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Emmanuel Mwamba jokes about Lionel Messi

Headlines Emmanuel Mwamba jokes about Lionel Messi

emmanuel mwamba

Argentina and Barcelona footballer Lionel Messi has been sentenced to 21 months in prison for tax fraud. Zambia’s ambassador to South Africa , Emmanuel Mwamba, made a joke about it, parodying the The Post newspaper closer due to alleged tax evasion.

He posted the following on social media:

“As a Diplomat I wish to protest the jailing of Lionel Messi.

This is because the timing is wrong.

The league is just about to open and Barcelona has various cups to defend.

I think this is an action against the development of football and smacks of persecution.

The league provides good health to millions around the world and the the millions might fall seriously ill because of this injustice.

I am rallying my fellow Diplomats to copy n paste my protest against this injustice and sign as their copy and release simultaneously for maximum effect”




  1. Katondo Boys was left out of the nomination for MP as a strategic move by PF to rig elections. The characters who will be used for Rigging include Emmanuel Mwamba and Davis Chama. These two criminals should be carefully watched on election day and the days following. If possible, they should be kidnapped until after the results are announced. These are the guys who will plant stooges at the tallying center to manipulate numbers.

    • A so-called diplomat who can`t understand basic terminologies.Messi has been sentenced and not jailed! What an ignorant post by a chap who survives on tax payers.

    • Emmanuel, your sentiments are misplaced. In the same vain, do you realize that the closure of The Post by Lungu via ZRA is ill timed as it short stalls freedom of expression in a critical period like this one when we are running up to your retirement?

    • What an arsehole, this munungu! How can Zambian taxpayers money be wasted on this parasite who spends all his time blogging. He is a total masipa.

    • Mmembes/Posts tax arrears forgiven by Sata be reviewed. Tax bill for Post of $97 million was written off by Sata in 2011. Please ECL immediately after wining einstate the tax bill on 12th Aug 2016

    • Yaku ba @Blago! What are you playing at? So when Pistorius was SENTENCED to 6 years in prison HE WAS NOT JAILED!!! Ala mulekwatako insoni mwabantu!

  2. I support your view, Honorable Emmanuel Mwamba! It is a retrogressive move by Spain and an injustice verdict to football! The Post Newspaper should echo your protest and put this on the front page of their paper! Ambassadors should also reprimand Spain for trying to destroy football! The timing is wrong! World Cup matches are about to kick off too!

  3. So childish from the so-called Diplomat. Diplomats must behave and conduct themselves in respectful manner and not reduce themselves into a satirist with the intention of propping up some political party. This boy loves publicity. Grow up Emma!!!

    • The chosen one as you may think but you are the Forsaken One. Don’t you realise that defending tax evaders is a very serious position to take. The problem is that you do not understand the Crime Fred Mmembe was committing. To help you understand, he was deducting tax (paye) from his poor employee’s slave wages then use it to enrich himself instead of remitting to ZRA. With VAT he collects the tax on behalf of the Government (Zambian people) on a tax invoice then the customer who is issued with the tax invoice will claim the same tax amount from the Government. In the meantime Fred Mmembe is not remitting the tax which has been claimed and paid out by the Government.
      That is the reason I see HH to be the dullest of all the presidential aspiring candidates for blindly defending a crime…

  4. If you are referring to the post then you’ve missed it all together. What well meaning Zambians are complaining about is the unfairness by ZRA. Justice must not just be done BUT it must be seen. Is the post newspaper the only media house owing ZRA in this country? If yes, then that’s fine but if not, then that’s where the Zambian people and i mean well meaning Zambians are finding it difficult to understand. Where is Daily mail, Times of Zambia, ZNBC? does it mean public institutions are not supposed to pay tax?

    • This is were the fallacy is. It is not about the Post v State-owned media houses. You are better off comparing the Post to any other private Company owing ZRA…

    • Dombwa, Daily mail, Times of Zambia and ZNBC are institutions owned the Government or are collectively Government’s baby while The Post is a Private Company. Secondly, the Post had a debt of about ZMK16 Billion written off by the same PF Government not too long ago. So how far do you want the Post be helped when other private media houses are paying?


    • If the individual telling the joke were squeaky clean then there would be sense but this is the crook who was involved in the hologram scandal whilst at Ministry of Information!!

    • @Jay Jay.You selfsame person can not fathom that the joke is on you lazy bums who are blinded by right wing politics.Your selfsame key board critique approach is corrupted by myopic understanding of present day local and global politics and they correlate.

      I thank you

  6. The ultimate opportunist hyena.

    Mawmba will fly to zambia first class numerous times for a photo opertunity with fake investor’s with cooked up projects.

    Like the photo op he came for about free Internet access for lusaka.

    Like the photo op he came for with farmers he promised to give land in zambia.

  7. Kikikiki kikikiki post hero worshippers thats joke u are going to bed let the us govt send a enovy to Spain and tell them that is wrong time cause euro Gamez are on and the LA liga is just starting the whole world has to see messi display his skills gud nite kachemas

  8. I hope Emmanuel Mwamba will laugh or parody when his illuminati ritual killing PF musicians will be jailed for failing to pay tax to ZRA from money they are earning from singing for PF and Lungu. The day is coming under Hh, they will be made to account.

  9. On another important note for blind followers of the West political correctness.The Iraq war was based on fraud intelligence.Read,it is all over international news and there is a lot of terminology like I will be there for you for whatever!

    • I read the declassified memo of Tony Blair to Bush.That sounded like two gay lovers promising to stand by each through thick and thin.This selfsame people have caused a lot of misery in the middle east.Unfortunately they happen to be role models of democracy as understood by activists out to criticize African government policies.Damn it,the West must own up and take those selfsame war criminals to the Hague for lying to the world in order to start a war.
      I thankyou #jayjay lies

  10. Nice one Emmanuel! Give it back to them. Of course we know that in Spanish law, this could earn Messi a reprieve (as the sentence is less than 2 years) but I bet he still has to “pay back the money”.

    • @Bululu, the bottom line is both are not paying back the money. Terminologies are odious when you have poor people not getting what they deserve from tax fraudsters, tax evaders, tax defaulters and tax dodgers…

  11. I wish he wont protest again very soon when all government leaders (former leaders after 11.08.16) will be asked to account for tax returns on the millions they made while in government.

  12. Which other diplomat in the world even tried to crack a joke about this. The man is not a diplomat he is just another PF cadre posted abroad to embarrass us. Messi will never even spend a night in jail so the joke is even based on a misunderstanding of how the law operates in Spain. Notice our so called diplomat elected not to mention the fact that Messi and Father continue to run their company without police invading their offices armed to the teeth. The Spanish government has not closed the company sending 1500 Spaniards into unemployment.

  13. The Post should be chastised for their perfidious actions. Their ignominious behavior is tantamount to aggravated robbery. No one is above the law.

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