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President Lungu pledges continued infrastructural development, change people’s lives

Headlines President Lungu pledges continued infrastructural development, change people’s lives

President Lungu addresses a mammoth rally in Katuba on July 13,2016 -Pictures by THOMAS NSAMA
President Lungu addresses a mammoth rally in Katuba on July 13,2016 -Pictures by THOMAS NSAMA

President Edgar Lungu has said he will ensure that the living standards of the people is above what they have now once he is re-elected into office.

President Lungu also promised that construction of roads, hospitals, clinics and schools among other infrastructural development will continue under his administration.

He said this when he addressed a public rally in Chisamba district in Central Province today.

The Head of Stated said that in order to achieve economic development for the nation he will also embrace people from all tribes of Zambia in his government as his predecessor, late President Michael Sata did.

President Lungu appealed to the people of Chisamba and the people of Zambia in general to be patient with the Patriotic Front government as it had only been in power for few years.

He also attributed the economic down turn to the low price of copper at the world market, adding that despite all these unforeseen circumstances the country has recorded a lot of success especially in infrastructural development such as schools, roads, hospitals and agriculture.

And Former Vice President, Enock Kavindele, has urged the people of Chisamba to rally behind the candidature of President Edgar Lungu in the coming August 11 general elections if they want to witness economic development in the area.

Mr Kavindele said as former Vice President he is privy to how the nation is governed and that President Lungu is on course in the way he is leading the nation.

He has since urged the Zambian people not to experiment with leadership, adding that changing government in the next elections will retard economic motion of the country as the new government will need time to settle and learn how to govern.

Later President Lungu, addressed a public rally in Katuba Constituency with a call on the people of Katuba to maintain peace during and after the elections.

President Lungu urged the people of Katuba to co-exist among themselves regardless of their political affiliation.

He said Katuba, just like any other district in the country, will receive equal development as long as he remains in office.

President Lungu said he was optimistic that he will win the general elections owing to his government’s quest to uplift the living standards of the people and infrastructural development that the PF administration has initiated in the country.

He has reaffirmed his commitment to complete all infrastructural development projects that the government embarked on since 2011.

The Head of State today visited and inspected developmental projects and addressed rallies in Kembe, Chisamba and Katuba.

He was accompanied by his wife, Ester, Former Vice President, Enoch Kavindele, Special Assistant for politics, Keizer Zulu and his Press Aide, Amos Chanda, among other senior government and party officials.


  1. Iwe Lungu don’t cheat people that you will continue with you reckless expenditure on your so called infrastructure development. IMF is coming with its austerity measures and whichever party will be in government will have to dance to the tune of IMF! Bufi alemibepa imwe ba cadre uyu shetani kabolala! He won’t have to borrow recklessly again and I can rest assure people if this idi0t continues we are dead!

    • Infrastructure development based on borrowing and now IMF is waiting to bailout Zambia and you are busy promising heaven. What a shame and when are you apologizing for the state killing that innocent woman.

    • With the lawlessness we are seeing even that IMF bailout may be withheld. Good governance is one of the key conditions for IMF support.

  2. Lungu has a big problem because he seems to forget or he is just a big liar. After all he stole a client’s money when he was a lawyer so what do we expect. Dishonesty and stealing. No wonder he has become the richest man in Zambia with a year.
    This man called ECL said it publicly that IMF should only come after the elections because if they come before they are going to implement austerity measures which can make me lose elections.
    So let him not cheat after elections there is no borrowing, spending on projects for him and his cadres to steal money. Can anyone outbthere tell me of any person that has been arrested for corruption since ECL came into power. Zero. His own Private Secretary is in court over a corruption case but has he suspended her. No.
    If this joker wins this country…

  3. Trully. Lungu will continue drinking if ‘re elected. One day muza munyamula mu wheelbarrow to state house. Tiza sebana . HH Dununa forward.

  4. Coupled with reckless borrowing with no care how its paid back…meanwhile his net worth will also increase from kickbacks from these selfsame contracts!!

