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Investor confidence in Zambia is at its best -Mvunga

Economy Investor confidence in Zambia is at its best -Mvunga

Finance Deputy Minister, Mr. Christopher MvungaFinance Deputy Minister, Mr. Christopher Mvunga
Finance Deputy Minister

Finance Deputy Minister Christopher Mvunga says investor confidence in Zambia is at its best despite the normal political uncertainty that usually comes with elections.

Mr. Mvunga says government is receiving overwhelming feedback from investors that are targeting various sectors of the income.

He says the positive investor confidence is manifesting in the strengthening of the local currency, the Kwacha.

Mr. Mvunga has explained that a loss in investor confidence would have sent the Kwacha plunging.

He has told ZNBC News in Lusaka that government’s commitment to holding free, fair and credible elections has sustained the investor confidence.

Mr. Mvunga added that the country has not witnessed any unusual happenings to trigger speculation over the levels of investor confidence ahead of the August 11 polls.

He said the economy in on track and that positive growth is assured before, during and after the polls.

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    Mr. Mwunga, PLEASE stop insulting human intelligence!!!

    • The only people who will develop Zambia are Zambians. Not foreign investors.

      Infestors will come and rob you blind and leave you sleeping in a ditch in a pile of your own vomit.

      I am well and truly sick of !diotic politicians and over-rated pseudo-intellectual political appointees who place the future of this country in the hands of investors. Fark you Mvunga and all of your kind.

    • This is too much with these drunk PFs, they think investors votes too? Kachasu is bad stuff. How can such a drunk minister be on ZNBC news, has ZNBS operating like Tumfweko?

    • That is some drunk minister right there. Why allow people commenting on national economy in a bar? The coming 11 days will be very long. These guys need go get jobs in vocation schools.

  2. It is indeed expected that this week the Kwacha will strengthen. Which incumbent government would want to go into elections the following day with a very week Kwacha. Some Interventions will definitely be made. More Money in the pockets of those with loads of Cash. Congratulations its reaping time from the treasury!

  3. Mr Mvunga is not telling us the truth. The Rating Agencies and IMF observed that the Zambian economy is being mismanaged thru misguided fiscal and monetary policies. Right now the fiscal imbalances must be huge becoz the illegal Minister of Finance has been disbursing govt revenue to his Party PF to finance election campaigns. By 12th August the Zambian Treasury will be bankrupt given that Alex Chikwanda the illegal Minister is disbursing govt money like confetti to PF and enriching PF elites.

  4. Christopher Mvunga: How can Zambia develop with such Chimpanzees in office? Mvunga is one of the most dull id,iots I have ever seen. Him and Mulusa are only there to DRINK and get DRUNK!! What a bunch of ID.IOTS.
    One more week left to kick these jokers and Mother Fuc.kers out!!
    Remember, anything and anybody can do better than these fuc.kin thieves and looters in the current Govt.
    Vote wisely, Vote UPND to end this missery

  5. Come on sad people us the happy people (PF) know very well that we are on the right truck. The problem is only with UPND who have gone blind and can’t see or feel anything. UPND has eyes yet they can’t SEE,they have Ears yet they can’t hear. Honestly development comes with good roads and health facilities which we have done and the next thing is that investment will start flowing in when UPND is divided since they create violence in our beloved country.

    • @Kenio:
      It should be right “track” NOT “truck.” Eve, night school CANNOT help you. It is impossible to take the jungle out of a typical Kaponya like you because foo.lishness and stup.idity are in-born and form most of your DNA.

    • Lol I cannot deal, investor confidence is high really? If you are talking about your road projects, yes or the private sector were Investors don’t need Boma involvement then its fine. You just got relief from the IMF after being pressured. Your inflation rate is over 22%, strength of the Kwacha was helped by copper’s price movement which accounts for 70% of your revenue. SO PLEASE TAKE A SEAT

  6. Chinyanta you live in misery and I can imagine how sad you are. We can’t all be in power but truth be told you’ll cry yourself to death when you wait for another term.Why do you insult instead of just putting a point cross. Seriously you people in UPND have become depressed and you’ve stopped thinking but believing that insults will take you somewhere. If you truly love us and the nation help with solutions then teaching us insults. Lol you won’t lead this nation until you repent of your insults .

