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ECZ lifts suspension on campaigns in Lusaka & Namwala


Public Relations Manager of Electoral  commission of Zambia  Crispin  Akufuna  (r) with Media  Consultant for United  Nation Program Silvia Namuju (L) during a press briefing  at  Electoral  commission of Zambia(ECZ)  offices
Public Relations Manager of Electoral commission of Zambia Crispin Akufuna (r) with Media Consultant for United Nation Program Silvia Namuju (L) during a press briefing at Electoral commission of Zambia(ECZ) offices

The Electoral Commission of Zambia (ECZ) has lifted the suspension on political campaigns in Lusaka and Namwala districts.

Briefing journalists in Lusaka this afternoon, ECZ Spokesperson Chris Akufuna says the commission hopes political parties will conduct their campaigns peacefully in the remaining period before the elections.

He has also disclosed that in response to the violence stemming from political party campaigns, the commission with the support from UNDP is partnering with the Dag Hammarskjold Institute for peace by organizing a series of conflict prevention/management workshops for the leadership of political parties at provincial and district levels.

And Mr. Akufuna has disclosed that the commission has been able to resolve the 2, 555 cases where NRC numbers and other personal details correlated very closely by using its field agents and that this also includes the 492 records that share full registration details.

He adds that the commission has also removed a further 10, 000 deceased voters from the voters register with the help of NAPSA.

Meanwhile,Mr Akufuna has dismissed as unfounded media reports suggesting that the commission is planning to postpone the elections.

And giving an update on the printing of ballot papers, Mr. Akufuna says printing of ballot papers for the Referendum, Mayoral, Presidential and Local government elections has been completed, while those for parliamentary elections will be completed tomorrow.


  1. Why lift it, the ban was useless, people have decided.
    Lusaka Central is Charlotte
    Lusaka Major is Maureen
    Lusaka State House is Hakainde.

    …. Mwa Lungu, ni Mapenzi!!…

    • It is unbelievable to me that President Lungu has NOT held anybody accountable for the death of that young lady Mapenzi. The police officer who spilled the blood of that innocent child is still roaming the streets of Lusaka and he may be waiting for another opportunity to Kill another UPND supporter. Zambians how can you support a leader like that. Even if the young girl is from an opposition party, Lungu should still have risen above politics and given that young lady her due Justice.

    • Yes Nostradamus that is the team we need to move this country forward. I hope you will travelling to vote and ensure your country is under good hands not thugs and criminals currently running the country.

  2. Leave Lungu to God he will sort him out. He who does not slumber is greater than Lungu. Lungu has mocked God for too long. Watch the space.

  3. God is not as dull as some the brainless bloggers on this site. How can God punish ECL when the poor girl was in all likelihood sacrificed and killed by the UPND goons who then want to shift the blame to PF as a way of gaining undeserved sympathy! Evidence shows that the girl was shot from behind when the police were facing the UPND rioters. Just how possible is it for the police to have shot the girl from behind when they were facing the rioters. Even the bullet that killed the girl, according to very reliable investigations, came from a pistol and not any of the guns the police had on that day. The truth will come out one day! MHSRIP.

  4. Iwe chi akufuna just say hope Edgar Chakolwa Kaloba Hangover Wrungu and his pangarians followers will stop leashing pangas on innocent people full stop.

  5. what did the ban achieve? it infact gave time for some parties to relocate their campaigns to some green fields…….By the way it was nice to see PF and UPND campaign teams sharing a light noisy and moment, and waving at each other happily at Mukuba Mall this afternoon…….

  6. The UPND is a party that believes in blood sacrifices. Masons believe in that.
    The week long campaign in Southern Province has left funerals everywhere. Don’t forget that the target they have is 2000 and that is why they get very angry and bitter, when someone talks about prayer

  7. Time is running out. Can ECZ tell the Nation when the Final Electronic Voters Register will be given to all political parties. We suspect this Register has been manipulated to disenfranchise voters mostly in HH perceived strongholds. Voters names have either been deleted from the Register or transferred to remote constituencies and polling stations so that they don’t vote on 11th August. Voters Register is the main rigging toolkit by ECL. Just wait and see!

  8. UPND sacrificed are sacrificing their members thinking they can win the elections…wooh ! Plot 1 is for ECL

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