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PF needs another five years, the first five was apprenticeship-Shamenda

Headlines PF needs another five years, the first five was apprenticeship-Shamenda

Labour Minister Fackson Shamenda
Labour Minister Fackson Shamenda

Labour Minister Fackson Shamenda says the PF deserves another five years in power because it has spent the first five learning on the job.

Mr Shamenda said the first five years of the PF can be best described as an apprenticeship period.
He said Zambians should vote for the PF in order to allow the PF government to continue implementing more developmental projects.

Mr Shamenda said the PF government has done very well in its first term in office saying it has so far scored 80 percent success.

“You know as a student, one makes a few mistakes and the PF has made a few mistakes because it was learning. This period was like an apprenticeship but if the party is given another five years, I can assure you that it will do better because it has learnt from mistakes in the first five years,” Mr Shamenda said.

He said the economic downturn also contributed to the PF’s failure to fulfil most of its campaign promises.

“We came in at a time when the global economic just started experiencing a downturn mainly due to the happenings in China and there was nothing we could do about it. Copper prices was low and that made it difficult to implement all the campaign promises. I know we haven’t done everything, I can put it at 80 percent,” he said.

Mr Shamenda also announced that he is considering taking a back seat in politics due to his advanced age.

“I am no longer the same age and I feel I need to rest now. This is one of the reasons I didn’t apply for adoptions to stand as MP because I feel time has come to give chance to others. This doesn’t mean I am not a member of the PF, I am still a member except I would like to take a back seat especially after these elections.”


  1. He is basically saying that during the last 5 years, we had no idea what was happening. kikikikhahah Zambia awe sure

    • Yes they sure do need 5 more years. He is even economical with his demands. Guy Scott said they need 20 more years. Lets go PF!!

    • The corrupt, violent & visionless PF bandits of Lungu will be overwhelmingly voted out in 40 days. Comrade Shamenda & the PF bandits have realised that the 90 days stories can never be forgotten, now its time to make PF lick their wounds of lies.
      Just start packing your bags, time for PF to be shown the exit window is fast approaching.
      All well meaning Zambians must wake up early & in huge amounts to vote against the PF violent bandits, come rain or sunshine on 11~08.
      The PF Dubai fraudulent activities of rigging won’t be tolerated, Lungu to pack his violence back to Chawama with his illegal foreign voters registered by the National Registration & ECZ minions.
      Leave the post of Mmembe alone PF charlatans.
      Viva HH & UPND for change. Forward not visionless PF!
      The Skeleton…

    • Shamenda, you have been in government for the past 30 or more years, What apprenticeship are you talking about? You mean now they will be freshers. In 2021 they will be Novice! In 2099 they will be beginners! WE DO NOT WANT SLOW LEARNERS/ A SLOW COACHER!

    • Yes, we had no freakin’ clue what we were doing apart from accumulating money for ourselves.

      Please give us another chance to screw the crap out of you once more again, twice, nakabili.

    • ….Key
      Vote wisely for HH, Hero of Humanity & UPND for moving the economy Forward.
      PF of Lungu will continue to bring misery, but the opportunity to vote the visionless Edgar Lungu out is here. Time to teach these PF criminals their baseless Donchi Kubeba maladies.

    • Lusaka Times, Shamenda said this probably last week please keep abreast …. however it doesn’t take away anything from the truth he stated. However its paradoxical that his late President branded HH as an under five when in actual sense his entire governance till his passing was predicated on learning despite his vast experience in top govt…..well at least as far as Shamenda’s statement is to be understood!!!!!

    • What Shamenda said is true but as a true trade unionist, he does not recommend what a proper manager would do – you fire an incompetent apprentice who sets the factory on fire while sleeping on duty. That’s the real world solution. Incompetents do not get second chances. PF is out. They have failed to run the country.

    • pamafi were busy stealing our resources, now they want another term because they have realized their mistakes.That will never happen…VIVA UPND, VIVA HH 2016

    • Now that the amassing of wealth has somewhat been achieved it’s need for more time on job training and trying to figure out governance processes.

    • Maybe PF needs another five years.

      But does Zambia need another five years of PF ?????

      It will take TWENTY YEARS of hard work and good government just to fix the damage PF has done and years of IMF to PAY BACK THE KALOBA that these thieves have borrowed and STOLEN!

