Family in Kafue Buries a Wrong Body

COPPERBELT University Students Union (COBUSU) members make a circle round the grave of their deceased colleagues during burial

Some mourners caused commotion at Kafue District Hospital mortuary when they could not find the body of their relative in the mortuary as they were preparing for burial.

Confirming the incident to ZANIS in Kafue , Acting District Medical Officer Chiza Simpungwe said the hospital received a Brought In Dead body of a woman aged 107 years which was put among other bodies in the hospital mortuary on Friday the previous week.

Dr. Simpungwe added that the relatives could not find the body in the mortuary when they came for burial, on Monday and this annoyed them hence gave the hospital staff a tough time.

The medical officer further said it was discovered that the body was buried over the week-end by a different family who mistook the body for their male relative.

In addition, Dr. Simpungwe, said the two families later agreed to exhume the body with the help of the council, hospital environmental staff and Zambia police, which was later reburied by the rightful relatives.

He attributed the confusions to some religious beliefs which does not allow body viewing and other related myths.

Dr. Simpungwe has since appealed to the public to ensure that they correctly identify the bodies of their deceased relatives to avoid such confusions and misunderstandings.

A representative to the family that could not find the body of their relative, Mary Nkawaga expressed sadness at the state of affairs.

Ms. Nkawaga however said the family was happy that their grandmothers’ body has been put to rest in a dignified manner.


    • Stop the religion comment now ldiot. Lives are being lost in some parts of the world because of hatred for certain religions.
      People’s bodies change when they die, that’s the reason they are tagged!

  1. How do you bury a WOMAN as a MAN? How was that body prepared? Ati uleipusha imbwa inga iifwele [asking the sex of a dog as if it is dressed]. This is beyond classic. Zed has some very serious comedy!

  2. Even with welders glasses on, the 107 years could easily be seen on the face of the old lady. Moreover the other one was a male.

  3. how can u confuse a male and a female? ninshi twakwali na body preparation for burial??? cant comprehend this non sense mwe

  4. It is stupid for anyone to suggest that the reason for burying a wrong body was as a result of not having a body viewing. This Doctor must be one of the dullest people ever to be entrusted with such an important institution. Is he telling us that the bodies were already in the coffins, and that those who went to prepare the body for burial do not know the difference between male and female? If you hate a religion, do not show your stupidity through careless vomiting of words.

  5. This should not have happened in the first place.
    Each body should be properly tagged for identification by the mortuary attendant upon arrival.

  6. Problem is Zambia Police, they dont only shoot unarmed citizens you should see the way they treat BIDs, no care or respect, they just throw them in the mortuary, thats why i resigned from Malukula job

  7. Families nowadays hire drunkards to go and do what they consider dirty work for them. This is the end result especially when there is even no body viewing.

  8. there just *****s. and thinking of it, no one can make a stupid mistake like that. they must have made it intentionally not a mistake, aweeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee.

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