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Kalusha Bwalya officially endorses President Edgar Lungu at a rally in Kabwe.

Headlines Kalusha Bwalya officially endorses President Edgar Lungu at a rally...

President Lungu points at Kalusha Bwalya during the  rally
President Lungu points at Kalusha Bwalya during the rally

Legendary Zambian football icon Kalusha Bwalya yesterday officially endorsed President Edgar Lungu at a mammoth rally in Kabwe.

The 1988 African footballer of the year performed his ceremonial kick of 11 footballs much to the excitement of thousands Kabwe residents.

During the rally former FAZ president Kalusha Bwalya urged the electorates to vote for President Lungu.

And President Lungu told the Kabwe residents that they should be wary of wealthy businessmen masquerading as messiahs.

He said that some aspirants for the August 11 elections had lost elections several times but could not let other people have a chance in their political parties.

“I am not boasting but my friends saw potential in me. I was in parliament…where I was a dark horse. I listened and prayed when my friends decided that I be the president. Even when Guy Scott removed me I obliged but the people decided and brought me back,” he said.

“But with other parties some people have been losing elections since 2001 and have not allowed others to have a chance. Kuluza sitilesa manje kaluzidwe (losing is not a problem but the way you lose,” he said.

President Lungu said the people that had criticized him that he had no vision had been shamed as he was carrying out late President Michael Sata’s vision.

He said the roads the party had completed were a manifestation of that vision.

The President commissioned the construction of a first-ever multi-million dollar Kabwe Shopping Mall project at a cost of US$20 million.

The shopping mall, which will be constructed on an eight hectare land next to Zambia-China Mulungushi Textiles, will create about 1,100 jobs for the locals.

And President Lungu says the construction of the shopping mall and other infrastructure projects have seen the rebirth of Kabwe.

President Lungu said Mulungushi Textiles will be fully operation by August adding to the employment numbers in Kabwe.

Kalusha Bwalya poses with musicians and PF cadres
Kalusha Bwalya poses with musicians and PF cadres

Kalusha Bwalya with PF cadres and musicians
Kalusha Bwalya with PF cadres and musicians

Kalusha Bwalya at the PF rally in Kabwe
Kalusha Bwalya at the PF rally in Kabwe

PF Supporters in Kabwe
PF Supporters in Kabwe

President Edgar Lungu at Kabwe Central Pf Rally at Civic Centre
President Edgar Lungu at Kabwe Central Pf Rally at Civic Centre

Kabwe Central Pf Supporters
Kabwe Central Pf Supporters

President Edgar Lungu at Kabwe Central Pf Rally at Civic Centre
President Edgar Lungu at Kabwe Central Pf Rally at Civic Centre


  1. Of course kalusha fits in well with the greedy failures in pf because he also failed faz due to greediness. Now he is In pf hoping for political position in order to steal more. Kalusha appetite for money must stem from his muzungu who has a thing for high life. This chap will end up selling his penis just to make money for muzungu. Vote upnd

    • Ba Kalusha lost FAZ elections to Kamanga in the most humiliating fashion, so if i was Lungu he would be the last person I would be listening to. Ba kalusha is corrupt its just a matter of time before FIFA investigators knock on his door to ask about the $80,000 he received from dodgy sources.

    • He also fails to please his muzungu mu bedroom because I know my uncle is bonking kalus wife

    • Kalusha should be appointed minister of Sports and music. Otherwise his endorsement is wasted.
      Emmanuel Mwamba balinushamo ka by ambassador.

    • @Nostradamus Olo ka coup de tete ku FAZ. Create the same chaos Kalu created for Teddie Mulonga. Or Kalu must say elections were rigged! Olo he must ask Blatter to reinstate him!

    • He may not have been a great administrator, but Kalusha was a great player. If there is any other Zambian apart from Dr. Kenneth Kaunda who is well known world wide, it is Kalusha Bwalya. I experienced this among foreign students abroad in the UK and on the Continent of Europe the moment I mentioned I was from Zambia.

    • Kalu, he wants to work round and become the FAZ boss as minister of sports. Shame he has miscalculated this time round again.

    • Mmm if Great Kalu can endorse ECL who am i not to?? All great pipo ni Lungu fye. Even me i hav followed great Kalu i have with immediate effect endorsed Lungu. Lungu ewabako not ka hh na chi gbm the violent kaponya. hh kulusa nafuchi pantu alibelela ukulusa.

