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UPND still want a live Debate Between President Lungu and HH


FILE: MMD Dr Nevers  and HH
FILE: MMD Dr Nevers and HH

United Party for National Development (UPND) has said that they are calling for a live TV debate between presidential candidates so that citizens are given the opportunity to evaluate the contenders and their policies in a transparent and open format, where they must stand on their own merit and cannot hide behind colleagues or offices of state.

According to the statement released to the media, UPND said that Debates are now internationally well recognised forums of determining a candidate’s capability to understand and implement vision. A leader who cannot articulate the issues and his or her plan for the country cannot be expected to deliver them.

The statement further read that during the campaign period the PF has unashamedly and repeatedly used its position to put pressure on media not to cover the opposition, whether this is through cancellation of scheduled interviews, censorship of adverts, or violent threats made against journalists.

The uneven and biased nature of coverage has been highlighted by various independent organisations. Just last week MISA calculated the large gap between PF and UPND coverage in volume and tone, for example on ZNBC TV1 the PF gets well over half of the coverage compared to 12% for the UPND. To add insult to injury the majority of UPND coverage is negative in tone. Last week the International Press Institute (IPI) and the African Media Initiative (AMI) also expressed serious concern about growing political interference in the media.

The statement ended by saying that a live TV debate would present an opportunity for Zambians to make up their own minds about who they want to see in control at State House. We therefore call on President Edgar Lungu to step up to the plate and commit to a debate in the best interests of the country.


  1. Why cant HH debate with bo Muliokela ? I am sure since they have a lot in common, the debate wouldnt be a problem.

    • Chagwa is empty cant articulate issues no wonder the fear. His analysis will dununa reverse every effort to win a vote that has seen PF struggle to convince people that Lungu has performed. His performance leaves much to be desired.

    • Lungu can NOT debate with HH, …… HH is way too intelligent and eloquent to debate with the drunken master.

      If Lungu debated with HH, even Kambwili would leave PF

    • Why can’t Lungu go for the debate with his bunch of ministers so that they can help him articulate the vision that he doesn’t have. Can UPND suggest this please?

    • HH… Why do you want a debate ECL.

      You say you have already won the election.

      So why waste time trying to prove yourself with a person you think you have already beaten. I MAKES NO SENSE.

      I’ll tell you why?

      It’s because you are PANICKING. You are all over and your strategy has failed.

      You paid Mmembe $215,000 {US} so that he can give you coverage. Only to find that The Post has been closed.

      This is the reason why you gave Edgar Lungu a FRUITLESS ULTIMATUM to open the Post within 7 Days.

      This is why you are supporting Mmembe even when deep down you know ZRA is right to pursue Mmembe. You will not get back your money. It’s gone in the wind…. !!

    • Imwe! BA UPND I told last time if you are serious with a debate will Edgar, buy beer ? first, I Will personally bring him there…. Sober! Edgar will refuse make my words

    • Yes indeed, insist for it, if it means pulling out this coward underneath his bed from his bedroom at state house, please do so. We want to hear PFs economic plan and how he is going to repay 7 billion dollars he has borrowed 2gether with ancient Chikwanda from the horse’s mouth.
      Let him stop hiding behind pangas and the church, we want to see him debate, kailii his kaponya followers have been singing that he is an accomplished Lawyer!

    • The vice-president debates would be much interesting. GBM will be in middle of stage.
      With presidential candidates, I also feel sorry for Edgar. It’s unfair for HH to participate.
      I think UPND should let HH stay away, then watch Edgar debate Nawakwi, Sinkamba and Kabimba.

    • So you are aware your candidate has no ability to debate and this is the person you want to continue misruling this great country shame on you.Pa last ati we are poor because of foreigners.

    • President Lungu will not waste time debating issues with an arrogant Man. If HH new that such a moment may come, he should have respected Pres. Lungu but through out his campaigns he has disrespected the President. His behavior shows that he doesn’t appreciate that Zambia has a president so let him go and look for another president to debate with or he can, like someone has said, invite Muliokela since they have alot in common.

