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Printing of all ballot papers completed, to arrive in Lusaka tomorrow

Headlines Printing of all ballot papers completed, to arrive in Lusaka tomorrow

Electoral Commission of Zambia Public Relation Manager Chris Akufuna(r) and United Nation Development Program Media and Communication Specialist Sylvia Namuju(l) during a press briefing at the Electoral Commission of Zambia offices in Lusaka
Electoral Commission of Zambia Public Relation Manager Chris Akufuna(r) and United Nation Development Program Media and Communication Specialist Sylvia Namuju(l) during a press briefing at the Electoral Commission of Zambia offices in Lusaka

The Electoral Commission of Zambia has disclosed that the printing of ballot papers for next month’s general elections and the Referendum has been completed.

ECZ Spokesman Chris Akufuna said the printing exercise was witnessed by Zambian stakeholders who included members of the civil society, the clergy, representatives of participating political parties, Zambia Police, Anti-Corruption Commission, the Drug Enforcement Commission, the media and members of staff of the Electoral Commission of Zambia.

Mr Akufuna said in a statement that the ballot papers are scheduled to arrive in Lusaka tomorrow, Thursday, July 28 2016.

“The first consignment of ballot papers arrives in Lusaka from the Dubai, UAE at 14:15 while the second consignment of ballot papers arrives from Dubai, UAE at 18:25 Hours,” Mr Akufuna said in a statement.

And Mr Akufuna says women with false nails and nail polish are encouraged to remove them on voting day.
He has since advised female voters to remove nail polish and false nails for purposes of voting.

Mr Akufuna said the Commission will use indelible ink to mark the right thumb of the voter.

“In cases where a female voter insists on wearing false nails or nail polish, the voter’s thumb nail shall be marked on the cuticle (skin at the base of the thumb nail) and the tip of the thumb nail,” he said.

On the training of Poll Staff, Mr Akufuna revealed that the Commission between July 23 and 25th trained Poll Staff to manage elections at polling stations.

He said Poll Staff are entitled to an allowance of K150 per day and that funds were remitted to all districts adding that trainees who pass an assessment will be engaged as Poll Staff will be paid for a subsistence allowances for three days.

“It must be noted that only successful participants will be engaged as Poll Staff to manage elections at polling stations,” he said.

Meanwhile, the Commission will this Friday hold a stakeholders meeting at the Mulungushi International Conference Centre to update stakeholders on the preparations for August 11th polls.

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    • VJ wont manage to rig this time around like he did in 2015 in Southern Province, an act that gave HH so much confidence to the extent that he declared himself winner before counting was completed…

    • You have just given $3.5 million to rich foreigners ; you dont have medicine in your clinics and you are very proud of yourselves.
      What a shame!!

    • Why tell us time of arrival of damnt ballot papers??
      – Is it for PF’s president to go and officially welcome ballot papers, and Sontapo?
      – Is it for all riggers to know when to steal ballots?
      – Is it to conceal so that we don’t other cargo planes?

  1. LUSAKA (OCTOBER 10, 2011). President Sata has said that Zambia will print its own ballot papers for future elections. He said that the November 24 Magoye and Nakonde parliamentary by-elections will be the last to be conducted on foreign-printed ballots.

    President Sata said Zambia cannot continue to print ballot papers in other countries 47 years after independence.

    “If it means spending all the coffers to bring in the equipment, we will do it. We will print ballot papers here,” Mr. Sata said.

  2. Ba Jay Jay, which hospital has no medicine? Are in Zambia? Not all medicines are available but essential drugs can be found even you village.

    • You are simply contradicting yourself ..do you know what just $2 million dollars can buy you? Even those 650 Health Posts this reckless govt got had to obtain a loan from Indian Exim Bank to import and assemble those Prefab buildings and then equip them with Indian equipment. $2 million can also be used to buy computers for all Govt secondary schools in each Province. $2 million is a lot of money to waste but because of stinking corruption of this Lazy Lungu’s govt where everything is overpriced when it should not..it sounds like pocket money.

  3. UPND went on and on…..

    We don’t want ballots to be printed in Dubai..

    CRY…CRY.. CRY..
    NYE…NYE… NYE….

    Here were all is done in GOOD FAITH.

    What was all that about??

    • @TYCO,
      To me as a descent Zambian fighting for clean and transparent elections, it doesn`t make a difference.
      PF says UPND are cry babies and UPND is saying raising their fingers they have actually prevented election rigging.
      The truth is that , now that printing has been done in hope of no rigging, its because of the transparency around the printing due to cry babies noises. Just acknowledge this was good to do.

      The question of cost, is another topic, whether that value is compensated by the transparency to printing

  4. You didn’t listen to all stake holders which is really bad in a democratic country. One thing you should remember is that man’s plans are not God’s plans. If Jesus say yes no one can say no. We rely on God and not man who can die anytime.

    • You started okay in your first sentence until you mentioned God and started hallucinating about your White Jesus.

  5. Lol still printing ballots overseas,still dependent on primary commodities,still seeking medical care abroad and still eagerly wanting foreign aid generously given to Zed. All signs that Zambia will not develop.

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