    • Bola naikosa zoona kuli hh. hh nalusa nafuti chapwa. Nabena Great Kalu nipali Edgar. Ni dununa reverse pa 11th August. Am convinced Lungu is the chosen one. So where is the wind of change which Tongas talk about??

    • Shame on Zambia for allowing a Brut with documented abuse of women to stand as Veep. GBM should be in prison not on the campaign trail. All Zambian women should stand up and refuse this injustice. GBM’s wife has Stockholm syndrome, she will never testify against her Brut.

    • How I wish Liwewe was alive to make commentaries on the latest move by Ba Kalusha. ” With only three weeks to go before the end of the match, PF seem to have used every arsenal in their armoury. UPND have a crucial corner in the dying minutes of the game and every PF is frantically back in defence to take the match to extra time. GBM is taking the corner now, more of a tactical move by UPND everyone is running in the danger zone and the tall HH jumps high and heads in but ooh my God what a huge deflection by once an icon, a darling of Zambian football Kalusha Bwalya. He has scored in PF’s own net. He must’ve been busy looking at the dancing JK’s queens. Oooh! Ponga UPND seem to have won?”
      Yes very unfortunate for Kalu, after loosing the FAZ presidency he has become a laughingstock…

    • Desperation Kalusha?? Let’s see what you will do when HH steps in Plot one. You should be non-partisan my friend, you are a sports role model not getting cheap with these greedy politicians.


    Moderator… Mr HH how did you accumulate your wealth.?
    HH: Mr moderator everyone knows hh as a farmer. I used to sale my animals…and don’t ask me about where I got the animals because that is private.
    Moderator: HE Mr Ecl , people doubt how you are now worth k23m how did you accumulate your wealth?

    Ecl; it’s simple moderator you know I ‘ve properties which appreciate in value and exchange rate effect played positive gain on my value.

    Moderator; Mr hh how much were you worth before your took part in privatisation and can you explain yourself how you ended up been the proprietor of the same companies you privatized?

    HH; you seen mr moderator don’t asked me stupid questions. Am not a criminal ….

    • @HHTechilema, where have you been living? Under a brick? ECL can’t debate, so just write “ni ziiiii”

    • Techilima you have forgotten that your guy is documented having sprinted from BBC a’s well as the maat he did in 2015 before elections when challenged by double HH maat. Ati properties appreciating, why didn’t he use those properties when he was failing to raise k20 pin nomination fee I. January 2015?

    • @HH techilema… check out the cartoon of the day on “OpenZambia”. Reads “Lungu hiding from the debate”.

    • Sorry @ HH Techilema there has been no such Crazy appreciation of properties in Zambia besides how can a president be considering property in USD to claim due to the dollar bla bla ….anyway it would be typical Edgar lies as usual he has stolen and it’s a fact his friends are business men he is not but he has accrued more wealth than them in the period

    • @@ HH Techilema:
      Please stop taking those toxic substances that make you hallucinate so wildly! You may end up hanging yourself after those wild imaginations – so STOP THAT SH.IT of yours!!

  3. LT I want audio. Want to hear what he was saying especially in pic 1.

    I wonder whether JK and his fellow musicians have seen the Dununa reverse monkey version?

    • That monkey version truly depicts JK correctly as JK resembles those monkeys in most ways:
      1. Monkeys have a disproportionate huge top and small legs – Just like JK
      2. The monkeys are bent a bit and cant stand upright – JK has a hugely bent chestback just like those monkeys
      3. Those monkeys are praising Lungu without knowing why – So is JK only excited by riding a helicopter
      4. etc
      You can lots of your own comments


    • Muleichita ububi mwebene you take elections like a game too much fanaticism at the expense of long term national progress

    • so bafi colour u cant see the disadvantage UPND carries?? Zambia has no room for tribal political parties..Zambians are not so myopic not to see what the tribal prejudice of UPND AND ITS LEADER…infACT TONGAS should be the first people to Shane this party so that they are not dented as low thinkers who follow blindly…

    • ECL is like a man appointed leader of a reasonably functioning co-operative. He takes over after death of a beloved chairman. He then throws caution to the wind and goes on a borrowing and looting spree. He becomes overly rich in one year. He burdens co-op members with debilitating local and foreign debt for multiple generations of future co-op members to come.

      Then come election time. This same man who has destroyed the co-op stands up and shouts Sontapo epo wabomba. He shamelessly struts around pointing at the defective projects “he” achieved but withholds critical data that: every Sontapo is from borrowed funds and that epoabombelapo is the theft of co-op cash. And so is the evil of the Chawama lutuku presido.

