Zambia’s Election process is almost impossible to Rig-Apuleni

Polling agents, European Union (EU) observers together with ECZ officials and Police officers witnessing the counting of ballot papers cast at Shangombo basic School in Western Province

Polling agents, European Union (EU) observers together with ECZ officials and Police officers witnessing the counting of ballot papers cast at Shangombo basic School in Western Province
ALLEGATIONS of rigging elections against Minister of Local Government Stephen Kampyongo and his permanent secretary Amos Malupenga are being made by individuals whose motive is to cause anarchy in the country, Laiven Apuleni has charged.

Mr Apuleni, who is former Choma district commissioner, said that individuals who made such allegations were either ignorant of how elections were conducted or had a motive to cause anarchy in the country.

He said that it was surprising that people who wanted to manipulate the August 11 elections had, in fact, lost the 2015 presidential election and had started scheming on how to win the forthcoming elections fraudulently.

“It is, therefore, surprising that the very people that did everything to ensure that the outcome of the August 11 elections is manipulated are the ones crying foul. In the case of Zambia, I do know for a fact that those with intentions to rig elections started the process soon after losing elections in 2015 but they failed to attain the targeted figures, “Mr Apuleni said

Mr Apuleni said the electoral process in Zambia was one of the best in Africa, stating that rigging an election during the process of voting was almost impossible.

“All those making these allegations are either ignorant of how elections are conducted in Zambia or are individuals whose motive is to create anarchy in this country. It is a fact that our electoral process is one the best in Africa to an extent that rigging the outcome of an election during the process of voting is almost impossible,’’ Mr Apuleni said.

Mr Apuleni has challenged individuals and The Post Newspaper to come up with facts instead of misleading the nation with innuendos.

“The allegations as expressed by some leaders and some sections of the media are nothing but speculations and I challenge anyone who claims so to come up with facts,’’ he said.

He said that the mere transfers of Town Clerks and Council Secretaries could not translate into maneuvers to manipulate the outcome of the of elections unless one was very ignorant of how elections were conducted.

He said that the ministry of Local Government and Housing was within its mandate to make any transfers of officers whenever it deemed fit.


  1. Laiven Apuleni ……. this guy is a dull grade 7 chap who cant think for himself….. did you not hear the recording of Malupenga and Kampyongo planning to rig the election?

    • So what this chap is saying is that Malupenga and Kampyongo are ignorant to plan for rigging? Please don’t embarrass yourself before your children and bapongoshi with such idiocy please.

  2. The Lusaka Times is becoming hopeless, How do you quote Apuleni of all people on such an important matter? Desperation at its waste!

  3. Apuleni was a die hard MMD stooge during his time as DC. Ever since he lost the Mbabala seat to Bbelemu, he has been in the political wilderness and without a job too. Desperation at its worst indeed.

  4. Apuleni, I see two things here, being naïve or being selfish. Ever heard of Zimbabwe, Uganda and Ivory Coast?

  5. Apuleni doesn’t know what he is talking about. There is no doubt ECL has been putting his election rigging machinery into place. ECL will still try and rig these elections by manipulating the printing of ballot papers. After this was exposed the Dubai Printer might resist pressure from PF to print extra and premarked ballot papers becoz all eyes are on them. The extra and premarked ballots are now being printed in Uganda according to very reliable sources. The PF have rigged these elections by registering foreigners to vote for Lungu, people have been disenfranchised by transferring their names from their tradional polling stations to remote constituencies so that they don’t vote, deleting names from the others is another way of rigging. The Final Voters Register show this.There will be…

  6. How can a person who was fired from his council job for fraud and was involved in manipulating the results of the 2001 election in Livingstone be taken seriously when he says rigging is almost impossible? Evidence is there.

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