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ECZ suspends campaigns in Lusaka and Namwala districts

Headlines ECZ suspends campaigns in Lusaka and Namwala districts

UPND cadres along Cairo road as they march to Chawama
UPND cadres along Cairo road as they march to Chawama

The Electoral Commission of Zambia has suspended campaigns in Lusaka and Namwala districts.
During the suspension,there shall be no public rallies ,meetings,processions or door to door campaigns.All branded campaign motor vehicles in Lusaka and Namwala Districts are to be parked and shall not be used for any purpose.

Below is the full press release

Suspension of campaigns in lusaka and Namwala districts

The electoral commission of Zambia has observed with dismay the rise in political violence in some districts which has regrettably resulted in injury,loss of life and property; Lusaka and Namwala districts have been of particular concern.

In exercise of its powers under section 28 (2) of the Electoral Process Act no. 35 of 2016,the Commission has decided to suspend campaigns in the whole of Lusaka District and Namwala District for ten (10) days with effect from today , 9th July,2016 to 18 th July 2016.

During the suspension,there shall be no public rallies ,meetings,processions or door to door campaigns. Further, all branded campaign motor vehicles in Lusaka and Namwala Districts should be parked and shall not be used for any purpose.

Campaigns shall be restricted to electronic and print media publicity and hate speech will not be entertained. The Commission urges the Zambia Police to ensure that political parties and candidates comply with this directive.

The Commission has also received reports of political violence in Mazabuka,Monze and Gwembe Districts and would like to sternly warn political parties and candidates in the said districts to desist from violence,failure to which campaigns will also be suspended.
The commission hereby re-iterates the need for peace before,during and after the elections the elections as violence not only endangers the lives of innocent citizens but will also result in voter apathy.The Commission will not hesitate to suspend campaigns in any other district in which violence is promoted.

The Commission appeals to all political party leaders to counsel and control their cadres in the interest of making peace in country.

Crispin N Akufuna
Public Relations Manager
Electoral commission of Zambia


    • Too many people worshipers in Zambia. What needs to be banned is regalia featuring candidates’ likenesses. It’s ignorance at its best.

    • Good! Hope this will teach the UPND cadres that aggressiveness is not the best solution. They should use this time to reflect on their behavior.

    • Kikikiki prior launching their thuggery project yesterday Wanzelu Cam Mweetwa was on every social media thread saying if Police stops us, lets go war them. You ask what you get there is another one sacrificed many more thugs to go as if Muntanga is not enough. Anyways, in General elections season closer to the ballot day HH guided by his Mansonic spirits always maims some senior members. In 2015 it was Secretary General Winstone Chibwe supplemented by Deputy SG, Kachunga Simusamba. This year he has started the sacrifice season with Muntanga but certainly not enough. Watch this space someone in the rank and file is going if not Scottone of the senior UPND members is to be sacrificed spiced with more cadres. Lets pray for deliverance in this party.

    • Holding elections in a messed up country like Zambia is a waste of time and resources. How do you`ve foreigners on voters register?
      Even this move is just meant to frustrate the opposition, because the perpetrators of violence are PF cadres. Glad my children are not Zambians.

    • The all elections will be suspended. HH maybe arrested. I made quatrain calculations.
      Remember, Nostradamus make close errors. Our life occurrence calculus is not prophetic.

    • The police were not arbitrary in their assessment of the situation in chawama. Remember what happened in matero when Upnd had a rally there, they overpowered the police and ransacked Pf office,

    • It’s common sense and knowledge that this violence being experienced is perpetrated by the PF entire structure organisation! The weakness lies in the head of state and his, yes his ECZ! The police are not helping matters for theirs is to provide protection to PF thuggery. It’s plain to the alert minded to decipher what is happening with this election period. The desperation is with the PF and not among the opposition parties!

    • Too late to stop campaigns and achieve the PF required result. Similarly too late to close the Post. The whole nation is already singing the UPND chorus of “Zambia Forward”. Lusaka is mostly enlightened people who will vote for the right thing even if they were to completely stop campaigns until 11.08.16. The whole nation is on fire for change. Sorry folks.

