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I’m supporting FDD because of their devolution of power Policy-Mulongoti


Mike Mulongoti
Mike Mulongoti
Former Government Spokesperson and People’s Party President Mike Mulongoti says that he endorsed Edith Nawakwi for the Presidency in the forth coming General Elections because the PF has failed to deliver on its campaign promises.

Speaking when he featured on Radio Yangeni in Mansa yesterday. Mr Mulongoti said he was supporting FDD because of their devolution of power Policy which demands for decentralization for every Province to make their own decisions with government resources allocated to them. He said his party shared the same values and principles of FDD which allows people to govern themselves.

“When I started to support PF I told them that there are certain sections of their constitution and manifesto that they won’t fulfill but we worked together because we wanted to remove MMD from Government.
I Agree with FDD Manifesto because we formed It together with Nawakwi and others. I was the first person to be fired from government for opposing the third term. So the idea of supporting FDD is not new” he said.

Mr Mulongoti said the PF government has duped the people Luapula province about so many things which includes Frederick Chiluba University which doesn’t exist. He said the PF promised to bring water to the people of Mansa but they have failed when lake Bangweulu is only 72 Km from Mansa.

He said Nawakwi introduced Farmer Input Support which the PF has failed to manage by reducing the programe to 2 bags from 8 bags that were given in the MMD government.

He said during the MMD government used to build roads for K500,000 per kilometer but now the PF are building roads for K20million per KM when in South Africa they are using K5million per Kilometer. He said corruption has taken over road construction and he felt ashamed that he supported PF because they have gone quiet on the Fight Against Corruption which they were very vocal about before forming government the moment they formed government.

He said Luapula has large water bodies and yet no policy has been developed to empower citizens to promote the fish industry and That’s what FDD plans to do for the people.

He has urged Zambians to vote for a woman to end violence that has characterized the political scene and that Edith Nawakwi was the most qualified candidate to run for Presidency.


    • I give you credit atleast you don’t support the mass murderer and the chief pangarian of the panga family(Pf or pamafi) Edgar Chakolwa Kaloba Wrungu.

    • Anyone is better than HH and GBM.

      A vote for HH is a vote for Domestic Violence

      If HH had any moral values he would not have chosen GBM as his running mate. No self respecting Zambian woman should vote for this team!

      Make a stand against domestic violence now!

  1. Same calibre as the 2016 most incompetent and 1di0tic president of the millennium Edgar chakolwa Kaloba Wrungu,all sane people are supporting HH the incoming president.

  2. There is debate going on among the scientific community that more than 50% of Africans have an IQ of 70. This level of IQ means that one is mentally retarded. When one looks at what is happening in Africa today, including Zambia, starting from the leaders to the citizens: the way we do things, deceit, anarchy, manipulation, lack of principle, laziness, theft and corruption among leaders, political violence, etc, there is a lot of evidence to support this assertion. It sounds harsh, but the onus is on us to prove this assertion wrong!

  3. Manipulative fo.ol positioning himself for 50%+1.He knows that either PF or UPND will need FDD for the numbers and he is now postioning himself to continue chewing taxpayers money.I remember when he formed his Nashala Neka party was when the late illiterate dictator ignored his quest for a job and he unashamedly said so.

  4. I also like FDD. I wish she was very popular. I think she would bring relating to Zambia given the mandate. But alas, everyone is preoccupied with PF and UPND.

  5. Mulongoti ,a man who overates himself,if he supports a candidate and he wins, he always claims it’s due to him supporting that candidate, he claimed it on RB as well as Michael Sata. But if you have your party, how do you support another

  6. @Socrates you need to provide evidence for your assertion otherwise it is void. In the unlikely event that what you said is true, the reason can not be genetically attributed but rather environmental- the impact of high levels of malnutrition (47% in a certain country). Malnutrition can retard the mental development kids and is why all efforts should be exerted to fight the condition.

    • @ Blue Horse, the evidence is there all over Zambia. Start with Lusaka: Travel along Lumumba road, visit Kanyama, Misisi, Chawama, etc. If you have leaders who say that what is obtaining in these places is good and the residents also accept that, what more evidence do you need? Those leaders and their citizens/residents should have IQs of probably around 50 for them to justify and accept such deplorable conditions!

  7. @ Socrates – When did 50% of Africans have their IQ tested? Remember that such tests are relative to the socioeconomic environment and exposure to certain variables. When you have been left behind at some stage of history in terms of harnessing resources, inventing and being competitive, it is difficult to ‘catch up’. This is no measure of intelligence. What has happened is that you have been left to wallow in only the rudimentary things – and to survive through uncouth selfish methods. Even the ‘advanced’ countries suffer the same from time to time when they have pressure over resources. This is my view. Place some people in a different culture, setting, access to certain resources and they will appear or grow ‘intelligently’.

    • You may be right but what is development? Is it building concrete jungles? Or is it raising the happiness index?

  8. Ba Mike Mulongoti how stances are you going to change during each general election. With all the respect I believe one should be principled and stick to one thing. Its like today you support MAN U the next match you support ARSENAL its should not be like that. So BIG MAN you have no ideology its just going by the wind. That’s the problem of having many degrees in old age. From Manager in then NIEC Group of Companies to politician and Minister in MMD then PF supporter and now FDD. Where to now. What has happened to the GENERAL GODFREY MIYANDA, the BIG BOSS this time seems to have remained zeee. I am really wondering has gone wrong. Without the General’s general comments on things of importance during this campaign period makes things a bit dull. Come out General don’t leave the…

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