    • @Kenio:
      I know foo.lishness and ignorance is in-born with Kaponyas like you! Sorry, I cant do anything to help you!!
      With your kind of lunacy and idi.ocy, you would NOT understand that no GENUINE investor has any confidence in the Zambian Govt except the looters and fraudulent and FAKE investors – How can Mvunga go on to make such a baseless statement!!
      The IMF told you AND made it clear that they cant help Lungu because PF are jokers, NOT serious, and they are thieves and the IMF made it clear that they may help the next Govt if Lungu doesnt rig the ballot!
      So which serious investor will come to Zambia with a violent and visionless leadership?

  7. Anyone knows that when you are marketing a product you must speak well about that product and how different it is from the others. But the current marketers of the political product have forgotten this fact and all we read is reactions and not responses to the political environment. Please tell us how good the newly advertised political product will be than just tell us about what is thought to be wrong with the old political product. We await your proper market mix and product promotion not reactions.

    • Your English or Chizungu grammar is a problem!! Just go to night school and learn a bit more!! Otherwise just blogg in Nyanja

  8. Just in the last 2 months we have seen big names come in to the Zambian economy such as Prudential, Atlas Mara, Choppies, etc. Opposition think such businesses can come in a failing economy? Do they think these are charitable institutions? God continue blessing Zambia because Zambia is on the move & those who are negative will continue remaining behind

    • @The Idi.ot One: You are just another a joker and mother fuc.king id.iot!! You quote those dubious out of your own foo.lish.ness and stupidity!!
      Those are fake and useless companies coming to loot our economy. They know that Zambia’s economy is in serious trouble and the leadership is dumb and totally ignorant!! That creates a good environment for the dubious companies to come and conduct day light robberies!!
      If they were genuine investors, how many jobs have they created so far? The answer is have Zero!! They are only there for themselves to hit, steal and run!! Wake up smell the Coffee you numb skull!!

    • God bless you @ Chilyata. No one stops you from believing what you want to believe. You can deny it all you want & insult me with all insults in your book but fact is Zambia is Christian Nation which God continues to bless despite any situation. Those who have eyes can see & appreciate it. Those who are negative & bitter can continue with their bitter lives as they chose. But I will continue praising the Lord forever for the blessings & wonders I see everyday!

    • If such businesses are coming in the country, it is definitely not because your economy is performing. They just want to take advantage of your weak kwacha because Zambian labor is ridiculously too cheap when viewed through the lense of the dollar. No one will come to your country to their detriment. Mind you, your education was meant to yoke you better. Has Zambia ever devised an education system that exonerates us a people? Very few Zambians understand this. If you are not given to understanding, you will never understand.

    • Those are private entities that need no boma involvement. Zambia’s economy is still growing at at 4% now, in terms of investment and FDI we are 15th in sub-Saharan africa.

  9. Like president like minister. Ever drunk. Too much alcohol is very bad. Your face ends up looking like dry fish at soweto market. Kikikiki.

  10. Gwhat is this drunkard talking about? Was he under the influence liquor again? Drunkard minister, chagwa could not fire him cox, they drink together

  11. This news from Mvunga has really ruffled prophets of doom. Like any other piece of good news coming from the Govt., it is met with insults upon insults with no intellectual rebuttal. What an opposition Zambia has.

  12. “…..Mr. Mvunga says government is receiving overwhelming feedback from investors that are targeting various sectors of the income.”

    Income or economy?

  13. This guy sounds like he just woke up from a drunken stupor and vomited what he could. Who has time to put up an intelligent rebuttal against this nonsense?

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