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President Lungu creates three more districts out of Mpika

General News President Lungu creates three more districts out of Mpika

President Edgar Lungu has announced that the Mpika district will be divided into three more districts.

Speaking at a rally in Mpika at Mining grounds, President Lungu announced that to further accelerate development, the 147 000 square kilometres district which is the largest district in Zambia would be split into three more districts.

“The creation of these districts will accelerate development and create jobs. You will have three more district hospitals, three police posts and three district offices among many other developmental advantages that come with this exercise,” he said.

President Lungu asked the jubilant crowd to retain the PF government into power for them to ensure continued development.

The Head of State is in Muchinga province on his re-election campaign trail.



    • But Edgar lishilu. He will obtain 12% after next week. He thinks people of Muchinga has no tompyo to understand that Lungu is fooooling around with elections?
      Even those districts Sata created can’t even hold council elections.
      PF campaign team must be amateurs.

    • And where is the money to build these new districts? Surely dear Mr President, this country needs better strategies to develop, like improving the production side of the economy and not the ever increasing expenditure as you are referring too. Even you want to develop only the province which you think will give you votes please slow down on expenditure.

    • We will copy and paste the pattern of voting for southern province, why should we vote for HH when tongas don’t vote for us? we can’t accept a situation where nega nega 18,000 and Lungu 0 Hmmmmmmmm olo ni tribalism nifi kwena, chachilamo this time it’s nega nega formula all the way mwana, make sure Mpika we teach there fellas a lesson

  1. Hmmmm ..this resembles something like desperation and may not readily answer to the needs of the people of Mpika! Are sure Mr.Lungu that is the main thing the people of Mpika need? Try to research well to hear people’s needs before making promises!

  2. How can this lazy bum be creating districts when budget has already been set and no Parliament..utter recklessness…this why we need to reduce powers of the Head of State in Zambia, stop the likes of Old man Sata and the drunk Edgar with his corrupt Presidential slush fund!!

  3. Some bloggers really amazes, you think the president will just come out of bed and start making pronouncements? NO. In all organizations, govt inclusive before the CEO addresses employees/members of the Organization, There are briefings and Consultations of what to say and how to dodge certain things. In this case, the president may have been briefed by Mpika administrators to say they want development in that area. Even you bloggers with Children, you don`t just start lecturing Children without you- the Husband and You wife discuss what is best to the Children. Then you focus on those issues. So, don`t be in a habit of discrediting the President all the time. Sometimes, if the President do good things lets appreciate. Even When any other opposition leader do something good lets…

  4. Districts created by Late President Sata are still a sorry sight.

    Remember that minister who wept after finding civil servants living like animals after being transferred to these newly created districts.

  5. Ba lungu was just doing chimbuya with the bembas where is the money going to come from when we the people from northwestern province are still crying for chingola solwezi road.we need to be serious

  6. Mpika is exactly the size of Holland 40,000 square km and is more than 300km in diameter to traverse it, like lsk to ndola, only an ***** would not support such a move to split and allow pipo have access to administrative
    Services. If u live in lsk nd u have issues with boma would u travel to kabwe or ndola to hv it sorted out, so why deny rural pipo the same facilities u enjoy. Common be realistic

    • Ba GK you are a scatter brain who cannot read that desperate lungu is simply campaigning up to now some district are not operational and he wants to cheat people[these are the same people who were against MCS when he was dividing districts and now they want to use his gimmick ?]

  7. For Zambians its Forward with HH. Look at the crowds he’s pulling??? No weapons, insults or tricks will change the Zambian mind. Forward with HH…18 more days THEN our president addresses OUR BEAUTIFUL NATION OF ZAMBIAN FROM THE HANDS OF THUGS. WE ARE ON OUR KNEES PRAYING FOR YOUR SAFETY AND SECURITY FROM THE JAWS OF SATANISTS BLOOD SUCKING VAMPIRES PF WHO ARE THIRSTY FOR YOUR BLOOD.

  8. This is one of Lungu’s weaknesses. He has no respect for procedures and local govt laws. Lungu cannot just wake up one morning and decide to create districts in a Province without considering the funding and manpower to man these districts. That is why Lungu keeps on opening Univerties without financial and manning considerations. In Kabwe Lungu decides to open Mulungu Textiles without due consideration on financing,management, re-tooling and other logistics. U need to identify a new investor,mobilise capital, recruit management etc. U are not running Tuntembas here. We are running a factory here. Financial and economic literacy would have been help in this instance.

  9. Lets wait for the 1st of Aug and see who ll be the invester for Mulungushi Textxiles.Only to find out that its Kaizer Zulu.The 1st of Aug is this coming monday.Give a fool enough rope and he will hang himself.Things will happen exactly the way i have said here.Talk to me after 1st Aug.Mulungushi Textiles can never just re-open in Lungu’s dreams.U can believe him if u were born after yesterday,but if you know the history of Mulungushi Textiles you wont ever bother to believe this filthy liar.Cos that is a very big project,its equally like opening up a new small mine.U need resources,Zambians & Chinese and well organised.This is purely a chinese project just like Tazara.U cant jst wake up & go it alone,u need consultations cos they built it.

  10. The declaration of certain areas as districts by the President is a welcome move. This is because we all want development to be closer to our homes. The only problem is that these districts are declared during political campaigns with a view to win some votes. We all want our areas to be given district status but only a few seem to be benefiting. You will discover that some Provinces have been given more districts than others. We are not against this but we are saying proper planning should be instituted considering budgetary allocation, geographical positions and population density. May be for a start lets have all those areas earmarked to be turned into districts identified in each province and in order of priority step by step giving them district status even if it takes ten to…

  11. With proper planning a good number of areas could be declared or given district status. Other factors to consider may be, “Economic development potential”. Some areas are so strategically located with abundant natural resources such that these same resources may be used to start up a District in that area with little support from the treasury. Private Public Partnership can be incorporated with the private sector setting up manufacturing and value addition industries. Many people can be given plats to build modern housing units with other areas opened up for commercial farming. Tax holidays can be offered in such areas to attract more people to go and settle there. You will discover that dependency on funds to come from the National treasury may be drastically be reduced.

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