      PF does not need another five years in government. They need five years IN JAIL!

    • You are taking a back seat because you and PF have failed the voter. What learning on the job when you campaigned that you had experience. Lies. Lies. Lies.

    • This is very foolish reasoning. And these are the people we have entrusted the future of our children to. Apprentices. Can you imagine a person who is about to perform an open heart surgery on you, telling you he’s just an apprentice, and not a qualified doctor yet? When we put people in political office, we expect them to be already qualified, competent, and that they know what they’re doing from the word go. There’s no room for trial and error, and learning on the job when it comes to running of a country. It’s people’s lives at stake. No wonder Zambia is lagging behind in terms of development. It’s because of such clueless politicians who don’t even seem to know what they’re doing. It’s either you’re qualified to do the job or you’re not. So, no sir, you don’t “deserve”…

  2. I am P F , but shameda is doing nothing in his ministry… We don’t want to see that old madara after elections in his position,,,,,

    • PF under Satan and now Chakolwa Chagwa has been the most destructive party ever to govern Zambia. Zambia is on its knees. Violence and thuggery are everywhere. Zambia is now famous for xenophobic attacks, instead of friendliness to foreigners. And the economic ruination! Oh, the humanity! What a disaster PF has brought to Zambia!

    • @Kani Ya Nchito, this man i have never heard from him since he got in the office, you are right he is not doing anything rather than collecting his pay.

  3. Apprenticeship!!!!! No wonder things have been going bad in the country..We had no leadership.Only trainee presidents and his leadership.You dont run a country like a kantemba old man.Its 13 million people you are leading and not 5 children with 1 wife and 2 grilfriends.

  4. Mr Shamenda should know that a cadet doing apprentice is assessed at the end of a 5 yr training period. Our assessment is that PF got 20% and therefore failed the apprentice. A cadet who fails his apprentice should not use violence to impose himself on the employer. If indeed PF came in at a time when there was economic downturn how come Lungu the PF President came in govt with nothing but is now K23.7million rich? This money was made by stealing money from Treasury and govt road contracts. So PF wants voters to give it another 5 yrs to continue with their stealing sprees? Well it was nice knowing u and on 11th August we are evicting from state house. If u resist eviction we will use maximum force to get u out. On 12th August State House will have a new Tenant called HH. Viva HH,GBM &…

  5. He is basically saying that if HH came to power, he would spend the first five years learning the ropes of governance. This is absolutely true if you just look at the many childish statements that HH has been making exhibiting ignorance and downright lies. Hh knows but he does not care as long as he gets power. First he did not know that rainfall is related to dam levels, that low dams means low generation of power and low generation of power means load shedding. He still has problems understanding this. Second he talks about free education from nursery to university. Third he cannot even choose a proper cabinet, looking at his choice of GBV as running mate.. How can you run government with people you recently called failures in PF? People who are known to have been corruptly awarding…

  6. Appentership in stealing and suppressing freedom of expression.

    No that was enough of you theives.

  7. This old man Papa Smurf is over 70 years and he is talking about apprenticeship..does he even know what it means and he know the seriousness of running a govt and the responsibility that comes with it ….not forgeting how much as a country we are in debt because of their recklessness. Just look across the country to Tanzania within months of getting into power you start to see change everywhere. You are talking about 5 year apprenticeships not even in the real life is there a 5 year apprenticeship offered to 16 year olds…really laughable.

  8. This is very foolish statement, how the hell can you do an apprenticeship with millions of Zambian lives in your hands??

    • If that is the best he can “utter”, it may be better if it crap in public.
      According to this senile 1mbecile, we should give them another 5 years for failing in every aspect, safe one.
      Becoming filthy rich at our expense!

  9. Mr Terrible u don’t need 5 yrs to start stealing. Your own boss ECL stole K13million within 16 months of being President. Apart from stealing money and introducing the culture of violence in Zambia what did Lungu achieve? PF in 2011 announced a Ten Point Plan. Tell us what did they achieve? After miserably failing the apprentice Lungu now wants to impose himself on the people of Zambia thru rigging elections. We will fight tooth and nail to stop him in his tracks. Forward with HH,GBM &UPND.

