No Zambian reporter on CNN/MultiChoice African Journalist 2016 awards list



Finalists for the prestigious CNN MultiChoice African Journalist 2016 Competition were announced on Monday, 18th July, 2016, with no Zambian Journalist making it to the list.

The finalists were announced by Ferial Haffajee, Chair of the independent judging panel.

Haffajee said this year; the competition received 1637 entries – a record number – from 38 countries across the continent, including French and Portuguese-speaking Africa.

Nigeria and South African journalists have dominated the list.

Tony Maddox, Executive Vice-President and Managing Director of CNN International said: “This year has seen a record number of entries for the CNN MultiChoice African Journalist Awards, from a diverse array of countries across the continent.”

He said the passion which African journalists display for telling compelling and top class stories knows no bounds.

Greg Beitchman, Vice President, Content Sales and Partnerships, CNN International: “The African Journalist Awards continues to maintain its place as the most prestigious Pan African journalist competition.”

He said with their MultiChoice partners, they look forward to yet another thrilling Awards ceremony celebrating the very best journalism Africa has to offer.

Mark Rayner, CEO MultiChoice South Africa said: “We’re excited to host the CNN MultiChoice African Journalist of the Year Awards in South Africa this year and looking forward to see all the good work done by our journalists celebrated and recognised through these awards”.

Tim Jacobs, CEO MultiChoice Africa, said: “It is evident from this year’s entries that Africa has a vibrant media landscape which continues to develop in leaps and bounds”.

The finalists are to be applauded for their courage in covering some of the stories, many of which were in difficult circumstances.
“We are committed to increasing excellence in journalism and this initiative is close to our hearts, as it has helped unearth some of Africa’s greatest story tellers”, Jacobs said.




    • This is not a surprise, Zambia is home to the most unethical, unprofessional, biased, dull and shallow minded journalists with the majority of them at ZNBC, Daily Mail and Times of Zambia.

    • Mqwala remember that ZNBC and other public media are not the only media houses in Zambia. We still have the past newspaper, movie tv Zambian watch dog etc.

    • I am not surprised. With The Post closed, there’s only PF cadres fumbling at Daily Maul, Toss off Zambia and Dead and BC. Oh, plus Sakalanyongo at Daily Crap. These are hardly journalists in a proper country.

    • Journalists who cant even spell correctly… Unless they learn what journalism is all about…They must wait until Jesus comes back…The same goes for those that are voting drunk Lungu again… continue sentencing your selves to total poverty until Jesus comes again. I thank you!

    • If you don’t have anything to say better shut up. This is supposed to be constructive fora not stupid outbursts. Your hate for Lungu will not make Zambian journalists better because they are all boot lickers talk about ZWD it’s pro HH, TOZ, DM, Znbc they are pro govt. Muvi is an independent one but they are also pro opposition Because they employed junk from TZ. Right now give a name of a fearless investigative journalist? The post think they are king makers hence why their news is biased all together it’s not about Lungu or HH but the journalists for failing to uphold their ethics.

  2. No surprise at all, journalism standards have fallen so deplorably over the years – just look at the poor and disjointed way reporting on LT. These are journalists that don’t even differentiate when to use HAS and HAVE!!!! Ala mwandi natusebana pa Zed!!!!!

    • Iwe Lusaka Times is just some useless 1diots copying and pasting threads on this link from other sources like post, daily national, Zambia reports. They have no reporters neither do they originate any story or investigate.

  3. We are not at all surprised that Zambian journalists have no impact in Zambia or Africa or the globe. You don’t investigate, you just copy paste gossip. You don’t follow up stories. Most journalists, you are cowards and lack objectivity.
    Idyiots like Hakainde’s nephew at Zambian Witchdoctor (ZWD) can’t think beyond tribe. All they know is Nega Nega.
    The Boer mafia types like Scott Mmembe don’t even pay tax.
    LT you can’t even publish articles properly, poor grammar, spellings. Misleading headlines. So how do you expect such a prestigious forum to recognise you?

    • Kudos you are the most dull character i have ever come across on this blog.Chill young man your hate for others will expose you. these social medias are traceable
      Better still try going to church , you probably are not zambian/ coming anywhere neer zambia

  4. I am kinda surprised. Not even the mighty Mmembe made it?

    I guess the shortlisted on the awards are also tax compliant right?

  5. what would one expect? in an environment where journalists are disguised politicians such as membe, and member of the cartel.

  6. Not a surprise given the poor titles ,poor sentence construction and atrocious grammar by our half baked editors and reporters. LT is guilty of this sin too.

  7. No surprises here given the kind of stuff we are fed as news. ZNBC can have half the news time on only one topic. Our schools have degenerated. They produce this junk. We are beaten by South Africans (blacks) who only recently gained their freedom & schools because they have been progressive. Zambia has been losing value in several domains over the years. We need leadership that realizes this to reverse the trend, not the ones that feel we’re doing well.

  8. Come to think of it.Multichoice has a major client e base in South Africa and Nigeria, kaboom the list is dominated by them.OK what major stories came out of SA,nkandla,what about Nigeria,Nigeria being mentioned by some Briton, that it is the most corrupt country accidentally when microphone was on.Journalists are basically the same empty tins with bias.I can only call it courage if one goes right were the carnage is happening like that Amapour woman from CNN.Really laughable this is biased towards the selfsame multichoice client e like big brother.An average Zambian journalist lacks investigative skills and passion for the profession.Is more partisan and easily bought

  9. Not even Mmembe or Funga? Not even the latest news on the defunct Post could make the list? So even what Funga was writing is absolute bullshi.t for the international audience? Of course I know Post stories become bullshi.t as soon as they are edited by morally and financially bankrupt Mmembe.

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