  1. What more can we accept from a Genetically Modified Basturd and his violent teachings? These UPND FO0LS are killing the election spirit. Look at the consequences of this violence now. ECZ good call

    • Mr Ku.nyos: You remain an Ar.se and sh.it as you always have been. Cursed is the stinking va.gina that produced you on this earth!! Death to you mother fu.cker!!

    • Chilyata#

      How is that language going to help UPND.

      Can you channel you energy to something positive

  2. And all PF posters should be broughtdown during tnis period. The POLICE should no longer be involved in allowing or disallowing so called permits until they learn how to use rubber bullets before usinv live bullets………!! Ba ECZ, when are you hoing yo reprimand ZNBC kaili?

    • The suspension only applies to UPND. This directive is meant to incapacitate the surge of UPND in Lusaka. All along when PF ECZ Lungu Police thought UPND was non existent in Lusaka, all was well until they saw the tsunami of fearless UPND stalwarts.

      Lungu PF you cannot shoot and kill an idea whose time has come!

      Aluta continua…..Amandla ngawetu….viva solidarity!!

    • The suspension gives Lungu freedom to conduct his campaign in Lusaka under pretext of his office! Let’s see if the many ECL 2016’s vehicles will also be parked as ECZ has not defined “markings”

  3. In Namwala it is UPND against FDD while in Lusaka it is UPND against police! You can draw your own conclusions!

    • Kabwa: You are just an Ar.se and sh.it! Cursed is the stinking va.gina that produced you on this earth!! Death to you mother fu.cker!!

    • @Chilyata:
      The way you behave together with your leadership shows that your party UPND is more of a REBEL MOVEMENT than an opposition political party! You are rotten in the head. On Friday your party president came and mobilized innocent UNZA students for only K100 notes to come and make noise at campus and disturbed my class! Your leader is overeating himself mate big time! He thinks he can instigate the movement which led to 1991 elections by students! Advise him boy that it won’t happen! How many innocent souls are you going to sacrifice?






  5. Way to go! When something starts resulting in loss of life we need to STOP,THINK before going ahead again. Some new reports coming from some Districts of Southern Province are indicating violence based on beating people based on ethnicity especially those heard speaking Bemba or Nyanja. We are headed for dangerous times unless these political “leaders” take responsibility and restore order. It is a shame!!

    • You are wan.king mother fuc.ker! So why isnt Chimpyongo and Shiwangandu that nearly brought a plane down NOT cited? We know ECZ are selective and are doing the bidding and rigging for Lungu! No matter what, PF aR.SES are going on 8/11

    • @6.1 Chilyata, it pains you coz you want violence to continue so that you have an excuse to spill more blood! Who was injured or killed in Shiwangandu? Please don’t transmit your culture of being a “wan.king mother fuc.ker!’ to others. Your insults just show how well you fit the description of your own insults! Namwala they beat up a candidate for FDD breaking her arm,in Lusaka a person has died and you want to continue with more?? Insult and see if the campaigns will be authorised before planned time…people who are being beaten for belonging to some ethnic groups are sending messages to their relatives and you think people will be foolish to vote for some one segregating & victimizing their relatives?? Wait and see…!I am neither PF nor UPND but a Zambian interested in Unity and…

  6. Peace at last! Thank you ECZ for coming to rescue of ZP IG who looked clueless in the face of escalating violence. In a civilized society this clown should have resigned forthwith. And shame on the Republican President for failing to protect citizens despite having the instruments of power. Or need we say shame on ECL for abusing the instruments of power by unleashing the force of the police on helpless citizens. It’s a shame that this nation which since its birth proudly carried the tag of beacon of peace is now joining a long queue of troubled African states.

  7. Remember, change of Government in Zambia is through the ballot not the street. This is constitutional. Meet you at the polling booth; that’s were the fight takes place. If you choose the streets disobeying the POA with impunity, you will face the long arm of the law and if you become violent, police will not guarantee your safety. You will find yourselves in the morgue lifeless. We should conduct and promote political not warfare campaigns. That’s the hash truth.

    • Remember, change of Government in Zambia is through the ballot not the PF Lungu BULLET.

