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UPND is committed to providing cattle loans for our youth-HH

Economy UPND is committed to providing cattle loans for our youth-HH



Agriculture is the Answer

Agriculture is being too readily dismissed by some politicians in their campaigns. When it comes to the UPND’s plan to fix the economy we proudly place agriculture front and centre. We passionately believe the sector is one of the greatest areas of opportunity for us as a nation and that it provides many answers as to how we can move Zambia forward.

For those who mock us farmers they should consider the full benefits first. It not only puts food on the table and creates jobs, but if we manage the sector well then we can strengthen our whole economy by driving activity in agriculture.

We have a market of 600 million people on our doorstep across the COMESA, EAC and SADC region. Today we have been in Luapula where the opportunity for developing our fish industry is clear, both in terms of quantities and value-add through canning cottage industries. So why are we importing tilapia from China when we should be the ones exporting across the region?

By increasing yields and linking farmers to market, the UPND Government will support the sector to expand and diversify, with the resulting exports boosting our balance of payments and strengthening the kwacha, as more people demand our currency to buy Zambian goods.

This is to say nothing of food security, which still remains a challenge despite our natural wealth. We still have over 45% of children under-5 stunted. If we can grow and farm the food they need to grow up healthy and strong at home then we can provide it at a lower cost.

For all these reasons I am proud of my experience cattle rearing. Building up stock and protecting them from disease takes time and hard work, but providing locally reared meat for consumption is a satisfying and rewarding venture. This is why the UPND is committed to providing cattle loans for our youth as one of many interventions in agriculture, which will also include lowering the price of fertiliser and seed.

The UPND is committed to investing in agriculture so we can grow our nation in a healthy and productive way that benefits the majority directly. Join us on this mission by voting UPND on 11th August 2016.

Hakainde Hichilema
UPND President




Guy Scott joined HH and addressed the crowd!
Guy Scott joined HH and addressed the crowd!


HH and his team then went on to Mansa for a rally!
HH and his team then went on to Mansa for a rally!


  1. This marvelous .HH is pulling crouds through out Zambia.The Batle will be hard however HH will prevail like Portugal over france.

    • UPND cameras are good at cutting and concentrating the crowds. I attended the Kasama rally and I insisted that it was camera manipulated to show that there were large crowds when actual fact they failed to a primary school football ground to the centre half. Someone condemned me for saying the truth, but HH and his UPND are just cheating themselves.

  2. There goes the chancer HH. The PF is already doing that. Don’t be cheated by the ferried crowds and impact photo shooting of crowds. You always showed crowds in Luapula and copperbelt during previous elections, but losing badly. The people of the north will vote on tribal lines like the people of the south who vote for you because you are a Tonga. Why should we from other tribes vote for you when you are using tribalism against others in southern province. Even western province will do a don’t kubeba on you. Wait and see. Didn’t you lose the recent presidential bye election, even after you posed with crowds coming to listen to you and see how you look. Zambians are clever, wait and see.


  3. Warning to PF:UPND is planing to rig the elections.Infact ba PF should be very careful especially in southern province,part of wetern,North western part of central province.UPND is planing to engage all UPND supporters to conduct elections.They will be jst making voter registers and ballot papers.UPND is planing to use southern province to win elections .PF should send monitors who are not tongas in these areas.According to the information on the ground,they want to use some pipo who are who tongas who claim to be PF but are UPND.Therefore we urge govt to send men n women in uniform who come from other areas to monitor the elections.This what they did in 2015 jan but it couldn’t work coz they failed to get enough votes in Lusaka and CB.This party is so violent and can kill to send a…

  4. Guess where the cattle will be coming from and into whose pocket all the money will be going. HH will pretend he owns all the cattle in Southern Province and force his govt to buy animals from his ranches at exorbitant prices in the pretext of empowering youths.

  5. The truth is that pf will win,people in Africa society and communities they have factual reasons why they vote and chose their readers,first is cultural influence,second is traditional values and tribal nature.if we sit down and figure out of these factors,we shall discdiscover African politics by its reality.hh for a decade he has failed dramatically to influence these factors to his favor.look at he influence on the chiefs,church group,civil society organizations and many more..he has no grip on today’s political fixtures.only gbm and scort would have helped him but it’s too late.

  6. I watched the rally on MV TV the crowds are real. It only remains to prove whether those will translate into votes.

  7. Farming is a serious business which needs govt support. HH is a serious farmer and businessman. I call upon all farmers in Zambia to vote for HH. He is one of us and understands the farming business. Forward with HH & UPND.

  8. Providing market and disease control for cattle farmers would fight poverty. I wish HH is not just politicking. Otherwise the Botswana model works well. locals are empowered to rear cattle and the government buys (provides market). here in Zambia small butchery owners buy beef at K19/kg dead weight. while they resale at K45/52/kg. if you can do this? my vote is yours HH!

  9. This mileage which HH has now would have benefited him if he started 5 years ago.now it’s too late to catch PF.the ruling party will win.if only you carry out simple statistics the chart bar will show you that PF of 2011 is still available and on.people still haven’t got the changes of wind yet.and lungu will win because he still have the best of favor with people nothing else and nothing much.

  10. What of us who are not cattle rearing youth? Any possibility of ICT equipment for one like me who wants to set up ICT related business. Cos I assure you if you give me a cow it’s gonna be T-Bone for the whole week.

    So stop lying to me mambala…………..loan for n’gombe ulabecha

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