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Today’s Message:Choose Your Friends Wisely



Today’s Scripture

“…do not throw your pearls before swine…”
(Matthew 7:6, NASB)

Choose Your Friends Wisely

Do you realize you have treasure on the inside of you? You could say that your pearls are what God has given you to be a blessing to the world around you—your gifts, talents and abilities. When you get around true friends, people who really believe in you, they won’t be jealous of your gifts.

They won’t constantly question who you are. They won’t try to talk you out of your dreams. It will be just the opposite. They’ll help you polish your pearls, so to speak. They’ll help you develop and grow your pearls. In other words, they’ll give you ideas.

They’ll connect you with people they know. They’ll help push you further along. If you stay around people who don’t value your gifts nor appreciate what you have to offer, that’s casting your pearls among swine. Swine don’t value pearls; they trample on them.

Your inner circle, those who are closest to you, should be people who celebrate who you are; people who are happy when you succeed. They should be people who believe the very best in you.

Remember, it’s not the quantity of friends that’s important, it’s the quality of friends. Choose your friends wisely so you can be all that God has called you to be.

A Prayer for Today

“Father, thank You for the gifts, talents and abilities You have given to me. Help me to recognize the treasure within. Give me wisdom to discern the right relationships You have ordained for me in Jesus’ name. Amen.”


  1. This is a good message. I have good friends here at LT , and I have talent as most of you appreciate.
    What I don’t appreciate are people who don’t want to accept the humble millionaire HH. I have worked with Tongas before, they are more difficulty, but believe me HH is a good guy.
    Then I know so many Bembas, I stopped making friends with them, most of them are so loud like Kambwili, and show off like GBM. And I wonder why HH are not friends with Nawakwi, it is because that friendship can be romantic in less than a week.
    Then Edgar & Inonge = Terrible and weak combination. A sorrowful leadership surviving on sympathy. I even stopped giving money to people by traffic lights, some make $200 a day. Look at Edgar how reach he has become, K23 something we saw on wealth declarations…

  2. @Nostradamus. How wrong you are. No matter how you try to blind us we have seen the insolence rudeness, belittling & insults of both HH & GBM. God can’t allow such an arrogant corrupt crew to run this country. ECL may have his weaknesses but he is humble & noble. More interested in what benefits Zambians. God Bless Zambia

    • Yes, that is how we ordinary people are. It is not money that drives our lives but dignity peace love and appreciation of what the LORD is blessing us with. In what you call poverty or naivity there is a rich life. HH & GBM can promise the world & it’s riches & let the gullible fall for that. For me & my House I want to see a prayerful man & woman in State House. That is what will provide me peace & security. Not merchants of death. God Bless Zambia!

  3. Good message. “If you run around with negative and toxic people, you become negative and toxic. Birds of a feather flock together, Align yourself with people you can learn from and grow from, people who can empower you for greater heights” (Les Brown)

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