  5. Kulusha left a mess at faz. Him and his gang were selling FAZ kit and pocketing the money even Nike dumped faz because of his corruption. Even fifa can never give him a job because of how he failed faz.

    Looking at lungus crowd that is a small crowed and most of them went for free music.
    Without musicians lungu will have pay people to go to his rallies.

  6. Kalusha has to many skeletons in the cupboard. He is looking to also become sports minister to frustrate Kamanga.

  7. Ladies and gentlemen, kindly take a deep breath and fasten your seatbelts as you are now looking at our newest sports minister, the greatest son of the land. Great king KALU

    • The Galu could not administer a Football Association without dipping in every sponsorship deal and you want him to oversee the whole of sport in the country. You wonder why you don’t move forward….Galu is the reason why you get peanuts for TV rights when others in West Africa are getting three times as much.

  8. From “football is my life” to “ECL is my life” never thought Kalusha wound sink down to this level. Ama politics yakali bane nasumina. Its all about job seeking now.

  9. 1) No substance in Mass Rally speech, PF has nothing to offer. If there was no HH or GBM, I don`t know what they will be talking about

    2) Mr.ECL seems to be proud of not having a leadership vision. His Vision is Sata Vision. So I am not surprised that in all speeches PF is only talking about opposition, and the reason for not taking part in the debates, is that PF has nothing to offer, what will he talk about if he has nothing?

  10. Lungu is busy working while you foolish people are busy talking you can’t even appreciate how someone has tried to change the structure of most places in Zambia.thats the reason you will lose since 2001 me I can give up lol lol awee mwandy.

  11. “I am not boasting but my friends saw potential in me. I was in parliament…where I was a dark horse. I listened and prayed when my friends decided that I be the president. Even when Guy Scott removed me I obliged but the people decided and brought me back,” he said.

    When is this Lazy Bum Edgar going to get through his think skull….there is a big difference between Acting President and Vice President; it was not up to him to oblige to anything…its clearly stated in the constitution. Sometimes I fear how this bum would react if the results went against him.

  12. On Great Galu, well birds of the same feather stick together…Lazy Bum Edgar and Galu are both corrupt and know nothing about prudent management of resources. Look at Football House there is nothing tangible to show that this Galu has done, not even a simple Physio Treatment Complex for the Nation team. The question you should ask is why is Galu coming out in the open? The answer is he has no revenue streams anymore, just like he relied on FAZ that relied on Taxpayers…he now wants a position because a Flea can not survive on its own.

  13. The President commissioned the construction of a first-ever multi-million dollar Kabwe Shopping Mall project at a cost of US$20 million… which will be constructed on an eight hectare land next to Zambia-China Mulungushi Textiles, will create about 1,100 jobs for the locals. And President Lungu says the construction of the shopping mall and other infrastructure projects have seen the rebirth of Kabwe.

    Now you have this Lazy Bum who is commissioning Shopping Mall construction projects as a President…he is busy asset stripping everything. The foreign Investors are happy into pour $20m in a shopping mall because they are simply taking money out than invest in local industry. Even this Zambia-China Mulungushi Textiles is another asset stripping scheme why should a Chinese investor…

    • why should a Chinese investor produce textile in Kabwe when he can produce in China cheaper? Why are they building on Mulungushi Textile’s land? Why not somewhere else in Kabwe…this is how corruption works and this Bum Edgar is able to amass $2.3 million in wealth in 12 months.

      Wake up People!!

    • Ba Lungu, a Shopping Mall is not a good investment for Zambia. If that money was put into industrialization, I would think of voting for you. That Shopping mall will be selling foreign goods and facilitating the externalisation of US Dollars for the so-called investors! When are you going to wake up?

  14. Kalu no longer has a support base to take to Lungu so he is of ni value. Kalu stole money from FIFA and FAZ so he needs protection from prosecution from Lungu and also join the Lungu and PF gravy train should Lungu retain power. Lungu stole money from a client as lawyer and in govt has stolen K23.7million so Lungu and Kalu have stealing shared values. Birds of the same feathers flock together.

  15. Am staunch supporter of PF and football., the inclusion of galu in the team is a draw back of football development what value has added to the campaigns a person alleged to be involved in FIFA corruption scandals be embraced dont make Kamanga’s work of cleaning FAZ difficult.Ninshi ba minister bena tabafwaikwa ukukwata Form 5 or grade 12 certificate- check at Kantanshi Secondary School nakwete ama 9 yekeyeka.Apa PF mwalufyanya sana

  16. On August 12 to 15th 2016 I will be holding a celebration party for all members of the PF family…this will be the day HH retires from politics and GBV takes over the tribal party…hmmm what an interesting scenario ahead!!!

