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Police IG says no record of a woman attacked by UPND cadres

General News Police IG says no record of a woman attacked by UPND cadres

Inspector General of Police Kakoma Kanganja
Inspector General of Police Kakoma Kanganja

Inspector General of Police Kakoma Kanganja says the Zambia Police Service has not received any report of a woman believed to have been attacked by UPND cadres in Southern Province.

Some news outlets have reported that a female Teacher identified as Pamela Chanda was brutally attacked by UPND cadres in Southern Province after they identified her as a Bemba.

But in a statement, Mr Kanganja said the Police Service is concerned with the ongoing speculations concerning a video that has gone viral on social media showing a woman being attacked by UPND supporters.

“We would however like to state that as Zambia Police Service we have not received any formal report of this incident. Efforts have been made and are still being made to locate the victim and place of this incident. So far Police officers have been dispatched to Southern and Western Provinces to try and locate the victim of this incident,” Mr Kanganja said.

“We are therefore appealing to any person or persons who may know the whereabouts of this victim to report to the nearest police station so that the offenders can be brought to book.”

The Police IG has since reiterated his appeal to all peace-loving Zambians to desist from engaging in violent activities.

“As Zambia Police Service we will sternly deal with perpetrators of violence regardless of their political affiliation.”


    • Mr Kanganja continue with the incompetence. Probably the video you saw was photoshopped, right?

    • Now he has become incompetent after he has protected and armed the pf militia?
      The story is fake and Zambians you must be careful of such stories which have the potential of bringing genocide to the country.

    • Why did Kambwili rush to Lusaka, open his former office at Ministry of information, take government letter head paper and write all that Press without facts from Kanganja?
      Edgar should show us that he is tough as he claims by firing Kanganja or Kambwili.

    • The fact is the video shows someone being assaulted. Whether she is PF or UPND is material when it comes to Police investigations. They are still obligated to find out the truth and the thugs seen in that video brutalizing a defenseless woman brought to book. You can’t just say it was a “family affair” involving UPND cadres so Police need not investigate. What kind of warped logic is that? Why should it matter, the poor woman was still assaulted—and last time I check, ASSAULT was still a CRIME—and still doesn’t put UPND cadres in good light just because she is also UPND (if she is even that.)

      What if the victim has been intimidated into silence, how then do you expect Police to ascertain the truth without sending investigators to find out the real truth. Why do we Zambians…


    • Why send people into Southern and Western Provinces for an instance which has been report informally to have taken place in Southern province? There is something fishy about this approach. IG you are not acting professionally at. Where are the killers for the Mapenzi and the UNZA student? Why did you not send the police into Lusaka province where these two sad incidences happened? Please leave the two provinces free of intimidation as we remain with 11 days to change government.

  1. I hope Kashimba Chimbwili will apologize. In fact, he should be arrested for alarming the nation. A minister ought to verify his facts before releasing a statement.

    • It wasn’t shot in Southern Province and has nothing to do with PF. It was a family affair within the UPND.

    • According to Chimbwili, one Bemba woman can be beaten by 20-30 Tonga UPND supporters and there is no injury or death?

  2. If I were you, I would first investigate the source of information before sending police officers to the provinces. Specifically I would interrogate the source to establish whether the information is correct or not

    • @Sanders: Think before you say anything – what you are saying doesn’t make sense! You need a trained person in policing and investigation skills on the ground – how else can you do to get reliable information?
      We know you are a professional cleaner in the diaspora, and Kanganja is a trained and professional police officer with a first degree in Law from UNZA and Masters from Loughborough UK.
      So Kanganja knows how to do investigations just like you know how to clean toilets and lawns – listen to what he is saying. The key message is that Kambwili is LYING and JUST INSTIGATING TRIBAL WARS between Bembas and TONGAS. ID/IOT.

  3. Shame on Kambwili!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Backfired. Every trap you set for UPND, you yourselves shall fall in those traps in Jesus name

  4. Who shot the video? Why did this illegal Ministers hold a press statement to talk about an alleged attack on this woman? Are there are no Police officers stationed in Sinazongwe? Mr Kanganja should tell the Nation how far Police investigatations have gone regarding the Cop killed by a PF cadre in Kapirimposhi recently. What is the latest on Mapenzi Chibulo murdered by the Police and suspected PF militias? May Mapenzi Chibulo’s soul rest in peace.

  5. PF will fall because of lies. Shushushu are everywhere and to alarm the nation with a fake video is shameful. Zambians need answers about the killer of the cop in Kapiri and the killer of Mapezi

  6. Ba PF how does a minister issue a statement that can incite tribal violence without checking the facts. When we tell you PF cadres that we have a clueless government all that comes out of your kaponya mouths are insults. Now you can read and see for yourselves. G help us!!!! Has he ever heard of Rwanda this Dunderhead?

  7. This man called Kambwili is a real devil.Kambwili you have been preaching on tribal lines on the copperbelt and now after seing that it is not working you want to rush tell lies about peacefull Tongas.This ploy on HH will not work.This year all plans by the devil will scater.

