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Graphic Video of Woman Being Sexually Assaulted Shocks Zambians

Headlines Graphic Video of Woman Being Sexually Assaulted Shocks Zambians


ZAMBIA Police are searching for people suspected to be involved in the alleged sexual assault of a woman, posting the graphic video of her on social media that have shocked the country.The unknown perpetrators put up a video of the woman on Whats App, sparking a nationwide backlash.

Deputy police spokesperson Rae Hamoonga said in a short statement that, “ Let us go flat out to gather information. We too as police we will investigate this barbaric act. Together we can end such acts,” he said.

Meanwhile, Zambian Ambassador to Sweden Reverend Edith Mutale has described as inhuman the beating and gang raping of a woman in a video that has been circulating on social media.

Rev Mutale said she is heartbroken with the barbaric act in a video clip being circulated on social media “Whats App” depicting a Zambian woman being brutalized and stripped naked by a team of men.

“The whole thing was appalling to say the least especially that it is happening in modern day Zambia where violence against women and the girl child is scorned upon,” Rev Mutale said.

She has confirmed the act in strongest terms possible.

Rev Mutale has since called upon the inspector General of police Kakoma Kanganja to use all the resources at his disposal to bring the perpetrators of such a heinous sexist violent crime to a closure.

“I also challenge the women ‘s rights movement in Zambia and the church to step up and double up on this matter in order to deter future atrocities and primitive crimes against the women folk,” said Rev Mutale.

She further said it was not right for women groups to always pick the microphone and condemn the President for perceived political crime or another, when real issues such as violence against women on social media are happening.



    • Niyosasa iyaba Chichi. Those chaps must be locked up and the key thrown away. Only animals can act like that. It left a bitter taste in my mouth. Abash abuse of women


    • I love and respect women. I feel like going to Zambia and find those guys and beat the shhhit out of them. I will never even want to see video, just go on random asking, especially the PF baffikkalaa.

    • I haven’t and would not wish to even come close to such a video, but I guess GBM was one of those fooolish men in action – This is his expertise!!!!!

    • Letter to the ICC, EU, USA, SADC, AU, COMESA, RUSSIA:

      How can there be free and fair elections in Zambia when Lungu:
      1. is killing opposition supporters
      2. campaigns on and promotes the unprecedented PF violence and killing machine
      3. is preventing opposition campaigning by brutality
      4. ordering Police not to protect opposition who are killed by PF
      5. ordering public media not to cover the opposition
      6. using State resources and media to lie to the majority illiterate and ignorant Zambians that PF are the ones funding infrastructure projects
      7. invades business trading areas by allocating cadres stall spaces by force (just like Mugabe)

    • This is how low Chakolwa Chagwa has brought Zambia. Zambia is now a lawless black hole where xenophobic attacks, ritual murders, sexual assaults and straight theft of Eurobonds, all happen in broad daylight, on camera, and nobody gets arrested.

  1. Very sad indeed as she will always be traumatized. This barbaric act must not be tolerated. The polish should quickly move in and bring the culprits to book.

    • Inonge and her women, lead by Mumbi Phiri should take advantage to use this in campaign. The Nawakwis should scream at Edgar’s government.

    • Khikikiki…DNA???…your police service is crap my friend. They only know how to beat journalists and suspects

  2. When that UPND cadres was undressed, none of these people dared to open their mouths to condemn the PF cadres’ actions. We have young ladies, undressed in town and the culprits aren’t arrested. It start from incidences like that of the UPND cadre. Very soon if not condemned, it will be normal.

  3. Ba Mambala! I hope you have daughters. Two wrongs do not make a right. I think we need to stop politicising everything! Someone was raped and assaulted and all you can do is refer to the other unfortunate incident where another Zambian woman was brutalised – this is not about UPND or PF its about protecting our daughters, sisters, mothers and friends.

  4. Catch those *****s, such violence against women should not be tolerated, that i.diot kicking a woman in the head like that honestly, then later on those other id.iots start making fun of her, undressing her whilst she unconscious, what sort of animals are those, even referring them as animals is an insult to animals, those *****s need to be locked up and throw away the keys.