      Violence begets violence. Zambians are very violent and intolerant people. They hide these grizzly traits in a veneer of Christianity. Tribe and greed is king. Institutions are corrupted and compromised.

      Why hasn’t ECZ to date banned violent PF campaigns? Now that UPND has shown that they are up to the challenge from PF hooliganism they use their powers to save Lungu egg nest…..Shaa!

  8. There has never been these levels of violence ever since the birth of our young democracy.
    UPND and HH have been present throughout our young democracy without this biolence. Only now with PF and lungu appearing do we have unprecedented levels of violence.

    • This is Lungus plan to steal the election.

      First give the ECZ immunity from prosecution.

      Then silence the Post newspaper.

      And then use police to cancel a UPND rally at the last minute when they can do nothing about it to provoke violence.

      And now they can use public media resources while the opposition has no voice.

      Well planned strategy.

  9. Yeah….. Sometime in January 2015 just after midnight when results were announced, a horde of Gentleman walked into Rhapsody smiling saying we have taught them a lesson. Chris was among them. The chap is compromised.

  10. That explains why the UPND rallies were banned in Chawama and Kanyama. The shootings and mudering of an innocent girl were planned as an excuse to ban campaigning in Lusaka and Namwala.The suspension are meant to help Lungu who has not been campaigning seriosly anyway and disadvantage Team HH, GBM and UPND who have been campaigning vigorously and attracting huge crowds. Lungu does not want to see mammoth crowds at HH rallies in Lusaka and Namwala. How can ECZ just suspend campaigning in these areas without a reason and also determining who is the culprit. Its a well known fact that trained PF thugs have been planted in ZRP and issued with Police Uniform and guns. These are the thugs who are causing violence thru out the country. How can ECZ suspend campaigns b4 investigating and…

  11. Thanks ECZ! Thanks for working up. But are suspensions indefinite? Sad development on the other hand; Zambians, learn to be patriotic. Patriotism puts the interest of the country first and our personal gains second. The level of intolerance and bitterness from the HH’s UPND is alarming and worrying at the same time. HH’s UPND is the worst party Zambia has ever witnessed. MMD, ZADECO, MAZOKA’s UPND and the SATA’s PF have once been involved in heavily contested polls; behold, they exhibited impeccable resolute to understand and appreciate the need to be civil. I hope there was a better way to solve this issue.

    • HH was present during 4 or 5 elections and there was no violence at these levels.

      Now lungu appears and we have unprecedented levels of violence.

    • Upnd has ever been a violent grouping. Remember neganega saga. Whatever the case Upnd lost these elections kudala. They are participating to be certified losers

    • Understand the bitterness of being beaten clean by the newbie and the seeming impending whipping of UPNDestruction on the 8/11 polls by the PF. The call on Armageddon by HH’ s UPNDestruction. The declaration of SP as a no go area for people with views opposite to HH’s. The battering of an FDD woman in western Province. The slapping of an innocent marketeer at chisokone, the standoff between the UPND and traffic police and police in general at every chance they get.

    • On the second thought, don’t blame the referee, he is just following the prescribed rules for a clean and near credible game, blame the player(s); they need to grow up. HH’s UPNDestruction is a total political sham!! I hate chaps with no regard for authority and the rule of law. Remember rules were made for man.

  12. Excellent,ba ECZ though the duration is too short.i wld va been better to suspend the campaigns in lusaka til 12th of August.ifyabupufya ati political campaign people s lives are at stake bamumbwa imwe.Those people u re fighting for their ambitions re content and enjoying cold beers while u re been injured.Fight for ur own lives by working hard and improve ur life men! policiticians are all the same and self.leave them to fight their own battles.

  13. The poor young gal’s life could have been saved if this move was taken area. Way forward, ECZ should ban the ferrying of cadres from one region to the other. It is in my good understanding to say that the violence in Lusaka was instigated by the UPNDestruction from the political intolerant SP. But poor ECZ, how could you possibly tell. I hope you consulted widely to arrive at that decision. Poor, aspiring Councillors, Mayors and MPs. ECZ, kindly reconsider for the benefit of first timers.

  14. How about dispensing with public rallying altogether in Zambia?

    Find the best practices in campaigning.

