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Police nab UPND cadres for damaging five minibuses in Kanyama

General News Police nab UPND cadres for damaging five minibuses in Kanyama

Rae Hamoonga
Rae Hamoonga

Police have apprehended ten suspects in connection with the offence of Malicious Damage to property.

Police Deputy Spokesman Rae Hamoonga said it is believed that on Sunday around 15:00 hours in old Kanyama compound, ten suspected UPND cadres whilst on a campaign trail damaged five front screens and sliding glasses of five minibuses that were stationed at Mutandabantu Bus Station without any lawful justification.

Mr Hamoonga said among the suspects who were apprehended, Orian Shantobolo was found in possession of a catapult and a bottle containing sand and petrol.

“Following the arrest, an identification Parade was conducted yesterday 25th July, 2016 between 15:00 and 16:00 hours. Five out of ten suspects were positively identified by the owners of the buses and will be charged for Malicious Damage to property.”

He said the four Chitabola Lipoba aged 30, Chikumbi Lastone aged 32, John Dausi aged 26, Namasiku Namangolwa aged 26 while the fifth suspect identified as Orian Shantobolo aged 30 will also be charged for Malicious Damage to Property and being found in possession of offensive weapons.

Mr Hamoonga said the value of the damaged property has not yet been ascertained and that suspects are in Police custody and will appear in court soon.


  1. These are the results of GBV and his violent illegal drillers. GBV who was appointed Running mate by (HH). This is why we say time and time again, Kaponya (HH) gets it wrong all the time. Kaponya, people can’t vote for you and your dirty thugs.

    How do you continue to perpetrate violence when everybody is praying and asking for peace? You’ve lost it completely (HH). No wonder State House continies to elude you.

    You are not fit to live among us.

    • It is strange how the law is only functional in the case of the opposition. Nothing has been done with the people that striped the woman in front of Ingonde and the police last year. Nothing has happened to the people who toke the life of the young UNZA student last month, nothing happens to PF thugs everywhere, least so to the Shiwang’andu madness and no progress reported for the young lady who lost her life at the hands of the state machenary. Please it is this bias application of the law which is making the tension to be what it is in the country.

    • The Police Force cannot identify the killers of Mapenzi nor arrest Max Chongo, the chief of the PF PFascist militia. What a useless partisan police posse for Chakolwa.

    • Have you noticed that PF have not called for disciplinary action against Guy Scott who to this date is still a PF member but campaygning for HH. PF know that a this call would tilt the tables against them. But I wonder if this is not seting precidence that can be used for defence in a court of law. Is Lungu campaigning tofdday or did he take the day off again.

    • It is to do with the colour of the party regalia. The law enforcers have been given new retinas that can only identify the inside of the melon and are blind to the outer part. You can not blame them.

    • We will copy and paste the pattern of voting for southern province, why should we vote for HH when tongas don’t vote for us? we can’t accept a situation where nega nega 18,000 and Lungu 0 Hmmmmmmmm olo ni tribalism nifi kwena, chachilamo this time it’s nega nega formula all the way mwana

  2. We all know about the corruption in recruitment, training and posting of cops and other civil servants. No need for trumpets. It is is never about WHAT crime is committed. It is not about if you were caught. If you have the money to “clear” your account for the non political crime, you are free. If your crime is to do with politics or can be politically attributed then by all means DONT GET CAUGHT. wear a mask and disappear rapidly.

  3. We know that all these arrests are politically motivated. How many atrocities have the PF committed and how many have been arrested? This is utter idio.cy for the police to demonise the UPND. No matter what they do the people are resolved to voting the PF out. Utter rubbish for this idi.ot to begin publicising falsehoods that the UPND is violent.

  4. “Police Deputy Spokesman Rae Hamoonga said it is believed that on Sunday around 15:00 hours in old Kanyama compound, ten suspected UPND cadres whilst on a campaign trail damaged five front screens and sliding glasses of five minibuses that were stationed at Mutandabantu Bus Station without any lawful justification”. Ray: the lawful justification is that they were obstructing campaigns that were being conducted in that area with a view to ushering in a responsible Govt on 11/08/16 that will make Zambia proud once more.

  5. Every cadre who damages things whether UPND or PF should be arrested. But have you arrested PF cadres who damaged Miles Sampa’s and other UPND cars? How about the killer of Mapenzi and other?

    • Mapezi’s killers will be known very very soon. Investigation are going on. Ati kk airport did you here the outcome of the reported case of ecz having had Malawian on the voters register which was reported by your very own Garry & Silvia? Just hung on a bit will soon learn who took the life of the innocent Zambian. Mbola mpashi!!!!

  6. These are mere stories my brothers , these are maneuvers to discredit the winning UPND Team [Ours is Water Melon]

  7. Rae Hamoonga. Lungu will be answering his charges in Chimbokaila and you will be answering your charges elsewhere for your biasness

  8. UPND will only win in Southern, Western and North Western Provinces. The rest of the provinces will be won by the PF, save for Central Province, which will be shared equally by the PF and the UPND.

  9. Yeah, what about the UPND cadres who beat up Madam Inonge Wina’s relatives in Nalolo, the murdered PF man in Chongwe, the beating up of people in Mwandu, WP because they are pro PF and did not raise the UPND symbol. HH you do not prove your popularity by intimidating people, threatening them with ammargedon, you shall not accept election results, etc. If you are popular UPND why are you getting voters cards from villagers in EP. You are a violent party starting from HH, Sejani, Nalumango, GBM, William Banda. HH goes around preaching hate, look how shamefully he behaved at Mulungushi International Conference Centre with his wild cadres, calling our Police Officers morons, 1mbe-ciles. That is all HH is good at insulting people and belittling them. I shudder to think what kind of…

    • @lipila you also left out the aspiring fdd mp in livingstone whose leg was fructured by upnd cadre …… i forgot cry babies

  10. Have the police arrested those cadres who damaged property and beat up school children at Lady Diana? Have they also arrested PF SG Chama and other trigger happy PF cadres for shooting?

  11. Politics really is not for under 5 hh and gbm in all their rallies they had only 15 words vocabulary the rest of their vocabulary is mimicking,Kkkkkkk


  13. Easterns if you give hh a single vote you are fools…remember the 14000 to 0 from Southern…..This year we are voting like tongas

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