  5. That’s what you will get should upnd [God forbid] wins elections. These 1mbeciles must have done it with the blessings from gbm.

  6. Even if you say two wrongs do not make right. The culprits should face the full wrath of the law. I mean full as in to say castrate them so that they never use their Dickson in future.

  7. They must all burn in hell for their actions. Imagine such an act been done on your daughters sisters or mothers. This has nothing to do with politics. But rather has everything to do with us as human beings and what we condone in our societies. Where were fellow women when all this was happening? They couldn’t even try help her. Its such a shame women in Zambia don’t look out for each other. And even more sad that majority of men disregard us women. It is so unhumane. Zambia we need to change.Hope God delivers them all. My prayers go out to chichi.

  8. The rapists are a common enemy to all of us because we have our own relatives who might be female or male. Talking about MALE also because the brother, nephew or indeed cousin might be the rapist himself. They say”Precautions against the enemy must ALWAYS outweigh considerations of comfort”. It is necessary that we all stand up to fight this common criminal rather than start pointing on who is to blame when we still have NO slightest clue on who the offenders are. If its your relative, be you a supporter of PF, UPND or MMD or indeed any of the other Parties, please lets expose these criminals for they live with us.

  9. I pray this will not just end in talking, like most stories. but those involved thrown in prison.
    how can a fellow human being treat another human being like this.these kind of people don’t deserve to be in society.

  10. Mmmm people nishi everthing has to do wth politics now? I dnt see anything political in this matter, anway hope the perpetrators will be brought to book ASAP.

  11. Lets not politicise everything fellow countrymen and women.

    Such acts need condemnation of all form.

    This is beyond politics lets remember.

    PF,UPND,FDD or UNIP it does not hinge anywhere close.

  12. They need to be shot, public execution. It time Zambians were allowed to buy guns and arm themselves. Gun training should be a must as well. This nonsense happens in South Africa, it is time Zambia ended it now. Their trail should be short swift and end in a firing squad.

  13. Easy to catch those PF thugs you can see them n the video, Chagwa has told them they are above the law, these are the ISIS of Zambia who worship Chagwa. If Chagwa was a normal leader he would have been the first one to condemn the acts of violence, but innocent people are being killed and it is normal for him maybe polical scarifies, shame on Lungu.

  14. Because the president does not do anything about all the brutal happenings there. Anyway he knows that him and his family are well protected with armed security. That woman could have been anyone, I really felt sad when I saw the video. Can’t the police trace the men using the number from which the video originated? what type of investigations are being done here? crap!

  15. Failing to find words to express my feelings because what those men did not only injure the victim, but all of us. God save our nation.

  16. They should be caught and be punished in a strong way. Because if by God’s grace some day they get saved or become born again. Then even God won’t punish them. So punishment should be done now.

  17. It has never happen in zambia,too much immorality and why should someone as old as she is be going to were pf thugs are without underwear,shame i feel for my country.God help us we cant live like animals because of leaders that promote lawlessness.

  18. Let’s have a clear legislation on violence against women in zambia!!!!i couldn’t even finish watching the video..it’s too graphic people….I worry about vulnerable women in zambia and world over..can the police find those thugs behind this heinous crime please..and castrate them..

  19. I cant believe that we still have in Zambia, animals like these men, who call themselves human beings. If they are caught, let the law be law. I will be saddened to see such animals being pardoned one day!

  20. Indeed these people need to be hunged using there penises as a rope.there cursed, honestly how can a human being do such a thing its like you are doing that to your mother. I feel sorry for THE LADY

  21. ” She further said it was not right for women groups to always pick the microphone and condemn the President for perceived political crime or another, when real issues such as violence against women on social media are happening ”

    Ba Rev don’t politicize the issue just cause Lungu has given you a good job, condem crime for what it is and nothing else. Violence wheather against women or political should be condwmed at all costs. Carders have been killed and you think it’s a lesser crime the this? Stand for what is true

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