months.

      And ba bbuju balindwiii ati muzungu anikonde. Guys there are consequences…..Kanganja, you are in deep shi.t

    • Watchdog to us way back, this is imported formular from mu7 and king bob down south to cause terror and fear among the opposition supporters with the hope that they stay away from campaigning and ultimately voting. Bwana Chagwa is fully aware of this, and some gaulilble fellas are out there singing that he is a hubble and God fearing man- hubble my foot!! This is an hypocrite using the church and taking the majority illiterate youths in the compounds to cling on to power. Some people even goes to come up with an org calling itself Christians for Lungu, just what kind of a country is Zambia full of crooks and hypocrites just for the sake of few pieces of silver? A real christian statesman can not keep mute while his thugs are killing killing youths from the opposition. A real man of God…

    • A real christian state can not keep mute while his thugs are killing killing youths from the opposition. A real man of God can not give guns to his followers to cause terror and fear among citizens. Its only a man associated with Boko Haram who can have such a evil heart!!

  2. How can a civilian find a murderer who is hidden by state house… These people are well known, they did this in public…everyone who was around knows them…. The Police are just lazy and afraid….

    • So if everyone who was around know the people that killed Malesu, why don’t they report? Are you saying, ALL the people around were PF cadres, if so then how do you expect them to report themselves? If the killing was done in public as you state, honestly are you all Zambians such cowards that no one can report this murder, not even anonymously? Unless of course, people are saying that the victim deserved what he got. That is logical.

  3. So now people should start doing the Police’s work. I urge RUPO (Ruin Police) to organise the monks and march to ECZ to protest against that organisation’s failure to censure PF over its continued violence and eventual loss of innocent lives.

  4. I heard Edgar Chakolwa Vodka Cockroach Kaloba Wrungu will soon be baptised by a certain stupid named pastor and why waste water on such a character just use sulphuric acid.

  5. My his soul rest in peace. PF your day of reckoning is near you will pay for innocent blood you are shading. PF is a party for barbaric people. Zambia is under multi party democracy were every Zambian has got a constitutional to belong to a party of one’s choice. What is misting annoying is that the so called ‘humble’ president is quite he is no where to condemn.

  6. Zambia needs international monitors now to document all the bad governance including human rights abuses by PF regime . This is what happens when one associates self with brother Bob from a neighbouring country.

    Can someone please start renovating a cell at Kamfinsa in readiness for the new occupant on 12 August ?

  7. Ba hh bena lituya. How does Ecl comes in sure. Always trying had for public sympathy but unfortunately people have already resolved not to vote you. Condemn the murderers bot parties leadership. Who blamed you for the fdd woman who was brutally beaten by your cadres. HH chisushi cha leadership. No clue on politics.

    • You are your ilk are a disgrace and demons of hell. God strike you with madness and eternal torment.

      And who will vote for the murderer Lungu apart from thieves, scondrels, killers, robbers and demons of your kind?

    • You *****, has to condemn violence and instruct police to arrest all these people fanning violence. Why is ECL not firing the IG if he cant control the situation?


  9. How can there be free and fair election when Lungu:
    is killing opposition supporters and stopping Police from investigating
    is funding unemployed hooligans from chawama, john laing, shiwangandu, chisokone, kamitondo, chibolya to murder opposition supporters
    has brutal militias in all high density areas with one mandate – to maim, mutilate and grievously harm
    denying opposition campaign space; physical and media

    We the concerned citizens resident in Lusaka where the Lungu’s brutality especially in Chawama is at its pinnancle call on the International Criminal Court to immediately open an investigation with a view of trying Lungu for crimes against humanity.

    We also call upon the USA, EU and other progressive donor to freeze aid to Lungu’s government and impose sanctions. We…

  10. God has his own ways to deal with wicked people like Lungu! Mistakenly, Lungu may think that he is clever and remain mute even when so many people are being killed needlessly! Who knows, the next time that Osephugus comes back, it will do the job on Lungu and nobody will be able cure it.
    All those people will not be mourning their loved ones in vain – Lungu and his minions have gone too far and God is watching!