  10. Imwe Ba Shamenda , that 90 day promise of more money in the pocket was a terrible jock. So disappointed that Zambians fell for it.Just know that if we go for a re-run you are out of here. Never have we seen so much corruption at the councils and public institutions. Talk about your cadres and the unprecedented lawlessnes

  11. Then when is he going to retire if he wants some more five years these people take voters for granted. The answer is no PF should go we have had enough of nonsense from them.

  12. PF will do 40 yrs, dont worry. U had the best 5 yrs compared to both unip & mmd. So forward with development! Viva PF!!!!

  13. We will vote for PF it doesn’t matter how many of you stay and blog the whole day.
    Off I go to talk to people in Mwinilunga about PF!

    • Tell them how PF has borrowed and stolen Zambias hard won Independence!

      And that they better prepare for IMF AUSTERITY MEASURES!

      Or are you just going to tell them another set of 90 day LIES ???

  14. This is the very reason these *****s who lack education say things they are not supposed to and embarrass their own vision-less leader. Right now he just confirmed to the whole world that President Edgar Changwa Lungu is an ***** who is just not ready and needs 20 years of training in being a president. Here’s the thing Labour Minister Fackson Shamenda! We as Zambians do not have the time to potty train Edgar Changwa Lungu and he cannot be wearing diapers while on the job training. Do you know what the term apprenticeship means? Being a president is not like being a masonry on the job training and needs someone who is qualified, skilled and has an education that is required to do the job. At least a real apprenticeship requires in class study and job training by an employer in the trade…

  15. At least a real apprenticeship requires in class study and job training by an employer in the trade in order to require the skills needed. The economy is beyond repair under the PF government and there is no way it will recover under this government especially with the current borrowing. So we Zambians say take you, your diaper president and supporters elsewhere while we find someone eligible to turn our economy around for a better Zambia. Ow and I’d be careful with that Jameson because the diaper can only absorb so much and just might overflow. Just an FYI!

  16. That’s NOSENSE you are a disgrace we voted for you so that you work for us instead you went to learn atase that’s why ubucushi bubi this time we are voting for rich man so that he goes straight into working than making yourself rich ,ViVa HH and GBM,UPND

  17. Lets talk about what we expected the PF to do in the last 5 years and whether they have managed or at least done most of what they campaigned on. Just calling people Names is not enough because it wont change them. For example you who are always insulting, if you became State President, would you continue with your insulting attitude? The president might have drunk this and that THEN but now is a different time and is responsible for you and me and am sure his conduct now is that of a PRESIDENT of ZAMBIA. Lets NOT all think like Some opposition figures who think diplomats have the monopoly of wisdom. They are no better than us and their only interest is our WEALTH. Let them go and preach democracy in the country North of ours. Waiting for results.

    • A leopard does not change his spots!

      Did you not see the picture of Lungu hiding his jamesoni under the table on LT?

      Did you not read about the K23 MILLION that this Lungu who was convicted of stealing now has in his bank account?

      Did you not hear about how he was selected by pangas in Kabwe?

      This man is an incompetent drunk embezzler. This is not being insulting. THIS IS SIMPLY THE TRUTH!

      Zambia deserves a better leader than this marubbish!

  18. wecipubawe i think you are the worst ***** i have ever come across you cant even feel ashamed talking such nosense. you are a big fool+failure ci shamenda hopeless *****…..

  19. ECL has been on probation come 11 August he will be employed full time considering to what he has done. good performance.

    • Good joke!

      This clueless clown that stole from his clients is now stealing from the WHOLE NATION!

      He can do his full time in the cells after 11 August!

  20. i’ve access to lots of media but can’t see upnd anywhere, at least not the upnd I expected to be this time around. or could it be the party’s more long duree heavy weights like g.nkombo are only campaigning in mapatizya? funny how gbm seem to have usurped the party’s entirety in so short a time

  21. Why when you have destroyed the country? We have never had these kinds of killings before ritual killers, maiming innocent citizens, Xenophobia and stripping vulnerable women who are suppose to be your Mothers, sisters, daughters and you say we give you another five years for what? We are fed up of you pf go go go useless party of thugs.

  22. Now he is admitting the 90 days promises were all lies. How do we know he is not lying this time around?

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