    • Many progressive countries today use a form of debate for presidential candidates. It’s a way for the candidates to showcase their plans for the country. It’s also a way of proving that a candidate has a firm grasp of the problems facing the nation, and has workable solutions to solve them. The argument that, “we have a party manifesto, so if you want to know our plans for the country look it up,” does not work. There has been many instances where it has been proven that a candidate doesn’t even have a firm understanding of his/her own party manifesto. Thus. a debate is a great way to find out whether a candidate really has a deep understanding of the country’s issues, and can defend them successfully in the face of intense scrutiny by the moderators, the independent…

    • (Continued)…participants, and the opposing candidate. It’s also a great way to expose empty heads, charlatans, demagogues and pretenders, too. It’s easy to stand up at a rally and say empty words, even when one has no solid understanding of real issues. Not the same thing when debate moderators ask you a question and wait for you to give a well formulated intelligent response — and being aware that the whole nation is watching, if not the whole world, and will fact-check everything you say. A debate also reveals a candidate’s temperament, intellect, and ability to articulate his/her policies in a lucid, and firm way to convince the undecided educated citizenry. Part of Africa’s leadership crisis has been the election of unqualified, uneducated, visionless leaders who end up doing…

    • (Continued)…a lot of damage to the country’s economy and image. So, a leader that’s to represent our nation as head of state must convince us that they are qualified by their display of reasonable education, articulation, a profound understanding of our nation’s issues, and a fair understanding of global politics and economics. We don’t want someone dumb to represent us at a world stage, such as at African Union , or United Nations meetings in New York. A debate should not be something a serious, and self confident candidate should be scared of. If someone declines to have a debate, it’s a sure sign that they know they are fundamentally lacking something that they don’t want people to discover. These are not the 70s anymore. We have a new breed of Zambians who are educated,…

    • (Continued)…traveled, exposed to many foreign countries, sophisticated in their understanding of politics, and need more than empty political rally slogans to convince them. Welcome to the modern times. Welcome to the 21st century. So, Mr. politician, “Let’s see what you got,” as the Americans say. Don’t be a coward. Debate. We the Zambians demand it.

  2. Let him start with Nawakwi. If he wins then he can debate with mulyo and there after sinkamba. Ours is a serious and busy president.

    • These are defenses of a five-year old..It’s interesting to note that even his supporters know that Lungu chikopo..????

    • Why is it that only PF candidate is worrying citizens?
      Ok then let Tilyenji vs Edgar Lungu, they have something in common.
      Zambians vote for sympathy, but it has to stop. Look you voted for a destitute Lungu, just last year. Today he is the second richest presidential candidate.

    • @ 1mbecile #2

      Busy president?
      The last thing he did it was to check how much our stolen money is in his overseas bank balance!!!

    • @ 1mbecile above use polite language against leaders. What’s wrong with Upnd. Starting from your ka tribal leader to a least cadre ninsele shekasheka.

    • @1 idi0t above I Repeat Edgar Chakolwa Vodka Cockroach Kaloba Wrungu cant debate unless its a Jameson drinking spree you are inviting him to.

    • There is only one 1MBECILE here and that is you. Which leader you are blabbing about? The one ordering murder of unarmed civilians? Or the CONVICTED EMBEZZLER? Or the professional liar? Or the one supported by Antichrist Bwalya?

  3. this is not a primary or secondary where we used to debate in order to improve spoken english, weather u debate or not pipo hve already decided whom to vote . a waste of pipo just go and convince pipo y they shud vote for u

    • To many of us voting is a very big and important decision and we would like to make having evaluated all the information given to us by the candidates. Very little is said during 30 minute campaign rallies. The debate will afford us the opportunity to listen to the candidates on a number of important aspects of our country including their language and conduct.
      Also the debate has a moderator guiding it making sure every candidate has an equal share of time allocated and also an opportunity to ask their opponent a question or two. I think it is a no brainer we need this.

    • Debating is another way of convincing people. It enables one highlight on what they have done or what they intend to do.