    • Public rallies are important for candidates to put forward their manifestos!

      Better to ban meaningless posters and chitenges that have no message at all other than trying to promote a personality cult!

      North Korea is a good example.

  15. SHAME ON ECZ – this would not have been had you taken the rightful place of curbing bad behavior from the beginning, but no you sat and watched and now the blood of those who have died is on you – what a useless bunch of people

  16. Ecz has suspended campaigns for all parties because of Upnd. In namwala and other sp districts it’s all about tribal and beating up fdd candidate. In Lusaka it’s Upnd and state Dr failure to observe law and order. What a violent grouping. Shame to all those still supporting this lawlessness Upnd.

  17. Why not declare a state of emergency and suspend all political activity for ever? That way Lungu and his drinking buddies will never have to do a single day of work again

  18. On the second thought, don’t blame the referee, he is just following the prescribed rules for a clean and near credible game, blame the player(s); they need to grow up. Well in this case, don’t hate the game, hate the player. HH’s UPNDestruction is a total political sham!! I hate chaps with no regard for authority and the rule of law. Remember rules were made for man.

  19. Police plan to search and arrest GBM tonight

    Police are on their way to surround GBM’s house and later force their way inside and search the house for anything seditious and illegal.

    A reliable source has revealed that police have been instructed to ensure that GBM is detained and later arrested for a charge which will have him in remand or prison for a longer period.

    The PF have resolved that this is the only way to stop him from campaigning as all strategies have failed.

    The source also said this time GBM will be arrested and charged with an unbailable offence so that he is completely out of the race.

  20. @10 Spaka lilo, no need for you to be economical with the truth. Finish your statement fully, you know the truth that
    UPND of yesterday had HH in control. But the UPND of today contains violent people like GBM and Gay Scot. No need for me to mention that HH is now compromised by Mmembe too. The nott.line is that HH is ni longer in vontro

    • Looks like you are not even in control of yourself!

      Maybe it it time you got the frothing from your mouth under control!

  21. @22, if the arrest of GBM will stop the violence then let it be so. One GBM behind bars to save the lives of many citizens is worth the sacrifice. As one UPND cadre Spaka lilo has obserbed correctly, UPnd was notvsuch a violent party under HH, the viloence was confined to soutbern.province for obvious reasons. But now, enter GBM, Gay scot, Mmembe and others,

  22. If HH was a man of peace he would have issued a directive to his members not to match passing hrough city centre.That is provoking the situation.They were luck if it was in the Western world those chaps would have been taught a lesson.UPND please stop this evil practice.

  23. This is simply a plot hatched by PF and ECZ to allow Lungu to get organised. Once the PF are organised to bus people from provinces the ban will be lifted. I appeal to zambians to open their eyes to what is happening. Don’t trust everything you read and see. The truth is that the opposition are well ahead of Lungu and he has become so desperate to the extent of killing innocent people. Next will be a state of emergency.

    • I agree with your assessment.

      Lungu PF police and ECZ under estimated the sheer strength of the UPND in Lusaka.

      Today, helicopters can’t land in Kampyongo Shiwangandu but ECZ won’t close Lungu campaign there or even in Eastern province.

      ECZ is a corrupt sham.

  24. This is another empty directive from this toothless organisation… watch this space as PF disobey this directive with impunity. They will hide in doing government and ministerial duties as they go about campaigning without worrying about the Police.

    So what will happen within the 10 days, and after the 10 days has elapsed? If they can’t outline consequences then this is another hollow statement. Simply delegating consequences to the police isn’t good enough.

    And I seem to recall there were reported violence in some Northern constituency of Shiwangandu or something, nothing was done then by the ECZ.

    The only people who can reign in and stop this barbaric violence is Lungu and HH themselves, and particularly Lungu. They need to issue directives to their thugs to chill…

  25. continued… They need to issue directives to their thugs to chill down and as long as the police are bias, nothing will be achieved by this hollow suspension. You cancel for 10 days and then the same violence comes right back after the 10 days. Empty!