    • And for all doubters remember this is coming from me 2020vision who has never made a false prediction ever since i started commenting here from way, way back…whereas 99.999 percent of the ZWD/ UPND dunderheads and instigators of hate are known for their lies and false predictions…

      ECL 2016 lets go abena Zed we are getting in style once again!!!

  17. Watch this moron Koffi kicking this young lady at JKIA and the **** there are allegations of him raping three women of his dancing team


  18. but ni sangwapo bane naba kalu bonse??? eeish.. life pa zed yalichipa…. haahaha… enjoying the drama so far plse continue entertaining us with these hopeless campaign trails….

  19. Kalusha Bwalya is broke, look at Charles Musonda how he’s cashing in. And you used to criticize him a lot.

    • Charley Cool has been doing his thing for years with the support of his beautiful Zambian Wife through thick and thin. Galu on the other hand has to run about steal monies just to appease his trophy muzungu wife even at his age, she can divorce him at anytime and take everything!!

  20. Kalusha has not financial discipline. He got kaloba from that young crook and ended up losing the house in woodlands. All this happened when he was still an active professional footballer. The FIFA scandal shade light more light on his character. Kalusha has either a drug or gambling problem, as he seems to be desperate for money much of the time.

    Useless chap, he can not even see the light at the end of the tunnel….PF is a sinking ship. Am not a UPND supporter either as all the recycled political thieves are on board…Major Kanchingwe…major who has never fought in any battle..Major wama Cabbagge to ZNS, useless bashi NONO, OLD shameless Daniel Munkombwe, Fake preacher and MMD president NEVERS MUmba, Old loose tako masebo, the list is endless. If this is your way of fixing things…

  21. Kalusha just like all of us has a right to participate in Zambian politics, why become so bitter as though any of us are neutral. He has done his part and he has all the right and space to join politics. None were there when he worked so hard to make our nation proud but we sprint to criticise and dent others. Give him some space and focus on building your life that has no reputation.

  22. Great Kalu just like many Zambians who live within here has seen that PF is by far the favourite to win 2016 elections so he has to position himself with the winning team-PF so that he can benefit from Govnt resources!!BOLA NAIKOSA FOR BA OPPOSITION!!GO PF GO!!

  23. @Henry you are right about Kalusha being given the right to join politics. Realize some people are never given the right to do anything like freedom of expression, right to life as in Mapenzi’s case and right to join a political party. The problem most Zambians have with Kalusha is his criminal activities. To be investigated by the FBI is something most Zambians condone and we do not want a person like that in political office or running for a position. Kalu the Un Great can endorse Lungu all he wants but he better not apply to be a minister or any government position. We Zambians have a right to stop this.

  24. @Eddy
    Kalu has realized PF lacks leadership, no vision and his strategy is great in that he has seen the loop-holes and ready to slide in and take advantage. I mean why not because he sees his opportunity to steal money and lavish that musungu wife of his. It’s all about maintenance and he has to maintain her standard of living. In developed countries a wife can sue a husband for maintenance and upkeep in a divorce payout. All of a sudden Kalusha is being cozy with Emmanuel Mwamba to now chilling with Lungu? Something is definately fishy! This is a case of a fish starts rotting from the head.

  25. What are those ridges at Kalusha Bwalya’s ‘kalukobo”, was someone trying to do agriculture there with a mould board plough?

  26. Good to be on a winning team! God bless you Kalu. Don’t listen to failures! They will be contesting the presidency for the last time next month!

  27. @Victor you stole the name of someone! Let it be known by all that the objective anti UPND guy is not the same as this UPND supporter above! Real Victor has changed his name!

  28. Zambia: PF Lawyer Banned Over Client Funds
    Southern AfricaZambia
    PATRIOIC Front chairperson for the committee on legal affairs Edgar Lungu has been suspended from practising as a lawyer with immediate effect on allegations of misappropriating money meant for retirees of Lafarge which was formerly known as Chilanga cement plc.

    This is according to a letter dated July 30, 2010 and signed by Law Association of Zambia(LAZ) honorary secretary Musa Mwenye and copied to all relevant institutions and individuals that deal with lawyers.

  29. Kalusha quite alright lost. But what was the difference in figures between Him and Kamanga? I have noticed some comments saying ‘he lost terribly, embarrassingly, badly ‘……and so on. Is that true? He lost NARROWLY. Please learn to use right words.

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