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Lusaka wife divorces abusive husband, he once threatened to kill her using a hammer whilst she was sleeping

Headlines Lusaka wife divorces abusive husband, he once threatened to kill her using...

Court hammer

“My husband is irresponsible, he constantly forces me to have sex with him and then beats me ruthless”, wife begs court to dissolve her marriage.

This is in a case which Catherine Miti, 31 of Chawama Township sued her husband Bernard Miti, 36 of Chibolya compound for divorce. Bride price was paid.

The couple has been on separation for seven months now and together they have one child.

Catherine told the court that she has never enjoyed her marriage since 2013, the time when she got married to Bernard.
Catherine told the court that she wanted the court to dissolve her marriage, saying she is scared living with a man who has threatened to kill her using a hammer whilst she is sleeping.

She told the court that her husband was also in the habit of telling her that beating a wife is a sign of love.
“My husband is very ungrateful; I serve him sex but as soon as we finish having it, he will start beating me for no reason. He would bring up all sorts of accusations that I am sleeping with his best friend Gerald ,” she told the court.
She complained that her husband does not respect her feelings and emotions.

“My husband has also developed the habit of selling the household goods I bought using my hard earned monies, I am just tired living with a man who doesn’t care about my value,” she said.

She also claimed that her husband was an irresponsible man who did not care about the welfare of his own child.
But in his defense, Bernard a newspaper vendor pleaded with his wife to forgive him adding that he regrets the pain he had caused in Cathrine’s life.

He accused his wife for deliberately depriving him his conjugal rights for more than six months.

Passing judgment, Magistrate Gaston Kalala upheld claim for divorce and granted Catherine child custody.
Bernard was ordered to pay Catherine with K8, 000 as compensation with an initial installment of K800 to be followed by K500 starting July month end.

“You will be maintaining your Child K250 starting July month end,” Said Kalala.




  1. It is very difficult understanding the Bemba culture. GBM comes from the same background of wife beating.

    • Way to go lady! When a woman recognizes her value, she owns her own life, the gateway to success and happiness.

      Chama GBM take note.

    • This woman is unfair! she decides to leave the Hubby soon he is Jobless. this miti thing used to work The Post. life is hard. even marriages are affected

  2. Miti is now Bemba I notice from @Buck Teeth Lungu. Anyway, it is hilarious to imagine a guy given conjugal rights immediately rubbishing his most intimate engagement. What is wrong with these Afrikan men kanshi?? And this Miti imitates the worst role model and overdoes things. No civility at all…

    • What do you mean by it doesnt sound Zambian? Its not a word from the local language, what did you expect. How about Photosynthesis, does it sound Zambian?

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