  5. go lungu go also in tonga sialungu omulombwana chuundu will accept u this 11 augast elactions.OMUCHENDE LUNGU OR U ARE A BULL . UMPA DAALA NKUTUKA BBEEKE MUBAASI ONE ZAMBIA ONE NATION.

  6. Thanks to technology we will no longer be duped by ruthless leaders who think of themselves, families, relatives and those in their circle. This is a video of the forgotten people of Zambia who have been pleading with the government. Be warned Zambia for they feed you lies. www(dot)youtube(dot)com/watch?v=tcgKNVca8Qs

  7. This moron if allowed in this position, Zambians will burn their fingers! The chiheu Kavindele is an empty pot of matuvi!

  8. You have to be naive and insane to believe what Lungu says. The man is inconsistent, incoherent and absolutely deceitful. Nobody will buy Lungu’s promises and only few people who are eating PF money with him will vote for him. True to his character Lungu within 18 months in office has stolen K13million from govt. To vote for this chakolwa is to vote for continued looting and suffering. By voting for Lungu u will be committing suicide. Vote HH and UPND.

  9. Sad that all of us commenting even with insults are living in foreign countries where we enjoy infranstructure development that happened with a cost…borrowing and even stealing from colonies. Shame

  10. Lungu ‘s has acknowledged that under his leadership,the economy has shrunk.One reasonbeing lower copper prices,forgetting his mammoth cabinet which continues to draw on government resources even when parliament is dissolved.On this one,baba you have made a huge fumble.. careless with the nation’s resources because everything is free for you.Kuya bebele.

  11. Yeah to you only hh can solve your problems. hh who has stolen pension money from ex-BP workers, hh who underpays his workers, hh who calls callers on radio stations morons when they ask him how he got rich, hh who bought the Lima Bank house in Kabulonga at a song, hh who got rich after privatization, to you that is fine. To you anyone who supports ECL has been paid, you even want ECL’s family to vote for hh. Now I am waiting for the insults because that is what you are good at, come on bring them on.

  12. I’m scared to comment because I hate insults… Last year I predicted the election results, but this year I’m afraid to do the same because again, I will be called names.
    Just go home and vote people, stop showing-off that you can pencil good English on this site. Otherwise, your party will lose again!!

  13. Under normal conditions, ‘shrinkage’ is budgeted at a maximum of 10%. On infrastracture projects in Zambia, ‘shrinkage’ has been audited at nearly 50 %! No wonder infrastructucre projects
    are very popular with the PF government! Smart ‘shrinkage’ has created great wealth to individuals and families in the PF.

  14. if u want to judge if the opposition is winning, u need to check the number of those attending rallies if the opposition in o rallies outnumbered the rulling then know that u a winning the way it was to sata and rupiya banda but if attendance of rallies is 50/50 with the ruling just forget of going to statehouse

  15. Hcan chagwa, tells us why he hast finished the road landless corner mum was road? Don’t cheat lenient people. With your useless shikapwasha. My foot, people don’t vote for this *****. He is just lying .

  16. Guys all these negative comments it is because of a mammoth rally in Katuba they never expected this. So they have got nothing to say but to insult, come 11th let us show these under fives who the boss is.

  17. Thank you Mr. President. Roads and infrastructure development are cornerstones to developing a nation! Some guys with no idea say they will reduce road construction trying to take back to Federal days! Please Zambia vote wisely!

  18. It’s really very sad to hear from such insults, when are we going to learn to post issues which will give direction to our country?,so disappointing indeed.don’t you know you are tarnishing the image of your part? This is not really good.PF members, you also have to respond in the right way to show that you are indeed the ruling party.what i only hear is that Lungu is a thief and hichilema has also stolen money for the miners,You commenters are also thieves,it does not matter what you have stolen whether it was only a few grains of sugar from your mother’s house it doesn’t,so who are you to determine who the best thief is? are you God?a thief is a thief, just eat your nshima and wait for 11th august 2016 and let God be the judge!

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