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Tuesday, January 21, 2020

Upgrade for Kenneth Kaunda Airport on schedule-Sikaulu

Economy Upgrade for Kenneth Kaunda Airport on schedule-Sikaulu

VVIP Presidential terminal building foundation works   underway at the new KKIA
VVIP Presidential terminal building foundation works underway at the new KKIA

Zambia Airports Corporation says the works to expand the Kenneth Kaunda Airport are on schedule and that construction will be completed in 2019.

Corporation Communication and Brand Manager Mweembe said the biggest airport in the country would have a new international terminal, air traffic control tower, rescue and fire services as well as two hotels within the airport.

“Everything is going on schedule and we expect construction to be completed in 2019. An airport is a gateway to any destination, hence we want Kenneth Kaunda Airport to become a hub in Africa,” said Ms. Mweembe.

Kenneth Kaunda International Airport in Lusaka, Zambia, is undergoing a US$360 million expansion project that will see passenger-handling capacity increasing to six million.

The airport currently handles two million passengers annually.

She said the Chinese-funded project is already under way, with the foundation level complete.

Ms. Mweembe said the existing airport infrastructure would be turned into a domestic terminal.

She said one hotel located in one of the wings of the airport would be a three-star facility while the other, to be built outside the airport, would be a five-star facility with conferencing rooms.

Ms. Mweembe said the airport was being expanded to bring convenience to visitors and create direct flights with different markets.

“The new airport will be shaped like an eagle which is the Zambian trademark,” she said adding that the project was meant to spearhead not only economic development in the Southern African country, but ensure tourism growth.

Meanwhile, Ms. Mweembe said the aviation authority was working on additional projects at the country’s other airports, namely Copperbelt International Airport (Ndola) and Mfuwe Airport.

She said construction was due to begin at Copperbelt Airport later this year at an estimated cost of $397 million.

“This will be a green field airport with a new area of construction having been identified and new runways to be constructed. It will also have one hotel outside,” she said adding that the shape of the new airport was inspired by mineral exploration in the region.

The new KKIA VVIP Presidential terminal building  foundation works underway
The new KKIA VVIP Presidential terminal building foundation works underway

Computer images of the new KKIA terminal building under  construction
Computer images of the new KKIA terminal building under construction

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    • The GBV Chief and his party has explicitly said they will kill off all infrastructure projects to recover their campaign funds as he did at MoD during his Defense Minister tenure. HH also says his South African Boer sponsors must recover their money first in the first term if ever Zambia risk their country with them. They say common man doesn’t need roads, hospitals, schools, veterinary services, bridges or new airports.

    • Senior citizen

      You are sounding more desperate and incoherent these days, have all but given up on sensible blogging ?

    • Senior citizen is off his dementia drugs of late. The nursing has not been watching him closely. He’s been speaking gibberish a lot.

    • @Spaka like lilo and @Gringo I though I was alone in noticing how senile this octogenarian has become! Very soon, he will need nappies to use to write more comfortably!

    • Total lies from PF srooges. An airport whose construction should have started 4 days after Sata won in 2011 cannot be on schedule if it is still on foundations 5 years later.

  1. Well done PF government for these important hallmark projects, God willing HH will commission KKIA in 2019:-)

  2. Too bad the KALOBA PAYMENTS are behind schedule!

    Our children will have to pay them back out of their meagre earnings.

    Thanks for bankrupting Zambia PF. Just so Lungu can have his OWN VVIP AIRPORT.

  3. Just unsustainable borrowing everywhere..sonta how you will pay for this? Brand manager my foot…i wonder how much in kickbacks Lazy Lungu and Kaizer, Mulenga Sata got from this?

    • $25m at the last count. Mulenga Sata just joined UPND, just as junior RB did, as a hedge against prosecution should HH win.

  4. Edger Lungu’s Government has failed to pay contractors countrywide meaning none of them and there families will vote for him apart from vision less civil servants and Kaponyas

    • It can’t be better when we have Kenneth Kaunda, Harry Mwaanga Nkumbula. So Simon Mwansa Kapwepwe will just be in order.

  5. These guys are working very hard. There is a vernacular saying which directly translates as “The one who never appreciates is a child of a witch!” (“The person who does not acknowledge the good being done is a child of a witch!”)

  6. With this kind of leadership, we can transform Zambia into an oasis of peace and hub of economic power of Southern Africa! Please keep on working on tolerance and development and we will soon be there! God bless GRZ and the people of Zambia.

    • Airports are just buildings- they don’t add to GDP,they don’t give you more kilowatt hrs and they don’t add industries.Ask Ivory Coast what their expensive fancy cathedral has brought them in 20yrs?

  7. Hey ba ZAA -airports ,fancy airports don’t in and of themselves gurantee an air travel hub status.Zambia needs tourism development,attracting industries,more FDI and economic development for more poor Zedians to afford air travel.

    Right now with poor growth and poorly managed Zambian economy you ain’t taking the air travel hub crown from Jomo Kenyatta or Oliver Tambo airports.

  8. VVIP terminal where?I can only see 10Bricks of 10 mud from the ground and metals that look njanji zaku Tazara.Where is the airport that we where promised to finnished by 2016?

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