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Nawakwi Condemns ECZ for failing to Punish UPND over Violence

Headlines Nawakwi Condemns ECZ for failing to Punish UPND over Violence

FDD leader Edith Nawakwi addressing the press
FDD leader Edith Nawakwi addressing the press

FORUM for Democracy and Development (FDD) president Edith Nawakwi has condemned the Electoral Commission of Zambia (ECZ) for failure to take punitive action against some United Party for National Development (UPND) cadres that allegedly attacked the FDD parliamentary candidate in Namwala, Charity Kabongomana.

Three weeks ago, UPND parliamentary candidate in Namwala, Moono Lubezhi and other party cadres allegedly attacked Ms Kabongomana who was later admitted in hospital.

Ms Nawakwi accused the commission of being indecisive and failing to take an administrative decision to suspend Ms Lubezhi for violence.

The FDD leader said in a statement released yesterday that it is unfortunate that people who assaulted Ms Kabongomana are moving around freely while the victim is bedridden.

Below is the full statement

FDD Press Release


  1. This woman she is as stupid as Edgar Chakolwa Kaloba Wrungu where was she when the pamafi party stripped an innocent woman.

    • Iwe ci Nawakwi its the pamafi or pfools members who has been terrorising our innocent people why haven’t you challenged their commander in chief of the pangarians Edgar Chakolwa Kaloba Wrungu, anyway you once belonged to the same party with people like Willie nsanda.

    • Plan for rerun of elections was to have HH-Nawakwi as running mate. GBM is in agreement that he will not be Veep.

    • I concur with you Lutuku Press. It’s hardly a week ago when we buried that innocent former University of Zambia student-cum- sympathizer of the UPND who fell at the hands of the PF cadres can and today Nawakwi must say UPND is violent, really!? Did she even console that innocent bereaved family or indeed condemn the PF for their stupid deed? How many innocent UPND must die for Nawakwi to come to reality that the PF is violent! That’s the problem of entrusting former prostitutes with leadership. They fail to analyze issues!

    • Am happy Nawakwi u know now that this Tonga party ig southern province is full if bitter & violent kaponyas and is founded on violence. So in case of round 2 pkz Nawakwi join Lungu do that these bitter violent Tonga *****s are kept far away from gates of plot 1. Viva Nawakwi viva Lungu pact.

    • Unpd has a lot of violent kaponyas eg running mate gmb, muzungu opusa, William banda, judge ngoma, kadobi etc all in Unpd. What a violent party of *****s. Plz Zambians lets reject these nyamulenges. Dununa Reverse!

  2. I lost confidence in this woman when she was minister of finance; she was giving a huge chunk of our money to the president to spend recklessly and without accountability…it was called the “presidential slush fund”……it never made sense for a president to be making donations to schools, hospitals,etc, when that money could be channeled through the relevant ministries. Presidential donations should be from the pocket and not from tax payers money…that was plunder

    • It’s only u alone who lost confidence but us we are still in support of Lungu and Nawakwi. Dununa Reverse. hh will be sent on forced leave. Gbm to take over upnd after August lose

  3. Violence MUST be condemned regardless of the perpetrators!

    There is no acceptable violence.

    Police and ECZ must have zero tolerance to violence.

  4. President Lungu ” a criminal is a criminal regardless if they wear green, red or blue, just arrest them”. The police must bring such hooligans to book and must apply to all political parties as the President said yesterday.

  5. The PF have allegedly killed an innocent former UNZA student . Your two man party have stayed .Not a single word has come out your mouth. You have seen the worst form of selective justice from spearheaded by a man once suspended by LAZ for stealing money from a client.

  6. And why been called Ms Nawakwi at her age and she wants to manage a country when she has failed in marriage no way,just like our 2016 most incompetent and Idi0tic president of the millennium Edgar chakolwa Kaloba Wrungu failed in his law practices but then some stupid brains used pangas and machetes to impose him as the pfools presidential candidate.

  7. Mupatiziya formula…a term coined by a violent party, the UPND in 2006/7. They found their match in the PF who now clobber them for fun. Nawakwi must report this to the police and file legal papers to petition Namwala results.

