Thursday, June 20, 2024

HerStory: Zambia’s Referendum Discussion



  1. Too Many women (bill of rights) who is the moderator, the expert… bra, bra…!:)

    Good topic though… what channel is this though…. ( TV 2?)

  2. Referendums are important as they are form of direct democracy.However,politicians tend to misuse them for their own gain.The bill of rights is a very important part of the Constitution.The Zambian citizens(even in villages) need to be given ENOUGH time to understand the contents.But in the midst of political campaigns that is not POSSIBLE.Clearly the planned August referendum was an after thought and a political gimmick. The so called “Golden Opportunity” the LAZ representative refers to is neither here nor there.

  3. This is good, we need more of such talks/discussions. We learn more about the bill of rights and the referendum.

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