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Recapitalising Mulungushi Textiles in Kabwe will broaden Government’s revenue sources-Hikaumba

Economy Recapitalising Mulungushi Textiles in Kabwe will broaden Government’s revenue sources-Hikaumba

Former ZCTU president Leonard Hikaumba
Former ZCTU president Leonard Hikaumba
FORMER Zambia Congress of Trade Unions (ZCTU) president Leonard Hikaumba has said recapitalising Mulungushi Textiles in Kabwe will broaden Government’s revenue sources and help achieve Zambia’s economic diversification efforts.

Mr Hikaumba said in an interview that revamping the textile giant was vital to Zambia’s development agenda because it would also result in job opportunities and provide a market for local cotton producers.

He said the development was timely because it would provide the Zambian economy with an additional viable source of revenue in the face of unstable and declining copper prices.

“The recapitalisation of the company will result in ripple effects such as supporting agriculture and creating employment opportunities for Zambians,” Mr Hikaumba said.

He said the increased availability of locally-produced clothing would make the people access quality and durable clothing.

He said an operational textiles industry would create a ready market for local cotton producers whose produce had experienced a reduction in demand due to non-availability of a textiles industry in Zambia.

Mr Hikaumba said the second-hand clothing industry in Zambia had flourished under the poor local clothing industry.

“People have resorted to buying second-hand clothing because the new clothes are imported and expensive.

“But with the coming on board of Mulungushi Textiles, consumers will be able to buy cheap and durable clothing which is locally produced,” he said.

The Zambia Cotton Ginners Association (ZCGA) said it welcomed the revival of the textile firm as the move would promote value-addition to raw lint.

“We have always supported initiatives aimed at adding value to our lint which is being exported in its raw form, and the revamping of the textile plant in Kabwe is the way to go and has been long overdue,” ZCGA executive secretary Bourne Chooka said in response to a Press query.

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  1. Lusaka times you have become like a goverment owned media never covering others but the ruling party kambwili and HH are having mammoth rallies but you only show PF rallies

    • Imagine if all these party regalia and fitenges were locally done! How much wealth could we add to our coffers.

  2. I’m glad everyone is now starting to see the direction of PF. Great Kalu said it all, no need to change the winning team

    • Kalusha Bwalya is now a thinker? Just another thief who should have gone with Sepp blatter. Corrupt individuals have no place in this world.

  3. 4 days left to open mulungushi textel. What a joke.so kabwe dwellers you have agreed tobe fooled like that?

    • If Lungu and his dull PF cardres had any brains they would RECAPITALISE the POST and IMMEDIATELY restore all the jobs lost!

      But they know LIES have short legs and that is why they have only announced it now. Immediately after the election it will be back to “no money” and it will be cancelled. This is just another of PFs stupid tricks to try and win the election.

      Zambians, don’t be fooled. PF has nothing to offer except more KALOBA and poverty.

      Vote wisely this time!

  4. Who is re-capitalising Mulungushi Textiles? Is there a New Investor? This company has been dormant for years so to restart it will take sinking money and new management. It will take years to break even and let alone turn to profitability. We will see which investor will re-open the factory on the 5th A

  5. And who will buy the products from there with a lot of poverty with salaula as the only consolation. Where is Kafue and Livingstone textiles?

  6. The new shopping mall in Kitwe was relaunched by lungu!!! but all they did is clean it and cover the site up. There is nothing going on inside. Another lungu false promis project.

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