  26. The fact is that Edgar Lungu and PF chief Police cadre Kanganja will defy this fake ECZ order and will still have PF labelled minibuses, taxis, vehicles and trucks displaying PF campaign symbols whilst PF t-shirts hats and chitenge will continue being distributed and adorned right here in Lusaka.

    This directive applies only to UPND.

  27. Time for change is now. As Zambians we need to take stock; we have had enough of this pf-induced and pf-led violence. We have only one Zambia & one Lusaka, please!

  28. I witnessed violence in Monze where UPND cadars were stoning vehicles at will. Am now starting to believe that HH is associated with bloodshed of some sort. UPND cadars in southern province are just something else. PF cadars in Lusaka are other characters. What is happening to mother Zambia. Swebo twapenga!!!

  29. HH, GBM, Scott and others have been with us through many elections and we have never seen killing people like this.
    Only when lungu becomes president do we seem violence on any citizen who chose not to support PF.

    The $2.3 million lungu has suddenly in his account seems not to be enough for him also the $10 billion owed from which they were charging zambians $1million/km instead of $400K was not enough for the thieves. Now they are ready to kill.

  30. I am PF but I honestly think UPND is being treated unfairly in This country. Even if you put gas in a closed container and keep pumping it erupts. You can’t go on cheating a party on them through denial of permits, guys, I repeat I am PF, it’s primitive. Let them have their rallies, nothing wrong was going to happen in Chawama on that day if their rally went ahead.

    • Any honest zambian can see how any opposition to PF is being systematically brutalised and dismantled.
      PF want a government with out checks and balances or questions about corruption.

      They will share the proceeds of corruption with many to silence the masses at the expense of genuine development.
      They boast of roads but we all know they have been charging us $1million/ km instead of 400K.

      Zambia is headed for doom if PF win.

    • AISHA cows better than Rats or Rdents.Muntu ni HH Ifintu ni Lungu . Indoshi Ni Lungu , nfwiti ni dracula teath Lungu.VIVA HH they are not sleeping these cowards.Bola teya bana iyo.Ati UPND ya ba Tonga they are mistaken its for all zamnian its now the A time.

  31. HH has failed to run the United Party for National Destruction (UPND). He has completely failed to manage his violent tribal party. Every right thinking Zambian has come to appreciate the fact that the appalling nature and anatomy of this party is extremely dangerous for national unity. We rebuke HH and his master Lucifer for trying to change the way we peacefully politick. The stooge has completely failed to renounce violence publicly. What kind of leader is this HH apart from the fact that he is a blood thirsty Mason? He knows no peace.

  32. With or without the help of ecz pf is out, where were these fools in ecz when the *****s in pf murdered upnd supporters

  33. You can suspend campaigns all you want. Block the Post Newspaper including thier online publication all you want. We have seen enough. Enough is enough. August 11 2016 please come early. Yes we are green outside and extremely red inside like watermelons.

  34. Judge chula, priscilla isaacs and ka spokesperson are enemies of democracy. we all know whose sponsoring violence, it is lungu and his Zambia Police. when is lungus liver failing so that we can live in peace once again in our country.

    • Lol Lol Lungu’s voice was so horse in Mazabuka.Ka Lungu is dying soon,no wonder the bible says dont put your trust in a man who leaves on bread for one he will die.Dont worry ka Lungu ka lilwala kale.

  35. its very much disappointing that pf are still mounting those big squared billboards when ECZ clearly announced that they be know campaign activities, chiwamila galu kuluma buuzi, anyway lesa wabonse.

  36. I totally support this move by ECZ, especially in Namwala. What happened to that woman was terrible and she has been disadvantaged. That Parliamentary election shouldn’t take place until she is able to campaign as well.

  37. @Nubian Princess, you have said something sensible which I too have advocated before. Wearing the regalia of presidents or political parties should be banned.

  38. Sparka you seem to forget easily….. Do you remember when people in North western province were brutalised with pangas all in the bid to fight MMD? & guess who was in front leading the cadres who really looked possesed with ten thousand demons each not any other demi god safe confessed satanist and today you say that in the last five years elections there has been no violence?? Mulabeja ka hh even started showing off that we just applied mapatizya formula so please aisha dont go there.

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