  4. Chanda its not about spoken english no we want to see who can explain how they will turn around the economy (A lawyerECL Vs an Economist HH).Let them debate n more pangas seize fire.

    • The debate is important not for you PF cadres nor You UPND cadres but to assess if we have the right people for the right job.

  5. What people forget is that when Ecl was post newspaper lawyer the company was unshaken. You can’t debate with a learned person and expect to to be seen as smart. Is HH looking for a promotion from under 5 to teenager.

    • Hahaha… Just let your “learned lawyer” debate.. Why the fear? Are you scared that we will question whether he passed UNZA with mwembeshi??

    • If he is that good then here is his perfect opportunity to demonstrate that to the whole world.

      Come on Mr President accept the challenge and let us get this show on;;;

  6. Forget the debate. You have thrown the challenge and there is no counter and you are therefore the better guy!

    Just go flat out to convince the Bemba tribalists that you are the better candidate. If you do win please offload Nevers and GBM.

  7. No need for debates, our President is busy why trying to disturb his progrms. To hail with your debates Chi H.H. Debate with your GBM.


    • @Victors, you are very right, something wrong with HH. HH has very little prospects of ECL accepting to debate with him because of his bad language and pomp. Meanwhile, not all those that are good at debates make good leaders. Not all those that speak well in interviews make good candidates. So what’s the point in having the debate. You want to know what PF is going to do? Just look at their manifesto. We are not interested in hearing about UPND’s plans because we already know UPND cannot take us anywhere. Please don’t waste time. Viva ECL, Viva PF.

    • How has Edgar demonstrated amano yaku teka?! Through songs? Meaningless slogans? Careless borrowing for Wasteful spending? Killing of innocent citizens?

      If this is the meaning of amano yaku teka from a pf dictionary then we are Inn for a rough ride in the remaining few weeks..

      Let ecl come in the open and interprate aya amano so we all understand..

  9. I pity HH. HH was walloped by Nawakwi last year. What makes him think he can beat a lawyer. Please note the difference. Am an economist and if hh is one, he would agree that we economists are not trained to debate but to explain economics whether inland or external. A lawyer is trained to argue cases by debating and ECL if from this back ground. Therefore HH will be beaten. But issue at hand is has hh failed to deliver his message to the masses his 10 point blank. It is blank that is why masses are not getting. Is he saying. masses will only get it i he debated with ECL. This surely is strange twisted under 5 politics


  10. It is normal requirement that all Presidential candidates are invited to such a debate. If Chakolwa does not want to expose his ignorance by refusing to participate in this debate then let it be. This will be confirmation that Chakolwa has no vision or plan to fix and turnaround the broken Zambian economy. Why would Zambians want to elect a candidate as a President knowing very well he has no vision. Viva HH, GBM and UPND.

    • Who is stopping HH debating with the crowds he is pulling. We do not debate with people who are cold, calculated and annoyed. If HH respected and accepted that ECL was President, ECL would debate him. But he does nor accept that ECL is President. That is the problem
      Iwe neganega niga niga kwati mu negro pamuni hh

  11. Imwe ba mambala ba PF, you should learn to debate issues and not insults. This is a civilized world thus, it’ s significant for you also to move on with time. That’ s why because of your failure to come up with tangible issues, you end picking guns, machetes, stones and so on against your opponents. Such kind of politics has got no place in modern society. We are here to discuss serious issues that affect our people, the Zambian masses. Why do you excuse Lungu from a live debate if truly you have got confidence in him that he can articulate his views and the PF policies conscientiously? The fact that you do not want him to take part in such a serious debate is abundant proof that your man is empty and cannot rise to the occasion.

