Saturday, June 15, 2024

Show Society replaces Koffi Olomide with Werasson


Congolese super star Werrason
Congolese super star Werrason

The Agricultural and commercial society of Zambia has replaced the Congolese musician Koffi Olomide who was scheduled to perform in the country with fellow Congolese super star Werasson.

The Society was forced to replace Koffi after he was deported from Kenya after a video of the legendary musician beating up one of his female dancers went viral.

Show Society President Ben Shoko announced in a show statement that they will now be bringing Werasson to perform on Friday at the Mulungushi.

Mr Shoko also said all the tickets purchased are valid and that people should buy tickets in advance so as to avoid delayed entry.


  1. Koffie Olomide despite that irrational behavior is a giant in the Rhumba circles. Ba Werrason bena kuwayawayafye.

    • So what you mother fuc.ker? Koffi is an outdated Old Ar.sewhore like you which is why you like him. You Ancient people with ancient bad behaviour like Koffi should leave the scene for young people. Go to your retirement homes and call Old and stiff Koffi to perform for you.
      The Old Koffi hires young dancers, forces them to sleep with him and ends up with humiliating them when they see theor fellow young attractive suitors!! Let the monster in Kinshasa where there are no laws!!

    • Only PF drunkards will force and demand for dirty music. Believe me, Kaizer Zulu & PF thugs from secretariat will enter free and will be collecting entry fees for final days of campaigns.
      Agricultural show at mulungushi conference center, mulifipuba?

    • What an you are, mother fu.cker! Wheather it took place in Zambia or not does matter! What matters is that it took place at all! Get it into your skull cunt!!

  2. At the moment, Koffi has no replacement because “azali mokonzi na rhumba musique!” He is the King of rhumba music. Kokende liboso ezakokoma te! Nevertheless, I still have great respect for Werasson because of all the rhumba stars, he is the only one who can come close to replace Koffi Olomide. “Nasha bantuta chena ndekela, meme chena ndekela!” Meaning I shall never stop music though others surpass me in music…the words of Werrason. But Koffi should learn to respect women regardless of their status in society.

  3. Have seen some bloggers calling Edgar a murderer. Who did he kill and when? If that unfortunate youth they are referring to they should instead blame Hichilema. He should have been or his children in front of that illegal much instead of using others as his “suicide bombers “. This is what KK used to do….always in front ready to be arrested or even killed.

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