  8. HH also issued a statement condemning the attack. So is HH due to be arrested alongside Chishimba Kambwili as suggested by a UPND cadre above?

  9. @ I we Terrible,
    HH condemned the act based on Chi Kambwili press conference, please blame Kambwili and HH. You are just being unfair in your judgement.
    God Bless You

    • HH condemned the act if it was true. He did not condemn any section of society or political party or region.. That’s true patriotism that we Zambia deserves; blame the act and not a certain section of society just because the “actors” were dressed in the regagliar of a certain group of your fellow brothers n sisters. Look at every situation at 360° before you rush to the media… That’s why they say; “THE HONORARY DOCTARATE BOUGHT BY AN EMPTY TIN IS IN COMPARISON LESS THAN A G7 CERTIFICATE OF OUR DAYS”, (Annonimous)

  10. where did the minister get the information from which the IG is not aware of?tribal politicking.we are following everything

  11. Either lungu is aiding and abating tribal hatred by keeping silent on kambwili irrisponsible tribal tirade or he is a weak leader.

    Either way you can not have a senior GRZ minister issuing statements designed to sow tribal wars.

    • My friend,
      Its a hopeless situation. As much as a normal person, you and me, would wish ECL to exonerate his PF from Kambwili false and alarming allegations, our President goes on to issue another statement blaming opposition.

      Who is sowing seeds of hatred here? I hope PF is talking note of such leadership behaviour, which is unacceptable.

  12. Surprised by IG’s comment! How can a brutalised woman and probably in comma report that barbaric act? Please take charge of these desperate criminals, Zambia has never witnessed this violence until now when Kachema (HH and Fat Albert, GBM) came together and realised that the majority of people can’t be ruled by them.
    They have sensed impending defeat hence the senseless and barbaric violent behaviour. So ba IG, do your homework much more diligently than what you are currently exhibiting.

  13. Shame on the PF spokesApe creature! Now we know the curriculum in which he got his dokota without port folio. It’s in the field of campaign lies, fabricated stories, and shameful tribalism. If he was really dokota enough he should have stood as the BEMBA on the PF campaigning purely on tribe rather than try to promote a Khoisan PF President as more BEMBA than a Tonga man with a BEMBA running mate. This type of campaign is as shameful as Chishimba Kambwili’s dishonarary dokotoleti!!!!

  14. Let all the undecided voters see what PF Base their rule of the country on—-stealing and tribal hatred.

  15. @16 Spaka, I have been looking for you. I hope you and CACTUS do not pretend that you have not read my comment here. I have done some research on costs of road construction in Sub-Saharan Africa before I respond to your claims yesterday about high costs in Zambia. As you know I only make comments based on knowledge. I have looked at two studies by the EU and by the AfDB who tried to come up with unit costs of road construction per km. Before I present the figures (Part 2) and give my damning conclusion on UPND claims (Part 3), please note first the comments of the two studies (Part 1):

  16. Part 1: Apart from basic cost parameters other major cost drivers are
    1. Location of project
    2. Origin of contractors
    3. Landlocked vs seaboard countries
    4. The studies found that there is no such thing as “typical” unit cost in projects, they may be broadly similar but differ in design details, specific circumstances e.g. bridges, taxes, climate, size of project, etc etc

  17. Part 2: Spaka gives figures of $1million per km in Zambia as cost of road construction. Actually experts give unit costs as $per lane per km and normally roads are two lanes. So you should double the figures which I give you to convert to your units of $/km. The two studies accept a range of approx $400,000/lane/km up to an upper of $

  18. …up to an upper limit of $600,000/lane/km, i.e. for two lanes $800,000/km to $1,200,000/km. This as you can see for yourselves means that costs in Zambia are within acceptable limits. Some roads are lower cost while some are extremely high cost like the Mongu-Kalabo road. By the way these costs are for constructing a paved (tarred or bituminous) road. Now my comments and conclusions in the next part.

  19. Part 3: I have referenced credible sources EU and AfDB studies which Spaka and Cactus can read for themselves. I chalkenge Spaka and other UPND cadres to interpret technical figures given by their boss HH and understand the context instead of following him blindly. They could even advise him so that he does not embarrass himself as he always does. If you discuss technical matters please quote technical standards or SHUT UP!

  20. @Wise One, are you confirming what I have always said about UPND from HH down to his cadres, that they are too lazy to research or even to read what they can see?
    I have told you where I got my information from. Anyway, given ten days before the elections, here is why you are losing again, look for “Study on road infrastructure cists in Africa” by the AfDB and also “Unit costs of infrastructure projects in Sub-Saharan Africa” by the EU. In case you need guidance AfDB stands for African Development Bank and EU stands for European Union. Oh by the way, please share that with HH too, he can do with a little education.

  21. We have the name of the victim ,the school where she works those are the clues to look at.
    We saw those people dressed in upnd colours this evidence are enough to lead us to the perpetrators of this violence , we know the province and faces are on the video for all to see.
    All what haven’t seen here are the police ,we have seen how vicious the criminals were , the man coming in with great regret cam in to try to separate this unfortunate lady .
    We saw the disfigured lady being assaulted by those savages.
    If that is what politics mean then .

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