  12. Yaku! This debate invitation is still available? No, please ba Deepak, spare our president, he has conceded through his intermediaries that he is not interested (incompetent?) to engage the under 5 politician. But wait a minute…..this is not a mere invite to a debate, is it? You are actually succeeding in showing us who the frightened little men are and who are the most bitter and open tribalists… never stops learning:–)

  13. UPND and the Supreme Leader HH instead of campaigning in the strong holds of the Mighty PF, you’re busy ranting on social media…HH should not be discarded after he loses next month but should remain to offer strong opposition for better checks and balances to the Government… We need him and we shall again evaluate him in 2021, by then he would have fully matured to be our Republican President…

  14. HH should just explain why he thinks GBM should not take over after he loses again.its time Bembas took control of this Party coz honestly aba Tonga nabafilwa !

  15. the beauty with democracy is that people can post things online every day on every topic but there is only one VOTE per person and the majority wins!

  16. I think presidential debates need to be made law so that people can stop running away from them. Why is it difficult for someone to just go on TV and do the so called sonta. They are telling us that they have a lot to sonta. Why can’t they go and humiliate HH with all those things they claim they have done. It seems some people have developed a phobia for TV when it matters the most. Last time, someone run away from BBC.


    • Do you know the meaning of debate??? It’s not a question gathering session please. Understand something before you comment.

  18. This imbecile moron hh, who does he think he is, you can not be ordering people around. ECL is not one of your farm workers, and I feel sorry for hh’s workers having a boss who has a short fuse. Did your witchdoctor tell you that if you have a debate with ECL you will win the elections. Give us a break you moron. You wan a debate with ECL, nonsense.

  19. Just invite him for a Jameson drinking spree and before you even put down the phone receiver he will be right there at the venue Na ma dance ya mu Lolo.

  20. Kabwalala wants a debate to expose his hate filled xenophobic heart before the media….it won’t happen concentrate on preparing your chorus “RIGGING”…the days of political retirement are closer….someone will go HALEYA HALENYA

  21. He scampered from BBC interview. U think he can agree to debate with HH?

    It’ll be a joke of the year. He normally takes shots of Jemason before interviews & making speeches. HH will just smell his breathe & tell the nation that he cannot argue with a drunk man.



  23. Ka Master Mason – HH finshi ungalanda iwe? You undervalued the assets of Luanshya Mines and got a kick back from an Idian called Mittal together with your friends, Mulenga and the late president Chiluba. Chitalu Sampa was also in the loop. Don’t cheat us with your cheap rhetoric, you blood thirst 1mbecile. The people of Luanshya are still suffering up to now because of what you did. You decided to send Fart Albert for your dismal campaign and avoided to face the people of Roan and Mpatamatu because of the damage you have caused. You will not be given a mandate by the people of Zambia, you are a negative force to our country.

    • You are missing the point. HH is not a Masonist neither did he privatise any national assets. You know these things but because you have nothing bad about HH, you want to continue smearing him with things that cant even stick. Just sober up and accept that your Lungu has nothing to offer and let alone cannot articulate national issues the way HH does. This is a fact. You are just scared of being embarrassed because Lungu has no message for this country. You tell me what national issues he has discussed at any of his useless rallies, nothing. You all know that he is no match for HH and that’s why you are fearing that should this debate take place, your Lungu will be exposed. You are dead scared.

    • you are a lier im a resident of Luanshya, in fact people of luanshya need HH more than lungu. Find out these are facts. you said he undervalued the mines, the same mines mwanawasa opened them and have been in operation since then. who closed them afterwards, is it HH or the PF government in a bid to sell power to south Africa and other countries for selfish gain? Tell the truth dont behave like a cadre face the reality. People of Luanshya are suffering not because of HH but wrong choices of their leaders. People like Chishimba Kambwili look at the assets he has currently he almost got a golf club to start rearing cattle, is that ok? So give kambwili another five years and you will see how he is going to salvage the Luanshya. Tell the truth Luanshya ni HH and not lungu. How many time has…

    • @ Shaka, I can sense you are a nonentity about current affairs and politics because there is no life in your argument, I can only urge you to keep quiet and save space.

