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RTSA Challenges Presidential aspirants to champion road safety ahead of polls


The Road Transport and Safety Agency (RTSA) has challenged Presidential aspirants to champion road safety ahead of the August 11 General Elections.

RTSA head of public relations Frederick Mubanga said Political party leaders should always remind their supporters on the need to observe road traffic rules and regulations as they go about their campaigns in a bid to avoid road crashes and save lives of voters.

“There should be no over speeding and overloading whenever supporters are travelling for political campaigns, meetings and rallies.

“The accident recorded in Southern province where four people died in Gwembe district were avoidable had there been adherence to road safety rules.

“The RTSA will therefore evoke and apply the Road Traffic Act in its totality to ensure there is sanity on the roads before, during and after the general elections,” he said.

Mr Mubanga further warned political parties and road users in general to observe road safety regulations at all times.

“We are therefore warning all political parties and all road users in general to observe road safety regulations at all times and ensure minimum speeds are adhered to.

“Four cadres died on Monday in Gwembe district after the Mitsubishi Canter truck registration number ALZ 7103 they were being ferried on to a political rally lost control after failing to negotiate a curve on the Bottom road.

“In another incidence on Sunday, 62 cadres sustained injuries after falling off a moving truck that lost control as the driver tried to turn along Sikabanze road. The cadres where coming from a campaign rally in Mazabuka,” he said.


    • “The RTSA will therefore evoke and apply the Road Traffic Act in its totality” – so these rats have not been following the law. What a sham organisation. These are the idyots who cannot even issue a replacement driving licence within 6 months.

  1. From the dimwits who have allowed hundreds of vehicles to have a single number plate “ECL 2016”. They are not even ashamed to talk about road safety!

  2. RATSA remove those numerous “ECL 2016” number plates for the safety of road users and pedestrians!!!
    Imagine such a car does a hit and run, how do witnesses or the police trace them in an accident scenario??????????????????

  3. These accidents are planned for enriching one mason through blood sacrifice. This mason is only using presidential campaign as cover-up otherwise his real business is blood. If he was concerned about the lives of people he would left politics the time zambians rejected him twice. He is heading for his sixth lose still can’t believe people can’t me him president. An old adage goes like once beaten twice shy. What more fifth? People open you eyes this boy will finish you

  4. Interesting how all these clowns in these Institutions become biased for sake of their bellies.

    Cant they just be professional and apply the law fairly.? What a up.!

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