  8. Just a few weeks to go and we look forward to retiring some politicans. We are tired of UPND always being involved in acts of violence. Zambians lets ensure we bring sanity to Zambia on 11 August, 2016. Lets all vote like Nega Nega residents.# dununareverse

  9. The tribalists at it again! This time we will all vote like Nega Nega tribalists. Zambians dont forget how they voted in January 2015. Lets turn up and do a # DununaReverse on tribalists.

  10. Guys, we haven’t voted yet, so no party should create an impression that they are winning. I see UPND are too excited thinking they are surely winning. That is dangerous because, if they lose which is most likely, their members will gravely devastated. Politics in Zambia like in many African countries are tribal, take it or leave it. UPND is a Tonga party with their cousins, while PF is a Bemba party with their cousins now the easterners. Check last presidential bye election results. HH had performed better because southern has an extraordinary turnout of above 50%, the rest of the provinces, the turnout was about 30%, because PF had shorter campaign period due to confusion in the process of choosing a presisidential candidate and they problems with resources. The turnout of voters in…

  11. PF your should take your own medicine you violent cadres! You think you can continue intimidating other people without a response! You are the killers that kill anything in a red brigade t-shirt. You sexually abuse a woman in Kafue, you are terrorising communities to vote for you and spending government funds with no impunity. The day of reckoning is fast approaching for you PF cadres! What goes up must always come back down! We all know Nawakwi has been in the PF pocket for a while now. Enough said.

  12. This Edith Nawakwi is a snake working with Lungu and PF.The matter is a policing issue. ZRP should investigate the alleged assault and make the necessary arrests and the culprits brought to court. At this stage ECZ has nothing to do with this case until there is a court conviction and UPND is found to be liable. I have lost respect for Edith and FDD. Edith is fighting other opposition parties and quietly working with PF to destroy HH and UPND. Lungu must go. Forward with Team HH,GBM & UPND.

    • Get out vi Tonga violent party. Dont think everyone is Tonga to support yo tribal group. Ifwe ni Lungu chabe. Unpd for Tongas only

  13. Edith Zewelani Nawakwi is just STU.PID! every time she opens her mouth something stinky comes out. Everyone knows that the perpetrators of violence are Pama Fi (PF) cadres…

  14. Nawakwi is right the remaining part is to lodge the case before the courts so we can use them as evidences should the under5 point to violence as an excuse for loosing the elections. Wapona grade seven seventeen times per hour 5 times ukulaponafye webo chita resign chabe Kikiki dununa reverse

  15. It is good this message is coming from an opposition leader. Mama Nawakwi since when did you guys put teeth into ECZ, it is the PF that had put even the little muscle that it is reflexing over the late fielding/registration of prospective MPs. We need you the opposition parties together with any ruling part to sit and work out the powers of the ECZ. But it should not and cannot be above our Supreme Court. This narrative that Edgar Lungu must be everywhere and control violence is absurd to say the least where is the violent illiterate Veep of HH? He should be the first to be chided. Because HH has chosen and endorsed a violent and insolent Veep. Birds of the same feathers flock together.

  16. Edith Nawakwi Is working with the visionless and violent Lungu to have HH &UPND disqualified from participating in these elections so that Lungu can be declared winner and President and Nawakwi can be appointed Cabinet Minister in Lungu’s govt. Both Nawakwi and Lungu know that they have lost this election to HH. Their remaining trump card is to either have ECZ disqualify HH or rig these elections infavour of Lungu and Nawakwi.A scheme is underway to steal votes from HH to Nawakwi so that they create an artificial Presidential Election Run off. This is a copy and paste job from Zimbabwe. Thats what Bob did In 2008 and made sure the Run Off was extremely violent and opposition MDC T party was forced to withdraw from the race and the election was declared null and void and a Government of…

    • Get out vi Tonga violent party. Dont think everyone is Tonga to support yo tribal group. Ifwe ni Lungu chabe. Unpd for Tongas only

  17. Scarface,Ecz,Nega Nega iya banoko,Sydney masengo,HH techilema,trespho chitamfya and kudos congratulations to you guys for been If1buba of the century together with Edgar Chakolwa cockroach Kaloba Vodka Wrungu.