  24. Neither HH nor GBM are in a position to debate and articulate issues in a civil manner. What they are good at is shouting in high pitched voices, fighting and shedding crocodile tears in public. Besides, HH should be the last person to call for a debate. There ought to be a pre-set or standard procedure in place. All HH wants to do is come to Television and pour out his emotions (emotional blackmail) to get sympathy votes. He is such a cry baby. He is not satisfied with bringing over to his party spent guys like Guy Scot, Mulenga Sata, Bob Sichinga, GBM and such people from PF – guys who are perceived to have money and influence yet are without influence and substance to help him out when the hour cometh

    • This is wishful thinking. The Zambians know who has the capability to get them out of this mess created by your visionless Chakolwa Lungu. HH has a clear message bodering on economic policy. He always talks about what he is going to do to fix the economy. Lungu has no message. I have followed your rallies and your Chakolwa always appears drunk because he seems to have no message. What plans has he got, or has he shown us any blue-print he is going to use to solve the economic problems? Non. The chap just yaps and for people like you who are not analytical, you keep on clapping just because you are given a pack of Shekisheki. Let the two debate so that we see what they are all made of. I know your Lungu is scared of embarrassing himself and the PF. He is clueless so to speak.

  25. And who will be the Minister of debates when you form Government on 31st September. Is it going to be Kith Mutaka?

  26. edith, sinkamba, and chishimba have equivalent dreams of how to implement but chagwa its same sontapa as 2015 but better this time

  27. Imwe don’t trouble our respected president. He says he has no vision and you still want him to debate. Mwila shupa

  28. Oh my God, whats there to debate on when everything is SONTAPO? Just ask a grade one pupils this question:
    1. Hexit Hexit (HH) has been sitting for exams for the past ten years and he has been failing lamentably.
    2. Edgar Chagwa Lungu goes into an exam class for the first time, sits for the same test with Hexit Hexit, and Edgar Chagwa Lungu passes with distinction is selected into University, again HH fails.
    Who is intelligent between the two?
    Edgar Chagwa Lungu!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    He has passed the exam and we all would like to be like him!
    Excellent and well done pupils, now go and remember what study to be like Edgar Chagwa Lungu, okay otherwise you will be like Hexit Hexit (HH).

  29. Ubututu pano bwachilamo,mwebantu, hmmmm too much.
    Certain type of people are just too thickheaded and you cant change them, they are just used to Dununa Reverse and nothing clicks. Its really very unfortunate. The debate is meant to be a tool for you or others to make a well informed decision as who will be the right Leader.
    Take off your “Party hat” and take just a few seconds to think about your children`s future. You are depriving your children of a bright future if you are making your decisions based on party regalie. Wake Up, don t be selfish. DONT DUNUNA REVERSE, instead ensure a good future for your kids though good governance and opportunities.

    • Let the Mason debate with his fellow minions like Wynter Kabimba, Edith Nawakwi and the Green Party president. Our President has a busy schedule on top of his head ensuring that peace and order perseveres in our land. These inexperienced politicians like Ka Under 5 HH are spent forces hallucinating in their rhetoric tactics to sway good people of Zambia from seeing what our PF government has done. What has the Mason got to offer from Big Panthers’ 10 point plan. All that is tabulated in panthers 10 point plan are clear basics of human rights which can be achieved by a detailed work breakdown structure which many of his people do not even understand.

    • Haven’t you heard that we already know who to vote for? We already know what HH and ECL are capable of. ECL is better because we know where he is taking us and we want him to continue. But HH is unpredictable, past experience with him shows that he cannot be trusted. Viva ECL, Viva PF.

  30. There is no way Lungu is going to accept the challenge because he has no message for the country. He is very scared of HH who is so articulate and has an agenda for the country. If you want to prove my point, try to listen to Lungu speak at any of his rallies. The chap has no message to inspire any Zambian. Those that are protecting him are those that are eating with from the state coffers. Frank Bwalya issued a statement and said Lungu will not debate with HH and gave some far fetched reasons. The bottom line is that even the entire PF cannot allow Edgar Lungu to debate with HH because the entire PF will be embarrassed; they’re scared that they will be exposed that they have a visionless person, a blind person leading them. They know deep down that Lungu is empty but because they want…

    • How a person looks or talks is not evidence or assurance of capability. President Lungu has WALKED his job through action. He is a capable International Head, He is a Patriotic Zambian that stands for Zambia/ns and never asks international organisations to set Sanctions that would starve innocent people mostly. He has shown his mettle in the last few months when the economy was bombing, running hither and tither to provide Ad Hoc solutions.

