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Be categorical on your alliance student body tells PF and MMD

General News Be categorical on your alliance student body tells PF and MMD

The Zambian National Students Union has cautioned PF Elections Chairperson Jean Kapata to stop confusing the electorates with false information in a bid to woo voters.

In a statement ZANASU Vice President Prince Ndoyi said Ms Kapata is confusing electorates with her claims that there is no alliance between the PF and the MMD when it has been reported on several occasions that there is an alliance between the two parties.

“As the Zambia National Students Union (ZANASU) we would like to caution PF election Chairperson Jean Kapata to stop confusing the electorates with false hoods as they desperately try to woo voters to their side.

“We are commenting on the statement attributed to Ms Kapata last evening on ZNBC news, it is very confusing to hear the Elections Chairperson of Patriotic Front (PF) saying the PF is not in an alliance with the MMD when it is all over in the press that the MMD and PF are in an alliance to help the PF presidential candidate survive the 50%+1 threshold. Now the electorates are confused to hear a senior member of the party saying all those candidates standing on MMD must stop supporting the PF President or using the PF president’s face on their posters. These people are so disorganised and we urge them to come out in the open on what it is they are doing,” he said.

He advised the PF leadership and their friends from the MMD to clear the air so as not to mislead voters into voting for falsehoods.

“We are very disappointed with that news item, and for the sake of the electorates it is imperative for the PF leadership and their counterparts from MMD to clear the air so that electorates are not mislead into supporting falsehoods. President Lungu must put his house in order or else risks being faced with a rude shock,” he said.

He added “Finally, it is a warning to political parties that they refrain from instigating and inciting violence and unrests just for purposes of political mileage. If they love this country why are they so trigger happy. The media must also desist from sensationalising stories or else they may set this country ablaze. Let them report facts and desist from creating things that are a recipe for unrest.”

The student body’s concerns comes in the wake of candidates from the PF in a number of constituencies including Munali, Mandevu, Chitambo among others fighting candidates from the MMD who have been campaigning for the PF Presidential candidate Edgar Lungu.


  1. Nosenses Mutati and RB are f00ls. I mean why being used by PF? Rupiah nows that Mutati has no influence whenever and wherever not even in his own house the big man is an Empty tins grabing the party from Nevers only to sell it and at last being dumped.

    • And which pseudo students are these, from the gutter?? The actual students at CBU and UNZA will not be fooled by PF this time around.

  2. Very clear and objective messages from the students, timely advise as well. Especially on political violence, this needs to be condemned strongly and demonstrated against and supported unequivocally by the state security wings. We continue to supplicate our heavenly father, the Lord Jesus Christ, for peace in our great land of Zambia.

  3. Mwalasa ,we need clarification on this issue,we don’t want to be fooled.you ve done us enough.

  4. What do you expect.The legal MMD is still with Nevers and stractures.The mutati or Rupiah gong’a mmd known as the:movement for mutati democracy has no stractures on the ground.The MMD Electoral College that elects the Party President and NEC is made by officials from the grass root stractures-Consitituences,Disticts,Provinces,All MPs and the existing current out-going NEC just before they desolve.This was not the case with this Lungu and Rupiah sponsored gong’a convention.Mutati was still and is still expelled together with naïve Mbulakulima and Nakacinda both still suspended.Mbulakulima has even stood on PF Ticket as MP.He has abandoned Mutati and group.Besides the case is in Court pending determination

  5. What do you expect from this confused woman except creating more confusion?

    As a Minister of Tourism she has managed to chase away more tourists from Zambia than she has attracted, even after spending vast amounts of taxpayers money travelling all over the world as a tourist herself!

    She is one of the prime examples of the Ministers that Sata called fools!

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