  11. Nabwena bu UPND bulwele bwa bupuba. Kuti naba president babo chimo chine sure. The way I see it the problem here is GBV, ever since he joined UPND the party has become violent than the Mapatizya formuka that we knew UPND for. And now the violence had spread outside the chundu region, an indication of the influence of GBV. Have you ever heard of either HH or GBV condemning violence like Edgar does? All we hear them is revenge when attacked. Is that not encouraging daft cadres to.be violent because they are essily provoked even seeing a PF cap is provoking. On the other hand it is possible the Unza student was killed by UPND cadres if he attempted to defect to the ruling party.

  12. Its really sad for some one to kill a young boy who could have been the hope of his family after all the resources spent on his education for many years and about to finish his school. Politicians should stop using students in there political campaign .Students should know why there parents sacrificed for them and avoid political grouping.MHSRIP

  13. The sooner ECL realizes that he is president of Zambia and not just of PF the better. this means he a responsibility to offer protection to ALL ZAMBIANS even to his two worst public enemies (HH & GBM). after all we all pay our taxes to him to execute this responsibility. if he is not able to handle this task, let him step aside..

  14. I understand people dressing in red T-shirts are being targeted by ignorant, silly, illicit thugs! What kind of nation are you guys presiding over that is allowing such non.sense to prevail unfettered? And why don’t you have surveillance cameras in public places where this non.sense is taking place!? This is disgusting! Can we not do just ONE thing right for once in our fcuking lives!!!??

  15. Is he really a “student”, what was he doing in a party regalia instead of concentrating on studies? These are just impostors or worse still chaps who dont know at what cost the get this education. A real fourth year student cant be involving himself in things he least understand.
    By the way has Kachema denounced his dull running mate who was publicly advocating violence in that video on the Copperbelt? If not, then he has himself to blame!

  16. cartel: it shows you have chosen to defend the murderers. go to UNZA and see if you will not find students in PF regalia

  17. @cartel enlighten us the law that stop students from wearing political party regalia. Since when did wearing a political party to shirt warrant death? Let us practice civilised politics devoid of violence and insults.
    Zambians should stop blind loyalty and support any thing done by the political party that they follow without question. A wrong is a wrong regardless of the perpetrators. Mind you nothing will remain the same in this world. Don’t think pf will remain in power for ever. We have seen powerful and brutal governments brought down by ordinary people.
    And innocent human life is needlessly taken away and some people are celebrating.

  18. Police staff fooling us.Mark shot UPND supporter has he been arrested,Chama shot somebody has he been arrested and what about those cadres who attacked Chooper for GBM and Mile sampa at Ndola airport have they been arrested when eviidence is there to prove it.
    Police you have failed us and Zambians dont like violence.Thus,PF you are going with your Police.
    Which christtian nation is this?

  19. HH is not telling the national the truth, a lot students have lost their lives because of Mutendere , Helen Kaunda, Kalundu, Chelston and areas around NRDC. HH is a former student at UNZA and its not safe to be found at a wrong place at the wrong hour. Most male students have girl friends in these surrounding areas including Munali

  20. ECL cannot even murder a fly why should he murder a former student hh uletekanya. The boy who died is actually a former unza student he graduated last year you reporters get your facts right. What we should all know is that criminals are taking advantage of the political climate to attack harmless citizens so everyone of us should be very alert at this time let’s stop these attacks let’s be vigilant, we are one Zambia one nation.

  21. Tongas are generally very bitter people, I doubt if violence will be cleaned from the face of Zambia, just prepare yourselves for Armageddon this coming month. If UPND wins there will surely be a civil war and that’s the time Zambia will really be divided into north and south. The other day I found a lot of people queuing up for visas at the US embassy. By the way the dollar is gaining on the kwacha because a lot of people are buying dollars ready to flee. So, can we please vote for PF for continued law and order!

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