      HH is all talk, and a bit disruptive and has personal ambition as his mean intent. Give this man a wide berth at elections folks.

  31. So Mr Lungu is afraid of a live national TV debate, even if they got advance list of questions from the compromised ZNBC for them to prep and have an unfair advantage over others? This is worrying indeed. In other progressive countries this refusal would have been the end of his political career because it would have tipped the scale of the undecided voters away from him.

    But I really can’t believe that we are even debating about having a debate for presidential candidates. We have copied the west’s style of democracy but we’re not doing the finer elements that make it up. I think independent moderated debates should even be enshrined in the constitution or electoral act laws so that it is mandatory.

  32. Why should the President sink so low as to debate with an arrogant,novice politician with an egocentric view- everything is hh- what crap! hh should wait for a debate with Edith Nawakwi who will outsmart him like last time. Even Chipimo was better than him in 2015 debate- hh is not charismatic nor a good public figure- nfeshi zinango sizapa tv, contorted face kwati ali patoilet!

  33. Something is terribly wrong with HH. HH has very little prospects of ECL accepting to debate with him because of his bad language and pomp. Meanwhile, not all those that are good at debates make good leaders. Not all those that speak well in interviews make good candidates. So what’s the point in having the debate. You want to know what PF is going to do? Just look at their manifesto. We are not interested in hearing about UPND’s plans because we already know UPND cannot take us anywhere. Please don’t waste time. Viva ECL, Viva PF.

  34. If you listened to an interview of HH by Mpho of SA you cannot encourage HH to call for a live debate with ECL.
    HH might be an economist but a very dull one.
    If you want to listen to that interview just Google Mpho interviews HH of Zambia.
    Le me have your comments

  35. @Kampeni, here is an extract from the interview:

    1. Mpho asked HH,”You are educated but you did not get rich through education. So how did you become rich?”

    HH answered by saying,”That is not important.”

    HH was indeed roasted and dodged the “How did you become?” question.

  36. hh should have debated with bena garry nkombo,choolwe beyani,cornelius and some other fellos w within upnd.In short he should have allowed primary debates within his party so that they pick a stronger candidate who would have debated with the president not him.

  37. As you have demonstrated, Lungu will not be on court and HH will not be in a meeting. The two would meet in an unfamiliar territory called political arena. Here wit and not profession works.

  38. It’d change absolutely nothing. His Excellency President Lungu is returning because it makes sense to keep him on than change Presidents and government at this time.
    Zambia needs to concentrate on a decided road to normality not flip into experimental government. UPND can affect nothing different at this time as economic condition at home and worldwide will not change to a favourable position to make it easy for HH to bring in those changes based on long stories he is telling.
    its practical to keep PF and President Lungu and Vice President Wina…The Winning Team that has bonded wi
    th Zambians at large.

  39. Presidential debates are not new in Zambia. I still remember watching race to plot 1. Even mwanawasa with his verbal disabilities participated.
    We need to understand how each candidate will handle various aspects of governance.
    ECL should accept the challenge

  40. It’s development not debate, I mwe bambuli ba UPND katwishi demon atungulula this fake party whereby even just followers fyalibipa imitima kwati filya Chili. Now you start talking about debate to debate what? bambuli imwe. Mulenya uno mukulo.

  41. HH has seen the writing on the wall. Progressive Zambians are not interested in his lies. So what does he do? He insists on a useless debate as a filler as his imminent defeat approaches. He has run out of ideas because PF’s robust development agenda has pre-emptied his bid for presidency. All that he says he will do, PF has either done or is being done. SONTAPO!

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