  18. Nawakwi is right. ECZ needs to be given more power. There is no way that a party candidate that directly affected the ability of another candidate to campaign can be allowed to continue. Its not fair and the rule of law must surely be applied here. Please Nawakwi sue this woman whether she wins or not. This a straight forward case that can result in the nullification of the results.

  19. Whats up with UPND supporters, they are always on the wrong side of the fence even on issues they know they should support. Its high time they started attracting other people, but the thing is they are full of themselves. We see this even in our offices. Lets condemn violence at all costs

  20. Edith Nawakwi is right to complain but maybe her approach maybe amateurish. Let me help out here.
    You see, the position of ECZ is that they cannot take action until the police conclude the investigation. But then is it fair that Moono Lubezhi has maimed her opponent, is campaigning freely and likely to be elected member of parliament. There is enough circumstantial evidence to take some interim actions. Come on ECZ, you have powers to do something. It’s not a question of finding Lubezhi guilty or not guilty befire you take action. The fact is one party is not abke to campaign because of political violence. ECZ is within its rights to suspend the campaign and postpone the parliamentary election in that constituency until
    1. the police conclude investigation and
    2. Ms Kabongomana…

  21. ECZ is within its rights to suspend the campaign and postpone the parliamentary election in that constituency until
    1. the police conclude investigation and
    2. Ms Kabongomana recovers fully and is able to resume her campaign.
    ECZ has postponed elections before for various reasons including very bad weather or inaccessibility, or death of an opponent. Come on Priscilla Isaacs, my good and respected iron lady, we need justice here, where are you? It will also send a strong signal to violent people.

  22. The common factor in the political violent wind being witnessed in the country today, like never before, is the UPND. The party is highly charged with the Mapatizya formula syndrome with an ill-conceived ploy to getting to plot one through the backdoor by quashing any progressive party with opposing views to campaigning in their former “so called” strongholds.
    They have adopted a deceptive methodology of campaigning that are aimed at framing, staging and actively engaging in violence activities from UNZA, CBU, STREETS and EVERYWHERE while playing victims in the eyes of the unsuspecting members of the public. Mark my words, Nawakwi is mature politically than spooky HH. But iyi yeve niya ECL! Viva ECL!

  23. William tekereb anda+gbm+judge ngoma+scorpion kadobi+mapatizya formula=upnd will lose…only hh can’t c he is leading violent grade 7 failures

  24. Last week a UNZA graduate Mr Malesu Mukonka was buried in Namwala after being killed by PF cadres who attacked him around UNZA. Mrs Nawakwi should be fair. Please condemn all violence, even from FDD.

  25. @25 Muzovu, which candidates and which constituency were involved so that we ask ECZ to suspend the elections there? Otherwise let the police handle that one.

  26. Edith Nawakwi and Felix Mutati stands a better chance of becoming Zambia’s president than HH,GBM and Nevers. That is in 2021 after ECL. NB: On PF ticket.

  27. Why is it that posters for PF are not vandalised, you see billboards for ECL everywhere, but when it comes to UPND they are torn into pieces, a case in point as you enter Ndola from the traffic circle near Hillcrest, there was a bill board erected way up cars pass under there day and night, I was disappointed to see it torn the following day. All posters for UPND are either defaced or torn, but for PF they are intact, any one seen wearing red T shirt even if it plain is viewed with suspicion, but you see many riff ruffs adorning worksuit, insulting people, intimidating them more especially Ku bus rank, we are not kids we know who is violent, even if trolls try to paint UPND black, many people are disappointed with PF, last time I and my family voted PF, awe sure!

  28. Most of these adorning PF suits are not even registered, PF were supposed to encourage peaceful campaigns, alas its the opposite, some of us are nonpartisan, but only interested seeing the right candidate winning. Most of these chaps trying to beat people into submission are just trying to hide behind PF, they are criminals, if the situation is not controlled, we risk having a vigilante type of atmosphere being entrenched, remember in Haiti under Papa Doc Duvalier, a medical doctor who use the ‘Ton ton macoutes’ a vigilante force who acted as enforcers brutalising the people at large.

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