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Modorn Malitoli welcomes Sate-Sate back to Nkana

Sports Modorn Malitoli welcomes Sate-Sate back to Nkana

Nkana legend Mordon Malitoli has backed striker Ronald Kampamba’s loan move to Kalampa.

Sate Sate has rejoined Nkana on a one-year loan deal from his Egyptian club Wadi Degla.

In an interview in Kitwe, Malitoli, a retired Zambia defender, described Kampamba’s move back to Wusakile as good.

The striker returns to Zambia after unsuccessful outing in Egypt and Belgium.

“It is good he is back at his club Nkana.I am sure he will succeed. He is a very good player,” Malitoli said.

“He must prove the people that he has remained a good player even though he did not have a successful outing in Egypt and Belgium.”

Kampamba was twice top scorer in the FAZ Super Division before trekking from Nkana to Egypt early in 2015.

He spent the first half of 2016 at Belgian Second Division side Lierse on loan from Degla.

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  1. The move to Eygpt was ill advised…he was better off at home, too many of our footballers wasting their talent.

  2. Sounds like a “dununa reverse” move to me! Why do so many of our players continuously fail to compete at the international level, that’s the question that needs urgent answering…

  3. Our players do not apply themselves fully to prove the skepticals when they go to play outside the country. They don’t see the need to compete on the international level I don’t know whether it’s inferiority complex we suffer from. Anyway well come back “Sate sate”, hope you have come back with a bag full of goals.

    • Spot on, it’s inferiority complex, and secondly, they quickly start missing home where they can easily drink and show off in Chibuku. We have had too many Zambian players going abroad and fail to make a grade. What happened to the crop of players who went out and succeded, likes of Kalu, Johnstone, Charlie Musonda, Nyirenda etc. We have now remained with failures like Mbesuma, Kalaba, Sunzu, Mayuka etc who can only play in Africa or China. To me, that probably explains as to why the National team is failing to perform coz our players can’t compete at international level. Are the players

  4. It seems our players lack character to play in other countries if it was a Nigerian player he was not going to come because they have big hearts and desire to succeed away from home and their football improves all the time


  5. For some it’s just a show off that I was away from Zambia. Being away from your own Country is a challenge. you got to be way better than their locals if you wanna a noun and money for yourself. And that’s how I do it, thanks for FTJ my hero for installing guts in me.

  6. Bubble being a defender. I remember him playing Lukasu Primary to secondary at Mukuba Secondary. He went to play for Nkana before going to Egypt Zamarek as a pro. He has never been a defender but a striker.

    • Lenshina, you don’t know what you talking about. Modon is Bubble’s elder brother and was a defender. Besides, “Bubble” never played for Zamalek but Esparance in Tunisia.

  7. Lenisha, they are talking about Mordon rather than Kenneth Bubble Malitoli. I think you’ve confused the two. Anyway, the issue with us pa zed is that most of these players don’t get adequately prepared mentally so they wither away. Additionally, most of them don’t have that ‘fight’ nobukaka in them like the West Africans do. Any first sight of challenge they withdraw into themselves rather than fight on

  8. Are you not seeing same mentality in politics? You have an economic challenge and all that someone can say is that “I just pray and the Kwacha appreciates”. Similar mentality in our players. Players from other nations esp. West Africa train so hard to perfect their soccer skills. Our players pray and others turn to sangomas for similar result. It does not work friends. Sangomas everywhere including State House. What a country!!

  9. I am an ENGINEER in the diaspora doing very well and locals admire me i even recieve ma Bonus BUT FOOTBALLERS woooo…marubish chabe anyway its lack of education thus why in our 10 point campaign we have stated that each province picks a point remember we have 10 provinces and 10 points so for this bemba fool he shall pick point number 3 which says free education up to univeristy , we shall make him stop chasing that ball and remove ignorance from his head

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